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Born on August 1, 1920 in London, England (UK).
Birth Name: Jeffrey Segal
Parents: Ruben Peter and Ida (nee Goldwater) Segal.
Children: Daughters Sharon and Patricia.
Has grandchildren in Canada and France.
Known Name Variation: Jeffery Segal

Died 2/5/2015



TV Appearances

(2003)"Jonathan Creek" - The Tailor's Dummy (Marco Bergman)

All 3 images ©BBC

(1993)"Love Hurts" - Band of Gold (Joseph Frankel)
(1988)Bust-Love and Profit (Harry)
"(1987)Vanity Fair"-Crawley of Queen's Crawley (Hodge)
(1987)Descanse en piezas/Rest in Pieces (Doctor Anderson)
(1986)"Lost Empires" Eps 1.2+1.4 (Bosanby)
(1986)David Copperfield Ep 1.4 (Shopkeeper)
(1986)Lytton's Diary (Harold)

(1985)"Oliver Twist" Eps 1.3+1.4 (Bookseller)
Both images ©BBC

(1985)The Pickwick Papers Ep 1.10 (Mivens)
(1984)Freud-Madonna (2nd Male Patient)
(1984)"Bergerac" - House Guests (Simpson)
(1984)Strangers and Brothers Ep 1.3 (Professor Siegel)

(1984)Rentaghost(Arthur Perkins)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1983)The Nation's Health-Collapse
(1982)"Yes Minister" - Equal Opportunities (Permanent Secretary, MOD)
(1982)"Terry and June" - Eyeball, Eyeball (CB Radio Voice)
(1981)"Terry and June - The Chaotic Peaceful Weekend (White)

(1982) "Minder" - Another Bride, Another Groom (Middle Aged Man)
©Euston Films

(1981)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"- The Last Roll Call (Demob Center Supervisor)
(1980)Invasion (Kriegel)
(1980)"To Serve Them All My Days"-Part One (Army doctor)(Deleted)
(1980)Oh Happy Band-Let Bygones Be Bygones

(1980)Potter Ep 2.6 (Stanley)

(1979) "Shoestring" - Listen to Me (Mr. Marrick)
(1978-1984)"Rentaghost" (Arthur Perkins)

(1978)Bless Me Father-The Seal of Confession (Mr Conroy)
Both images © London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1978)"Law and Order"-A Brief's Tale (Stanley Eaton QC)
(1977)"Dad's Army" - The Making of Private Pike (The Brigadier)
(1977)Murder Most English: A Flaxborough Chronicle-Coffin Scarcely Used: Part 1 (Ted House)
(1977)The Phoenix and the Carpet-The Temple of the Phoenix (Manager)

(1975)"Fawlty Towers" - Gourmet Night (Mr. Heath)

All 3 images ©BBC

(1975)Edward the King-Alix (Dr Jenner)
(1975)The Main Chance-Process (Magistrate)

(1975)"The Sweeney" - Night Out (The Reporter)
©Thames TelevisionEuston Films

(1974)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum" - The Inspector Calls (General)
(1974) "Dial M for Murder" - Murder on Demand (Palmer)
(1974)Alice Through the Looking Glass (Man in White Paper)

(1974)"The Pallisers" Ep 1.23 (Railway Clerk)

(1974)Armchair Cinema-The Prison (Reporter)
(1974)Napoleon and Love-Louise (Dr Dubois)

(1973)"The Protectors" - A Case for the Right (Extremist Officer)
© Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1973)Love Story-The String-Tying Machine (Mr Taylor)
(1973)Bowler-The Ides of March (Mr Berger)
(1973)Alice Through the Looking Glass (Man in White Paper)

(1972)"Dad's Army" - Round and Round Went the Great Big Wheel (The Minister)

(1972)"Z Cars" - Diabolical Liberty (Robert Brunskill, QC)
(1972)"Softly Softly" - Welcome to the Club (Jennings)
(1972)"Public Eye" - The Bankrupt (The Registrar)
(1972)"The Strauss Family"(Amon)
(1972)"Callan" - The Carrier (Sir Charles Braden)
(1972)The Man Outside-Hawk Street Horror
(1972)"The Viaduct" (Ernest Benson)
---Child of Brass and Iron
---Who Are the Spies?
---The Last of the Bensons
(1972)The Shadow of the Tower-A Fly in the Ointment (Radigo)
(1972)"Napoleon and Love" (Dr. Dubois)
(1971)"UFO" - Confetti Check A-OK (Monsieur Duval)
(1971)"Doctor at Large"- Where There's a Will... (David Weintraub)
(1970)"Smith"-Not Nubbed Yet (Mr. Prodgers)
(1970)"Softly Softly" - The Hermit (Parrish)
(1969)Hadleigh-Patron of the Arts (Charles Lancing)
(1969)The Power Game-Special Envoy:Cat Is You, Bird Is Me (Wisselman)
(1967)"Z Cars"
---- Play It Hot, Play It Cool: Part 1 (Barman)
---- The Sledgehammer and the Nut: Part 1+2 (Landlord)

(1967)The Forsyte Saga-The Challenge (Belby)
© MGM Television/British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1967)"Softly Softly"- Who's Mr. Smith? (Truman)
(1966)"George and the Dragon" - The Season of Goodwill/Merry Christmas (Henry)
(1966)"King of the River" - Shipwreck (Italian Captain)
(1966)Sergeant Cork-The Case of the Prominent Thespian (Winford)
(1965)Love Story-The Sad Smile of the Mona Lisa (Sid Burns)
(1965)Coronation Street Ep 1.505 (Mr Sinclair)
(1965)"Londoners" - Old Man of Chelsea Reach

(1965)"The Scales of Justice" - Personal and Confidential (William Abridge)
© Merton Park Studios

(1964)Sergeant Cork-The Case of the Killer's Mark (Inspector Beckett)
(1963)Teletale-Ward Number Six (Dr Sergeich)
(1963)Boyd Q.C.-What the Eye Doesn't See (Mr. Victor)
(1963)"Z Cars" - Supper in the Morning (Mr. Norris)
---- Scissors (Porter)
---- The White Hot Coal (Dr. Wilkinson)
(1963)The Plane Makers-The Veteran (Norrie Heath)
(1962-1972)"Z Cars" (Court Usher/Barman/Landlord)
(1962)"The Big Pull" (Technician)
(1962)The Traitors (Dr. Lindt)
(1961)No Hiding Place-Signals at Danger (Spencer)
(1960)Barnaby Rudge Eps 1.12+1.13 (Mr Akerman)
(1957)Dead Giveaway-The Rules of the Game (Billy Archer)
(1934) Jew Süss/Power (First movie as an Extra)

(One of these boys is Jeffrey Segal at 13-14 years of age. Any help on who would be greatly appreciated!)

©Gaumont British Picture Corporation

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"Up Captain Peacock"
"The Agent"




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BBC Radio Show-'The Dales'




(1993)For Services Rendered (Salisbury Playhouse)

TV Plays

(1981)"Play for Today" - The Union (ETU member)
(1979)"Play for Today" - The Chief Mourner (Freddy Ware)
(1973)Late Night Theatre-The Twelve Pound Look (Tombes)
(1972)ITV Sturday Night Theatre-Major Lavender (Nobby)
(1971)"Play for Today" - Edna, the Inebriate Woman (Counsel at Public Hearing)
(1970) "Play for Today" - Hearts and Flowers (Witts)
(1969)The Wednesday Play-The Sad Decline of Arthur Maybury (Mr Dumpton)
(1967)Theatre 625-The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (Didlum)
(1965)ITV Play of the Week-Their Obedient Servants (Purbeck)