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Born on March 22, 1934 in London, England (UK).
Birth Name: Lawrence Martyn
Spouse: Hilary; Had two daughters.
Known Name Variation: Larry Martin.
Died on August 7, 1994 in St Mary's Bay, Kent, England (UK).




TV Appearances

(2001)On Location: The Carry Ons (Rifle Range Owner)
(1993)"The Bill" - Fast Food (Pub Landlord)
(1993)"The Detectives" - Studs (Stable Hand)
(1992)"The Bill" - Reasonable Grounds (Pub Landlord)
(1990)"Never the Twain" - A Car by Any Other Name (Blake)
(1989)"The Bill" -Hothead (Norman Harris)
(1987)"The Charmer"-Gorse, the Tempter (Taxi Driver)
(1987)High and Dry Ep 1.2 (Electricity Board Inspector)
(1984)"The Gentle Touch" - Mad Dog (Minicab Driver)
(1983)Don't Wait Up Ep 1.4 (Garage Mechanic)
(1983)Affairs of the Heart-Pilot (Harry)
(1983)"Jack of Diamonds" - A Drip in the Ocean (Barman)
(1982)"Keep It in the Family" - Piano Blues (Piano Mover)
(1982)"The Bounder" - Raising the Wind (Charlie)

(1982)"Minder" - Poetic Justice, Innit? (Smith)
©Euston Films

(1981)Carry on Laughing

(1981)Omen III:The Final Conflict (Orator)
©Twentieth Century Fox

(1981)"West End Tales" (Checkie)
(1980)Cowboys-C.L.O.D. (Cafe Proprietor)
(1980)Just Liz Ep 1.5 (Photographer)
(1980)Bernie Ep 2.3
(1980)A Sharp Intake of Breath-The Spare Part (Washing Machine Salesman)
(1978)Rings on Their Fingers-The Knot (Photographer)

(1978)"Grange Hill" Ep 4.14 (Bus Conductor)

Both images ©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)/Mersey Television

(1976)One-Upmanship-Getting Acrossmanship

(1975)Carry on Behind (Electrician)
© Peter Rogers Productions/The Rank Organisation

(1975)"Rising Damp" - For the Man Who Has Everything (Fred the Milkman)

Both images©Yorkshire Television (YTV)

(1975)The Rough with the Smooth Ep 1.6 (Simpson)
(1975)This Is Your Life-Mollie Sugden
(1974)"Crown Court" - Cover Up (Pete Glass)
(1974-1981)The Dick Emery Show
(1973)"On the Buses" (Fred)
---- Gardening Time
---- What the Stars Foretell
(1973)The Upper Crusts-Sitting Pretty (TV Engineer)

(1973)"Whoops Baghdad!" (Derti Dhoti)
With Frankie Howerd All 3 images ©BBC

(1972-1976)"Spring and Autumn" (Brian Reid)

(1972)"Upstairs, Downstairs"- Your Obedient Servant (The Electrician)

All 3 images ©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1972)"Dad's Army"
---- The Desperate Drive of Corporal Jones (Signals Private)
---- Asleep in the Deep (2nd Soldier)

(1972)"The Liver Birds" - St. Valentine's Day (Waiter)
(1972)Love Thy Neighbour Eps 2.5+2.6 (George)
(1972)Lollipop Loves Mr Mole-On Safari (The Tramp)
(1972)Alcock and Gander (1st Workman)
---The Strip Club
(1972)For the Love of Ada (Brian)
---Special: Christmas with Ada
---The Christening
©LMG Film Productions Limited

(1971)Father Dear Father-A Book for the Bishop (Postman)
(1971)The Fenn Street Gang-Should Auld Acquaintance (Patient)

(1971)Carry on at Your Convenience (Rifle Range Owner)

Both images ©The Rank Organisation

(1971)"Doctor at Large" - Let's Start at the Beginning (Mr. Purvis)
(1971)The Misfit-On Arrivals and Departures and Things in Between ('Mucky' Millwood)
(1971)Sykes and a Big Show-Guest
(1971)That's Your Funeral-Unholy Deadlock (Photographer)
(1971)Look - Mike Yarwood!

(1970)"Dad's Army" - Don't Fence Me In (Italian POW)

(1970)"Six Dates with Barker" - 1970: The Odd Job (Passenger on Bus)
(1970)Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width-I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Steward)
(1970)"Up Pompeii"
---- Exodus (Verminus)
---- Secret Agents Jamus Bondus (Spurius)
---- Spartacus (Gaoler)
(1970)"If It Moves, File It" (Foreman)
---- Lost and Found
---- Walled in

(1969)Up Pompeii

(1969)"Dad's Army"
---- Menace from the Deep (2nd Sailor)

All 4 images© BBC

---- The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker (Soldier)
(1968)"Z Cars" - Hudson's Way: Part 1+2 (Freddie)

(1968)Up the Junction (Barrow Boy)
© Crasto/BHE Films

(1967)"Man in a Suitcase" - Dead Man's Shoes (Harry)

Both images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1967)"Dixon of Dock Green" - The Climber (Coffee Bar Attendant)
(1967)Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-Crabbe's Practice (Waiter)
(1967)The Troublesome Double (Bert)

(1966)The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery (Chips)
© Braywild/British Lion Film Corporation

(1964)"Z Cars" - One Day in Spring Street (Milkman)

(1963)These Are the Damned (Teddy-boy)

©Columbia Pictures Corporation/Swallow Productions Ltd./Hammer Films

(1963)"The Human Jungle" - The Lost Hours (Ron)
© Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)/United Artists Television /Independent Artists

(1962)On the Beat (Yob in Cafe)

Both images ©The Rank Organisation

(1962)Breath of Life (Tony)
(1961)Flame in the Streets (Second Corner Boy)

(1961)These are the Damned (Teddy Boy)
© Hammer Films/Columbia Pictures Corporation

(1961)The Day the Earth Caught Fire (Man at Washing Station)
Both images ©Pax Films

(1961)Deadline Midnight-The Billy Brewster Story (Billy Brewster)
(1960"Dixon of Dock Green" - The Black and the White (Jimmy Humphrey)
(1960)Too Young to Love (Bit Part)
(1960)And the Same to You (Chappy Tuck)
(1959-1967)No Hiding Place (Guest at bar/Trooper Thomas/Nicky Stone/Almond)
(1959)Probation Officer Ep 1.2 (Gang Leader)
(????)Sound an Alarm

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AYBS Stats

AYBS timeframe : 1972-1975


"Camping In"
"His and Hers"
"Diamonds Are a Man's Best Friend"
"The Clock"
"Cold Comfort"
"The Think Tank"
"Big Brother"
"Hoorah for the Holiday"
"The Hand of Fate"
"Coffee Morning"
"Up Captain Peacock"
"Cold Store"
"Wedding Bells"
"German Week"
"Shoulder to Shoulder"
"New Look"
"Christmas Crackers"

(1992)The Best of 'Are You Being Served?'



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Sang in the AYBS episode of "The Clock".

Video Summary

(Thanks to Andrew Wiseman for letting me link to the text that goes with the commercial).


(1968) BBC Radio Adaptation of "Dad's Army" (Private Walker)


AYBS based


Real Life Based

Parachuted as a hobby and was a member of the Parachute Regiment.

TV Plays

(1973)"Comedy Playhouse" - Elementary My Dear Watson (Fu Manchu)

(1970)"Armchair Theatre" - The Company Man (Transport Manager)

(1970)ITV Playhouse-Rumour

(1961)"The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre"
--- Partners in Crime
©Merton Park Studios

----Never Back Losers (Clive Parker)

©Merton Park Studios

(1959)ITV Play of the Week-The Skin of Our Teeth

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