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Born on January 16, 1943 in Watford, Hertfordshire, England (UK).
Birth Name: Michael John Attwell
Height: 6' 4"
Known Name Variation: Mike Attwell
Has 3 children:
Zoe and Jake Attwell by Inger Cederstrand
Cassie by Caroline Cornish.
Died on March 18, 2006 in London, England (UK).




TV Appearances

(2006)Agatha Christie Marple: The Sittaford Mystery (Archie Stone)
©WGBH Boston/Granada

(2006)"Hotel Babylon" (Derek Crisp)
(2006)Missing (Mr. Greenside)
(2005)Terrance Dicks: Fact & Fiction (Bill Sykes)
(2004)"Heartbeat"- Buried Secrets (Bob Acott)

(2004)Trial & Retribution-Blue Eiderdown: Part 1 (Brian the Bouncer)
Both images ©Isle of Man Film

(2004)"Doc Martin" - Of All the Harbours in All the Towns (Alan Gibson)
©Buffalo Pictures

(2004)"The Last Detective"- The Long Bank Holiday (Billy Clemens)
Both images ©Meridian Broadcasting

(2003)"Seven Wonders of the Industrial World" - The Great Ship (William Hope)
(2003)"Dinotopia" (Hugo)
---Car Wars
(2002)The Bill-Quinnan 1 (Barry Hunt)
(2002)Daniel Deronda (Rev. Gascoigne)
(1989-2002)"The Bill" (Barry Hunt/Gerry Harper/Bartlett)

(2001)"My Family" - Get Cartier (Mr. Smith)

(2001)High Heels and Low Lifes (Duty Sergeant)
(2001)New Year's Day (Sgt. Bristow)
(2000)"Hope & Glory" Ep 3.2 (Geoff Wilson)
(2000)"Border Cafe" (Edwardian Clive)
(2000)Circus (Magnus)
(2000)"Monsignor Renard" Eps 1.2-1.4 (M. Dufosse)
(1999)The Colour of Justice (William James Mellish)
(1999)Bodywork (David Leer)
(1997)"Casualty"-Bad Company (David Read)

(1997-1998)"Wycliffe" (DCC Stevens)
© Harlech Television (HTV)

(1997)"Pie in the Sky"- In the Smoke (Michael)

(1997)Hostile Waters (Kuzmenko)

(1997)"Silent Witness"- Friends Like These: Part 1+2 (Josef Quayle)

Image © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)/Cipango Productions Audiovisuelles/A+E Networks

(1996)The Bill-Toe the Line (Gerry Harper)

(1996)Poldark (George Warleggan)
© Harlech Television (HTV)

(1995)Joseph (Judah)
(1995)"Bugs" - Out of the Hive (Alan Moore)
(1995)"Harry" Ep 2.1 (Roger)
(1994)Lie Down with Lions (Bazarov)
(1994)Tom & Viv (W.I. Janes)
(1994)"Anna Lee" -Stalker (Robert Thurman/Charlie McKinnon)
(1993)"The Scarlet and the Black" (Monsieur Valenod)
(1993)"Westbeach" (Ray Cromer)

(1993)"Then Churchill Said to Me" (Private Norman Pain)

Both images ©BBC

(1993)Horse Opera (Johnson)
(1991)"Boon"-Help Me Make It Through the Night (John Milne)
(1991)"Casualty"-Pressure! What Pressure? (Sam Jones)
(1991)Singles-Flash Back (Jeff)

(1990)"Inspector Morse"- The Infernal Serpent (Parsons)
©Zenith Entertainment

(1989)The Bill-Tulip (Bartlett)
(1989)"Boon"-The Fall and Rise of the Bowman Empire (Arthur Mitchell)
(1988)"EastEnders" (Kenny Beale)
(1988)Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Tenth Man (Krogh)

(1988)Buster (Harry)
© The Movie Group/Buster Productions/The NFH Productions

(1987)"Never Say Die" Eps 1.1,1.5-1.6 (Mr. Danvers)
(1987)Gentry (Slatter)
(1986)Labyrinth (Voice of a Goblin)
(1986)"Roll Over Beethoven" Ep 2.3 (P.C. Crosby)

(1985)"Oliver Twist" (Bill Sikes)

(1967+1985)"Doctor Who" (Isbur/Bates)
(1984)"Minder"- A Number of Old Wives Tales (Harry)
(1983)"Jemima Shore Investigates"- Death à la Carte
(1983)"Bergerac"- Almost Like a Holiday (Frank)

(1982)"Only Fools and Horses"- It Never Rains... (Englishman)
Both images ©BBC

(1982)The Chinese Detective-Bounty Hunter (Harry Foss)
(1981)Seconds Out-Round 8
(1980)"Turtle's Progress"-Box Eight (Razor Eddie Malone)
(1979)"Turtle's Progress" Ep 1.2 (Razor Eddie Malone)
(1969)"The First Churchills" (Henry St. John)
---Not Without Honour
---Breaking the Circle
---A Famous Victory
(1968)The Root of All Evil?-You Can Only Buy Once (Ron)

(1967)Dr. Who

©BBC-TV Productions/Amicus Productions/AARU Productions

Images for this section used with permission from:
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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1985

Episode: "The Hold-Up"



-Was a political cartoonist and signed the cartoons as "Zoke".

-Began career on the repertory stage.


Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites

Interview #1




(2002)"The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband" at the New Ambassadors Theater (Played Kenneth).