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Born on February 9, 1918 in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England (UK).
Died in November 2000.

TV Appearances/Crew Work

(2008)The Cyber Story
(1992)Cybermen:The Early Years
(1985)Drummonds-Return Match (Registar)
(1984)Strangers and Brothers Ep 1.3 (British Academy Chairman)
(1984)"Hi-De-Hi!"- Peggy's Pen Friend (Monty)
(1983)"Jane Eyre" Ep 1.5 (Mr. Eshton)
(1983)"Nanny"- Into the Blitz (Horden)

(1981)"The Day of the Triffids" Ep 1.2 (Car Attacker)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

(1980)"Tales of the Unexpected"- Vengeance Is Mine Inc. (Wilbur)
©Anglia Television

(1980)"All Creatures Great and Small"- Every Dog His Day (Colonel Buller)
Both images ©BBC

(1979)Penmarric Ep 1.5 (Academic)
(1979)"Doctor Who"- The Creature from the Pit: Part One (Tollund)
(1979)"Blakes 7"- Killer (Dr. Wiler)

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AYBS Timeframe: 1979

Episode: "The Junior"


Magazine/Newspaper Covers/Articles

July 1981 Doctor Who (UK) Issue 54 "Morris Barry Interview"

Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites







(1977)Great Performances: Count Dracula
(1977)"Rough Justice"
(1975)State of Emergency
(1972-1973)"Spy Trap"
(1973)The Donati Conspiracy
(1965)"199 Park Lane"


(1984)Murder: Ultimate Grounds for Divorce
(1972)"Spy Trap"
(1967-1968)"Doctor Who"-The Dominators Eps1-5
(1967)The Moonbase
(1966)"Quick Before They Catch Us"-Season of the Skylark Parts 1-4
(1965)"199 Park Lane"
(1962)"Z Cars"- Big Catch
(1960)Barnaby Rudge
(1957)Escape-The Warrant Officer

Miscellaneous Crew:
(1992)Cybermen: The Early Years (director for archive footage)

(1962)"Z Cars"- Limping Rabbit