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Born on November 5, 1927 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England (UK).
Died on January 28, 2000 in London, England.


TV Appearances

(2009)Mollie Sugden: A Tribute (Old Mr Grace)
(2007)Comedy Connections
(1999)The Queen's Nose-Harmony's Return (Park Attendant)

(1998)What's a Carry On?
©The British Film Corporation PLC

(1996)Romuald the Reindeer/Santa's First Christmas (Voice of Grandpa Ivy)

© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1988) "Never the Twain" - Settled Out of Court (Fothergill)
(1988)Coronation Street Eps 1.2818+1.2820
(1987)"Boon" - Trudy's Grit (Mr. Newell)
(1986-1991)"Bread (Grandad) See under Magazine/Newspaper Covers/Articles.
(1985)The Pickwick Papers Eps 1.12+1.6 (Fogg)
(1985)"Roll Over Beethoven" Ep 1.4 (Mr. Beckett)

(1985)Florence Nightingale (Hall Porter)

Image © Cypress Point Productions

(1984-1986)"Big Deal" (Ferret)

(1984)"Ellis Island" (Shepherd #1)
© Vista Films/Telepictures Productions

(1984)"Minder" - A Number of Old Wives Tales (Roland)
(1983)"Fair Ground!" (Mr. Grant)
(1982)"Juliet Bravo" - Where There's Muck... (Sidney Dorkins)
(1981)Carry On Laughing

(1980)"All Creatures Great and Small" (Ronald Beresford)
---- Every Dog His Day
Both images ©BBC

---- Charity Begins at Home

(1980)Holding the Fort-Jumping the Gun (Andrew Howe)
(1979)Lovely Couple-Dirty Weekend (Hotel Manager)
(1978)"The Famous Five" - Five Go to Billycock Hill (Enemy Agent)
(1978)"The Mayor of Casterbridge" (Clerk of Court)
(1978)The Professionals-Killer with a Long Arm (Caretaker)
(1977)"Target" - Vandraggers (Warehouse Transport Manager)
(1977)"Doctor Who" - The Invisible Enemy: Part 2 (Dr. Hedges)
(1977)Come Spy with Me (Prof Wolfgang von Schlump)
(1977)"Z Cars" - Rage (Wilfred Wilson)
(1972)"The Liver Birds" - Special: It Insists on Coming Once a Year (Florist)
(1976)Well Anyway-Be That as It May (Mr Witherspoon)
(1976)The Venetian Twins

(1975)Carry on Behind (Barman)
© Peter Rogers Productions/The Rank Organisation

(1975)The Growing Pains of PC Penrose-The Peeper (Mr Newbould)
(1975)"Doctor on the Go" - What's Op Doc? (Mr. Pole)
(1975)Churchill's People-The Fine Art of Bubble-Blowing (Citizen)
(1974)"Dixon of Dock Green" - The Unwanted (Dealer)
(1974)The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs-The Courier (Warren)

(1974)And Mother Makes Five-The Matter of Tiny Feet (Dr West)
Image ©Thames Television

(1973)"Six Days of Justice" (Magistrate Simpson)
--- Stranger in Paradise
---A Regular Friend

(1973)Romany Jones-Not So Sweet Charity (Rev. Grant)

All 3 images © London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1973)Bowler-Come Round Any Old Time (Porter)
(1973)"Menace" - Tom (Manager)
(1972)The Fenn Street Gang
--And Baby Makes Four (Mr Penrose)
---The Great Frock Robbers (Lenny)
(1972) "Z Cars" - Haggar (Pianist)
(1972)"Dixon of Dock Green" - Sgt. George Dixon (Porter)
(1972)Doctor in Charge-This Is Your Wife (Mr Dutton)
(1972)The Train Now Standing-Send Him Victorious (Fireman)
(1972)"The Liver Birds" - Birds and Bottom Drawers (Milkman)
(1972)The Fenn Street Gang-Who Was That Lady? (Man in cafe)

(1971)"On the Buses" - Boxing Day Social (Busman)

Image © Hammer Films /EMI Films

(1971)"The Onedin Line" (Drayman)
---- High Price
---- Other Points of the Compass

(1971)Fiddler on the Roof
© Cartier Productions/The Mirisch Production Company

(1971)The Love Pill (Professor Edwards)

(1970)Scrooge (Party Guest)
© Waterbury Films/Cinema Center Films

(1970)"Softly Softly" - Power of the Press (Potter)
(1970)Albert and Victoria-The Gothic Church (Enrico)
(1968) "Z Cars" - The Battleground: Part 2 (Fred Jones)

(1968)Carry On..Up the Khyber

All 4 images ©Peter Rogers Productions/The Rank Organisation

(1968)Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Inventor)
Both images ©Dramatic Features

(1966)"A Game of Murder" Ep 1.5 (Dr. Hasting)
(1964)"Crossroads" (Mr. Hardgreaves)
(1963) "Z Cars" - Follow My Leader (Stanley Collins)
(1959)Room at the Top (Reggie)

Images in this section used with permission from:
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AYBS Stats

AYBS timeframe : 1981


"Is It Catching"?
"A Personal Problem"
"Front Page Story"
"Sit Out"
"Heir Apparent"
"Closed Circuit"
"The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe"



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Real Life Facts/Trivia

Was 53 years old when he played the part of Old Mr. Grace in AYBS-28 years younger than who had played young Mr. Grace.




Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites

(1968)Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
(Sang "The Roses of Success")




TV Plays

(1977)"Play of the Month" - The Winslow Boy (Fred)
(1975)"Play of the Month" - When We Are Married (Fred Dyson)
(1969)Armchair Theatre-What's a Mother For? (Milkman)