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Born in Guyana.


TV Appearances

(2008)Celebration (Raston Robot)

(1988)Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe (Aslan's Satyr)

All 5 images ©BBC

(1986)Full Metal Jacket (Daddy D.A.)

(1985) "The Bill" - Lost (Mr. Welsh)
©Talkback Thames/Thames Television

(1983)Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (Raston Robot)

(1981)An American Werewolf in London (Assorted Police)
©American Werewolf/Polygram Pictures/Lyncanthrope Films

(1981) "The Chinese Detective" - Hammer and Nails (West Indian Club Member)
(1981)Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Kangaroo)
(1981)"Shelley" - Signing On (Oscar)
(1980)Time of My Life Ep 1.3 (3rd Robber)
(1980) "Fox" - It's All Them Psychia-Whatever-You-Call-It Books He Reads (Bus Conductor)
(1979)"Shelley" - Moving In (Black Guy)

(1978)Revenge of the Pink Panther (Sam Spade and the Private Eyes member #3)

Image © Jewel Productions/Pimlico Films/Sellers-Edwards productions

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1985


"The Pop Star"
"The Night Club"
"Gambling Fever"




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(Nov-Dec 1974)
Sadler's Wells Theatre

"That is the Show"
"Dark Elegies"
"Project 6354/9116 MK 2"
"Pierrot Lunaire"
"Almost An Echo"
"Embrace Tiger and Return to Mountain" "Rag-Dances"




Oct 25-26 2008 Autographica (London, UK)