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Born March 31, 1940 in Bournemouth, Hampshire, England (UK)

Died February 2017


TV Appearances

(2006)The Shell Seekers (Vicar)
(2003)The Mayor of Casterbridge (Priest)
(1996)Twelfth Night: Or What You Will (Priest)
(1996)Bramwell Ep 2.8 (Shop Assistant)
(1996)The Vet-The Loss Adjuster (Reverend Slattery)
(1994)Red Sun Rising (Iceman)
(1993)Scam (Arthur Hopper)

(1992)"Inspector Morse"- Dead on Time (Henry Fallon)
©Zenith Entertainment

(1992)"Forever Green" Ep 2.12 (Lord Hartshorn)
(1991)The Bill-The Whole Truth (Usher)
(1991)Martial Law (Truck Driver)
(1991)9 1/2 Ninjas! (Bum)
(1989)Roald Dahl's Danny the Champion of the World (Vicar)
(1989)Screen One-Blore M.P. (Headmaster)
(1988)The Bourne Identity (Chef)
(1987)Never Say Die Ep 1.6
(1987)Empire of the Sun (Mr. Radik)
(1986)"Howards' Way" Ep 2.10 (Organist)
(1986)"If Tomorrow Comes" (Harold Deauville)
(1986)Screen Two-The Russian Soldier (Bookseller)
(1984)"Tenko" Ep 3.8 (Vicar)

(1984)1984/Nineteen Eighty-Four (Syme)

All 3 images ©Umbrella-Rosenblum Films Production

(1984)"Fairly Secret Army"- A Chap Worth Following (Job Center Clerk)
(1982)The Secret Adversary (Clerk #1)
(1980)"We, the Accused" (Clergyman)

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"Grace & Favour" (AYBS/A) Stats

Timeframe: 1992

Episode 1.3




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