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Mike Berry

Born on September 24, 1942 in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England (UK).
Birth Name: Michael Hubert Bourne.


TV Appearances

    (2016?)A Life in the Death of Joe Meek
    (2015)Britain's Best Loved Sitcoms
    (2013)Return to Scatterbrook:Memories of Worzel
    (2010)The Story of 'Are You Being Served?'
    (2008)A Life in the Death of Joe Meek
    (1999)Julie and the Cadillacs (Mac MacDonald)
    (1995)The Bill-Heart of Gold(Gas Station Manager)
    (1992)The Best of 'Are You Being Served?'
    (1989) "Dramarama"-Codzmorf (Dad)
    (1989)Spin Off-Ep 1.25 (Hank Mabey)
    (1983)"Knees-Up" Ep 1.3
    (1981)"Pop Quiz" Ep 1.2
    (1981)The Olympian Way -Happy Birthday (Phil Hewlett)
    (1979-1981)Worzel Gummidge (Mr Peters)
    (1973)Whodunnit?-Crime After a Fashion(Fashion Show Attendee)
    (1964)Ready, Steady, Go!-Ep 1.41
    (1962-1965)"Thank Your Lucky Stars"
    (1954)Prisoner of War (Laverne Corlane)


    Title Designer

    (1982)The Dark Room
    (1982)Early Frost



AYBS Stats

AYBS timeframe : 1981-1985


"Is It Catching"?
"A Personal Problem"
"Front Page Story"
"Sit Out"
"Heir Apparent"
"Closed Circuit"
"The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe"
"The Sweet Smell of Success"
"Conduct Unbecoming"
"Memories Are Made of This"
"Calling All Customers"
"Monkey Business"
"Lost and Found"
"Goodbye, Mrs. Slocombe"
"Grounds for Divorce"
"The Hold-Up"
"Gambling Fever"
"The Night Club"
"Friends and Neighbours"
"The Pop Star"



    Mike Berry 's Vinyl Records


      SINGLES (UK Releases)

      • January 1961 "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" / "My Baby Doll" (Outlaws) DECCA #11314
      • November 1961 "Tribute to Buddy Holly" / "What's the Matter" (Outlaws) HMV #912 (#24 on the UK charts)
      • 1961 Swingin' Low/ Spring Is Near (The Outlaws) HMV POP844
      • 1961 Valley Of The Sioux/ Crazy Drums (The Outlaws) HMV POP927
      • 1962 Ku-Pow!/ Last Stage West (The Outlaws) HMV POP990
      • 1962 Sioux Serenade/ Fort Knox (The Outlaws) HMV POP1074
      • April 1962 "It's Just a Matter of Time" / "Little Boy Blue" (The Admirals/Outlaws) HMV #979
      • June 1962 "Every Little Kiss" / "How Many Times" (The Outlaws) HMV #1042
      • December 1962 "Don't You Think it's Time" / "Loneliness" (The Outlaws) HMV #1104 (#6 on the UK charts)
      • 1963 The Return Of The Outlaws (The Outlaws) HMV POP1124
      • 1963 That Set The Wild West Free/ Hobo (The Outlaws) HMV POP1195
      • 1963 Law And Order/ Do-Da-Day (The Outlaws) HMV POP1241
      • April 1963 "My Little Baby" / "You'll Do It, You'll Fall in Love" (The Outlaws) HMV #1142 (#34 on the UK charts)
      • June 1963 "It Really Doesn't Matter" / "Try a Little Bit Harder" HMV #1194
      • 1963 "Intro" / "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" (Graham Dean/The Innocents) COLUMBIA #1536
      • 1963 "My Little Baby" / "More Than I can Say" (The Innocents) COLUMBIA #1536
      • 1963 "La Bamba" / "Don't You Think it's Time" (The Innocents) COLUMBIA #1536
      • 1964 Keep-A-Knockin'/ Shake With Me (The Outlaws) HMV POP1277
      • January 1964 "On My Mind"/"This Little Girl" (The Innocents) HMV #1257
      • March 1964 "Lovesick" / "Letters of Love" (The Innocents) HMV #1284
      • June 1964 "Who Will It Be"/"Talk" (The Innocents) HMV #1314
      • November 1964 "Two Lovers" / "Don't Try to Stand in My Way" HMV #1362
      • July 1965 "That's All I Ever Want from You"/ "She Didn't Care" HMV #1449
      • November 1965 "It Comes and Goes" / "Gonna Fall in Love" HMV #1484
      • May 1966 "Warm Baby" / "Just Thought I´d Phone" HMV #1530
      • August 1967 "Raining in My Heart" / "Eyes" POLYDOR #56182
      • 1967 "Can't You Hear my Heartbeat" / "Alice" D-METRONOME
      • 1970 "Catch The Wind"/"The Girl From Indiana" P.F(Penny Farthing ) PEN740
      • 1972 "Going Down To Virginia"/"Love Her" York SYK 516
      • 1972 "Drift Away"/"Keep My Eyes On The Road" York SYK 530
      • 1973 "Now That I'm Without You"/"509" York 563
      • 1975 "Don't Be Cruel"/"It's All Over" Pink Elephant Records
      • 1976 "Tribute To Buddy Holly"/"Dial My Number" Polydor 2058 700
      • 1976 "Take a Heart"/"Hey Joe" Polydor 2058 764
      • 1977 "I'm A Rocker"/"It's A Hard Hard Hard World" Poydor 2058 925
      • 1977 "I'm A Rocker"/"It's A Hard Hard Hard World" Scramble Records
      • 1978 "Don't Ever Change"/"Take Me High" Polydor 2059 004
      • 1979 "Stay Close To Me"/"Hey Joe" Lightning 555
      • 1980 "The Sunshine Of Your Smile"/"I'm As Old As Paul McCartney" Polydor 2059 261 (#9 on the UK charts)
      • 1980 "If I Could Only Make You Care"/"One More Love Story" Polydor POSP202 (#37 on the UK charts)
      • 1981 "The Anniversary Song"/"Goodbye California" Polydor POSP231
      • 1981 "Diana"/"Words" Polydor POSP232
      • 1981 "Memories"/"Julie Come Back" Polydor POSP287 (#55 on the UK charts)
      • 1982 "What'll I Do"/"Can A Man Love One Woman" Polydor POSP385
      • 1982 "Like A Fool"/"Blue Skies" Polydor POSP419
      • 1982 "'Til We Meet Again"/"Through Noon And Goes On" Polydor POSO461
      • 1983 "Every Little While"/"Stop Dreaming" Rockney 198
      • 1985 "Holly"/"Heaven Out Of Hell" Switchback MSSR5
      • 1986 (Ireland Only) "One Heart To Go"/"Heaven Out Of Hell" Polydor 883847-5
      • 1986 "Come Outside" w/Wendy Richard/"Give It A Try" WEA YZ91

        (Mike with Wendy Richard- a promotional shot to promote their single "Come Outside").

      • 1987 "You're Already Gone"/"Laughing And Loving" Breakheart EBR1
      • 1990 "Hissing Sid's Paranoid Blues"/"Heaven's Up" Firstnight SCORE28
      • 1991 "Fools Paradise" /"I Believe" Rollercoaster RRC2008


      • 1962 "A Tribute to Buddy Holly"/"Every Little Kiss" CORAL #62341
      • 1963 "Don't You Think It's Time"/"Loneliness" #62357
      • 1966 "Gonna Fall in Love"/"It Comes & Goes" CORAL #62483
      • 1975 "Don't Be Cruel" /"It's All Over" MCA #40432
      • 1979 "I Am a Rocker"/"Boogaloo Dues" #50748

      • 1980 "Stay Close to Me"/"One by One" #50913


      • 1963 "One Night Stand" Columbia 33SX1536
      • 1972 "Drift Away" York FYK409
      • 1976 "Rocks In My Head" Polydor Super 2383-392

      • 1976 "Tribute To Buddy Holly" Dutch Pink Elephant PE877-086

      • 1978 "Best of British Rockabilly Vol. 2" (Compilation) Sonet SNTF 787
      • 1978 " Mike Berry the Rocker" Dutch Scramble SRL 910-022
      • 1980 "Sunshine Of Your Smile" Polydor Super 2383-592

      • 1982 "Memories" Polydor Super POLS 1054
      • 1984 "Hooked On No 1's" (Compilation) K-Tel ONE-1285
      • 1984 "Rollercoaster Rockers Vol. 1" (Compilation) Rollercoaster Roll-2008
      • 1985 "Everyone's a Wally" B-side with video game
      • 1986 "Tribute To Buddy Holly" SilverStar CHJ-100
      • 1989 "Mike Berry Sounds Of The Sixties" Rollercoaster ROLL-2016
      • 1989 "Dedicated To You" Platinum PLAT3901
      • 1990 "Rock 'n' Roll Boogie..Plus" C5 C5-541
      • 1995 "Rock And Roll Daze" Rollercoaster RCCD 6602
      • 1995 "Sunshine Of Your Smile" (EP) Rollercoaster RCCD 502

      • 2002 "Keep Your Hands To Yourself!" Rollercoaster RCCD 6006 

      • 2003 "Don't You Think It's Time" Castle EAN 5050159181124
      • 2004 "Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth" (Compilation) Western Star EAN 5060051820816
      • 2005 "About Time Too" Rollercoaster RCCD 3059 Note: Recorded in Nashville, TN with The Crickets.
      • 2006 "Before I Grow Too Old" (EP) Rollercoaster RECD 504

      • 2007 "Hi There Darlin'! Merry Christmas" Mr Bert Spooner w Mike Berry & Outlaws - Rollercoaster Records 505


      • 1962 It's Time for Mike Berry HMV 8793 (Tracks: Don't You Think It's Time/Loneliness/Every Little Kiss/How Many Times)
      • 1963 A Tribute To Buddy Holly HMV 8808 (Tracks: Tribute to Buddy Holly/It's Just A Matter of Time/My Little Baby/You'll Do It You'll Fall In Love)
      • It's Time for Mike Berry Rollercoaster RCEP109 1990 (Released with a special souvenir sleeve).


      Sunshine Of Your Smile Polydor 3170-592 1980
      Memories Polydor POLSC 2054 1982
      Buddy Autograph ASK-794 1985
      Tribute To Buddy Holly SilverStar ZCCMJ-100 1986
      Still Rockin' M.B.C. MBC-101 1987
      Dedicated to You (Compilation) Platinum Music PLAC-3901 1998
      Party Megamix (Compilation) Prism Music PLAC-3933 1994
      Hooked on Number Ones K-TEL OCE2285 1994
      Tribute To Buddy Holly Hallmark BNR 302514 1995


      Hooked on Number Ones (Compilation) K-TEL ONCD5116 1987
      Dedicated to You (Compilation) Platinum Music PLATCD3901 1988
      Legends of British Rock 'n' Roll (Compilation) K-Tel ECD 3406 1998
      The Youngblood Story Vol. 1 C5 C5CD549 1989
      Rock 'n' Roll Boogie..Plus C5 C5CD 541 1990
      Buddy's Buddies (Compilation) Connoissur VSOPCD175 1992
      Joe Meek Story Vol. 2 (Compilation) Line TLCD901820 1992
      Sounds of the Sixies Castle CHC5056CR 1993
      Musical Adventures of Joe Meek (Compilation) KenWest KNEWED 746 1994
      Party Megamix 2 (Compilation) Prism PLATED 3933 1994
      Tribute To Buddy Holly Hallmark 302512 1995
      Sunshine Of Your Smile Rollercoaster RCCD 502 1995
      Rock 'n' Roll (Compilation) Wisepack WPCD 036 1995
      Rock Freedom (Compilation) Wisepack WPCD 037 1995
      A Christmas Rock 'n' Roll (Compilation) Hallmark 305382 1996
      Rock 'n' Roll Daze Rollercoaster RCCD 6602 1998
      Buddy-A Life in Music Hallmark 3032 00422 1999
      Mike Berry I'm a Rocker Elap Music 50163282 1999
      About Time Too Rollercoaster Records RCCD 3059 2005

      I'm a Rocker


    Other special versions made:

    SINGLES - Foreign Releases

    1. Can't You Hear My Heartbeat/Alice Metronome Germany 1967
    2. I'm a Rocker/Devil's Disciple Polydor 2069-053 New Zealand 1973
    3. I'm a Rocker/Everybody Do It Red Point ATl6315 Germany 1973
    4. Don't Be Cruel/It's All Over Pink Elephant Holland 1974
    5. Tribute to Buddy Holly/Dial My Number Pink Elephant PE22-090 Holland 1976
    6. Baby I Don't Care/For Me and For You Pink Elephant Belgium 1975
    7. Tribute to Buddy Holly/Dial My Number Hansa AT 16443 Germany 1976
    8. I'm A Rocker/It's a Hard Hard Hard Hard World Philips #? Germany 1977

    ALBUMS - Foreign Releases

    1. Mike Berry Bellaphon Germany date?.
    2. Tribute To Buddy Holly Pink Elephant Holland 1979


    (Album covers that pertain to Rollercoaster Records releases are used on this page courtesy of Rollercoaster Records).

    Other songs by Mike Berry:

    "I'm In Love Again"
    "Wake Up Little Suzie"
    "Stay The Night"
    "New Orleans"
    "Two Of A Kind"
    "Hard Times"
    "Angel Face"
    "Wonder Boy"
    "Low Country Woman"
    "I Like It Like That"


Contact Info

Mike Berry

Open Ear Artists
Home Close
United Kingdom

Mike Berry
c/o Hugh Galloway
Galloways One
15 Lexham Mews
London, W8 6JW
United Kingdom




Magazine/Newspaper Articles


Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites

Mike Berry's Official Youtube site:

Buddy Holly website that mentions Mike Berry and has the world's biggest Buddy Holly fanpages.

Listen to samples of songs by Mike Berry:

Chanson D'Amour

Gone Too Long

New Christmas song above called "Hi There Darlin'" has been
released under his AYBS character name- Bert Spooner. Click on the CD cover below to order many of his CDs
currently available.


Mike Berry CD

Get Mike's recent CD "About Time Too" recorded with Buddy Holly's Crickets. Click CD cover above to go to Mike's Merchandise Page.


    Mike Berry 'Live' Spinnaker.

    Nursery Rhymes Pickwick (SLL 5001)
    An Evening with Chas and Bob Rollercoaster RCVC 5001
    The Legendary Joe Meek Live JMAS
    Tribute to Joe Meek Magnum MMGV 062

    (1980)Top of the Pops-Aug 14th and Aug 28th

    Title Designer

    (1982)The Dark Room
    (1982)Early Frost





Had 3 hits in the 1960's.

In 1963 Mike Berry and the Outlaws were one of the hottest bands in Britain.

Was in the McCain's Chips ad on British TV.

Was a race car driver for several years.

Greatest hit with "The Sunshine of Your Smile", which earned a silver disc.

In the AYBS episode 'The Pop Star' he was backed by the rest of the cast to sing "Chanson d'Amor".

Started singing career by singing for a church choir in the 1950's.



Oct. 16, 1964 Mike Berry and The Innocents (Royal Hall (Harrogate))

December 2005

Used with permission from Dec at

August 12, 2011-Futurist Theatre show Hit Parade Heroes

November 22, 2012-Wilde party with Marty Wilde

June 14, 2013-Tribute concert for sixties legend Geoff Goddard

April 11, 2015-The Swinging Sixties (Thameside Theatre)

June 6, 2019 The Solid Gold Rock N Rock Show-Marty Wilde Birthday




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    (1982-83) Dick Whittington at the Congress Theatre Eastbourne

    (Image used with permission from

    (1983-1984) Aladdin at the Hexagon Theatre Reading

    (Image used with permission from

    (1984-1985) Mother Goose at the Kings Theatre Southsea



"Stopping to pause and reflect awhile with
legendary UK rocker and former "Are You Being Served?" cast regular
Mike ("Tribute to Buddy Holly") Berry."

Photo taken at Melksham in the mid- to late-90s.


(Photographer: Greg Ogarrio; used with permission). Image courtesy of a past site


Eddie Cochran Chippenham Festival 2004 (Sylvia and Brian Hodgson, Sue and Mike Berry).

(Used with permission from Bobby Cochran)


9/9/06 (2006 Clovis Music Festival).

(Photographer: Alan Clarke; used with permission).


Jimmy Torres (String-A-Longs), Mike Berry & Sonny West - 9/9/06 (2006 Clovis Music Festival).

(Photographer: Alan Clarke; used with permission)


Stan Lark, Mike Berry, Alan Clark & George Tomsco - 9/7/06 (2006 Clovis Music Festival).

(Photographer: Alan Clarke; used with permission)


Mike with The Rolling Stones backstage 1964.

The same as picture 1, but Mike with his stage make-up on!

Mike with Wendy Richard- a promotional shot to promote their single "Come Outside".

Snapshot from "Pop Star" episode from "Are You Being Served?".

Mike Berry at a AYBS? reunion in a London hotel re-creating the "Pop Star" moment with the cast.

Mike at BBC Radio Kent being interviewed in 2005.

Cricket's bassist Joe B. Mauldin with Mike Berry (2004).

©Ronn Lynn Photos



(All images and songs on this page unless otherwise noted are used with kind permission from Ellen Holbrook. Thanks for taking the time to get these images for me! :-) ).