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Born in 1955 in Brighton, East Sussex, England (UK).
Spouse: Alan Whitehead (Drummer).


TV Appearances

(1998)What's a Carry On? (A.T.S. Private Evans)
(1981)What a Carry On (A.T.S. Private Evans)
(1979)"Mind Your Language" - No Flowers by Request (Nurse)
(1978)The Upchat Connection-Will the Real Mike Upchat (Davina)

(1978)Carry on Emmannuelle (Girl at Zoo)
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(1976)Carry on England (A.T.S. Private Evans)
(1974)A Private Enterprise (Minor Role)
(1970)"Jackanory"- Operation Smuggle: Parts 1-5 (Eileen Hadley)

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AYBS Timeframe: 1981


"The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe"
"Closed Circuit"
"Sit Out"



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In Dec 1977 she married Alan Whitehead (drummer).





Sweet Charity (Woman in Park)