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Born in June 19, 1928 in London, England (UK).
Known Name Variation: Ken Haward.
Died on June 24, 1998 from prostate cancer.



TV Appearances/Stunts

(2005)'Revelation' Exhumed (Mutant)
(1986)Only Fools and Horses-Tea for Three
(1985)"Dempsey & Makepeace"- Silver Dollar (Chauffeur)

(1985)King & Castle-Storyboard (Lynn)
© Euston Films

(1985)"Doctor Who"- Revelation of the Daleks: Part 1 (Mutant)
(1984)"Never the Twain"
--- Come Fly with Me (Snowy)
--- Love's Neighbours' Lost (Policeman)
(1982)Solo Ep 2.3 (The Car Driver)
(1982)The Goodies-Animals Are People Too
(1982)The Boys in Blue (Chief Superintendent's Driver)
(1981)Roger Doesn't Live Here Anymore Ep 1.3 (Policeman)
(1980)"Escape"- Banned
(1980)"Can We Get on Now, Please?"- Variations in Two Flats (Landlord)
(1980)"Enemy at the Door"-Post Mortem (Stabsfeldwebel)
(1980)"Enemy at the Door"
---V for Victory (Driver)
---Judgement of Solomon (Obergefreiter)
(1979)Robin's Nest-Sorry Partner (Umpire)
(1979)Room Service Ep 1.5 (Sgt Baxter)
(1978)"Target" - Figures of Importance (Screw)
(1977)London Belongs to Me Ep 1.4 (Photographer)

(1977)The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin-Remarried and Back at Sunshine Desserts (G.P.O. Engineer)

(1977)"The Fosters"- Home and Away (Policeman)
(1976)Yus My Dear-The Repair (Policeman)
(1976)The Liver Birds-She Dreams a Lot (Taxi Driver)
(1976)Get Some In!-Ejected! (Lorry Driver)
(1975)My Honourable Mrs-Election Fever (Policeman)
(1975)"Doctor on the Go"- Keep Your Nose Clean (Ambulance Man)
(1974)"The Chinese Puzzle"- Show Down

(1973)"Moonbase 3"- Behemoth (Foreman)

(1973)"The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes"- The Missing Q.C. (Clerk of Court)

(1973)"Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em"- Love Thy Neighbour (Second Policeman)

All 3 images ©BBC

(1973)"New Scotland Yard"-Property, Dogs and Women (PC Noble)
(1973)The Flaxton Boys-1945:It Fell Off the Back of a Lorry (Police Driver)
(1972)Villains-Smudger (Man)
(1972)"New Scotland Yard" (PC Noble)
--- Papa Charlie
---We Do What We Can
(1972)"The Brothers" (Mechanic)
--- Confrontation
--- Down to Business
(1971-1973)"Dixon of Dock Green" (PC /Police Driver/Ambulance Man)
(1971)"The Last of the Mohicans" Parts 1,3+4 (Webb's Staff Major)
(1970)Ivanhoe-The Black Knight (Norman Guard)
(1970)Special Branch-Love From Doris (Porter)

(1969)"The Avengers"- Who Was That Man I Saw You With? (Powell)
©Associated British Corporation/ABC Weekend Television

(1968)"Virgin of the Secret Service"- The Amazons (Peterson)
(1967-1971)"Z Cars" (Policeman/Barman/Superintendent)
(1967)"The Baron"- You Can't Win Them All (Warder)

(1965)"Danger Man"/Secret Agent- The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (Security Man)

All 3 images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1965)"Redcap"- Misfire (W.O. Johnson)
(1956)The Battle of the River Plate/Pursuit of the Graf Spee (Marine Officer/HMS Ajax)

Image used with permission from:[TV]%20'Storyboard%202.2%20King%20&%20Castle'%20(1985).htm
anonymous contributors


(1991)Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
(1988)Last of the Summer Wine-Downhill Racer (Stunt Arranger)
(1988)Consuming Passions
(1987)Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
(1986)"Only Fools and Horses"- Tea for Three
(1986)Biggles:Adventures in Time
(1984)Mitch-Postman's Knock
(1984)Weekend Playhouse-You Don't Have to Walk to Fly (Stunt Arranger)
(1983)Superman III
(1982)The Goodies-Animals Are People Too
(1982)"Doctor Who"- Castrovalva: Part 1
(1981)An American Werewolf in London
(1980)Cowboys-Was It Eddie Croucher?



AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1976

Episode: "Fire Practice"


Magazine/Newspaper Covers/Articles


-Was a magician who toured the UK performing magic.

-Was a stuntman.

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TV Play

(1978)"Play for Today"- Victims of Apartheid (Second voice)
(1975)"Play for Today"- A Child of Hope (Police Sergeant)