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Born on December 14, 1919 in Cottingham, England (UK).
Died on November 5, 1993 in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England (UK).

TV Appearances

(2008)The Rise and Fall of Gallifrey (Time Lord)

(1990-1994)"Waiting for God" (Basil Makepeace)

(1993)"Alleyn Mysteries"- Final Curtain (Barker)

All 3 images ©BBC

(1991)"The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes"- Shoscombe Old Place (Stephens)
(1990)"Ruth Rendell Mysteries"- Put on by Cunning (Philip Cory)

(1990)"Keeping Up Appearances"- Stately Home (His Lordship)

(1990)"All Creatures Great and Small"- Out with the New (Mr. Hart)

(1990)"One Foot in the Grave"- In Luton Airport No-One Can Hear You Scream (Mr. Drewitt)

Both images ©BBC

(1990)"The Upper Hand"- Welcome Home: Part 2 (Leo)
(1990)"The New Statesman"- Who Shot Alan B'Stard? (Sir William Horsey QC)
(1989)"First of the Summer Wine"- Compo Drops In (Customer)
(1987-1991)"The Bill"(George/Elderly Man/Old Man/Tramp)

(1987)The Fourth Protocol (Kim Philby)

Both images ©Fourth Protocol

(1986)"Just Good Friends"- The Witness (Man in the Street)

(1986)"Casualty"- Moonlight Becomes You... (Arthur Coombs)

(1985)Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe (Mr. Macey)
(1985)Summer Season-Radio Pictures (Edgar Brimble)
(1984)Don't Wait Up Ep 2.4 (Mr Davenport)
(1983)"Coronation Street" Ep 1.2333 (Norman Pearson)
(1982)The Gentle Touch-Black Fox, White Vixen (Judge)
(1982)"Terry and June"- The Cowering Inferno (Ernest)

(1979-1981)"To the Manor Born" (Old Ned)

Both images ©BBC

(1981)"Brideshead Revisited" (Hayter)
---Sebastian Against the World

Both images ©Granada Television

---Home and Abroad

---Et in Arcadia Ego
©Granada Television

(1981)"Private Schulz" Ep 1.3 (Hotel porter)
(1981)Bognor-Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Parts 1-6 (Andrews)
(1981)"Open All Hours"- The New Suit (Hypnotist)
(1978)"Angels"- Barriers (Mr Letts)
(1978)"Pennies from Heaven" (Dad)
---Easy Come, Easy Go
---The Sweetest Thing

(1978)The Thirty Nine Steps (Vicar)
© Norfolk International Pictures/The Rank Organisation

(1977)"The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin"- The Unusual Shop (Customer in Shop/Wine-buyer)

All 3 images ©BBC

(1966-1976)"Doctor Who" (Charles de Teligny/Time Lord/Collins)
(1963-1976)"Z Cars" (Assistant. Chief Constable Barrow/Doughty/Stiller/Tom/Gordon Brown/Sammy Hargreaves)
(1975)The Growing Pains of PC Penrose-Always a Spectator, Never a Player (Man in police station)
(1975)"Crown Court"- The Also Ran Part 1 (Sammy Benton)
(1974)Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt (Horace)
(1974)"Marked Personal" Eps 1.53+1.54 (Fred)
(1973)"Doctor in Charge"- Hello Sailor! (Surgeon Commander Gibson)
(1973)"Six Days of Justice"- Stranger in Paradise (Dr.Preston)
(1973)"Thirty Minutes Worth" Eps 1.8+3.2
(1973)Bowler-Come Round Any Old Time (Lord Lieutenant)
(1973)The Fenn Street Gang-An Englishman's Home (House Agent)
(1971)Fathers and Sons Ep 1.1 (Piotr)
(1971)"Doctor at Large"- Cynthia Darling (Mr. Skilton)
(1971)That's Your Funeral-Alas Poor Eric (Butler Baines)

(1971)Dear Mother...Love Albert-The Compulsive Gambler
©Yorkshire Television (YTV)

(1970)"Wicked Women"- Madeleine Jury (Clerk)

(1969)"Dad's Army"- Sons of the Sea (Mr. Maxwell)
Both images ©BBC

(1969)"The First Lady"- The Battle of Waterloo Street

(1969)"The Champions"- The Night People (Dan)

Both images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1968)"The Avengers"- Legacy of Death (Dr. Winter)
Both images ©ABC Weekend Television

(1968)"Pere Goriot"-Gilded Youth (Poiret)

(1967)"The Prisoner"- It's Your Funeral (M.C. Councillor)

Both images ©Everyman Films

(1967)"Boy Meets Girl"- Matters of Honour (Surgeon)

(1967)"The Saint"- To Kill a Saint (Bolande)

Both images ©Bamore

(1966)Press for Time (Councilor)

Both images ©The Rank Organisation

(1966)"The Three Musketeers" (Mr. Jackson)
---Walk to the Scaffold

(1966)Arabesque (Camera Shop Owner)
© Stanley Donen Films

(1965)Norman Wisdom:The Early Bird (Nervous Man)

Both images ©The Rank Organisation

(1965)Heiress of Garth (Jennings)
(1965)"The Mind of the Enemy"-The New Member (Truscott)
(1965)A Tale of Two Cities Ep 1.8 (Patriot)
(1964)Victoria Regina-Spring (Footman)
(1964)Count of Monte Cristo (Cocles)
(1964)"Martin Chuzzlewit" Eps 1.1+1.3 (Chevy Slyme)
(1963)Jane Eyre Ep 1.6 (Landlord)
(1963)"Dixon of Dock Green"- A Drop of the Real Stuff (Mr. Barsby)
(1962)Value for Money (Joe Wardle)

(1961)A Taste of Honey (Landlord)
©Woodfall Film Productions

(1960)"No Hiding Place"- Man's Best Friend
(1960)"International Detective"- The Stevenson Case (Evan Prosser)

(1955)"Quatermass II"- The Food (Ambulance Man/Plant Technician)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1952)Sing Along with Me

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(1978)"Pennies from Heaven"-The Sweetest Thing (Sang "You Couldn't Be Cuter")




TV Plays

(1984)Play for Today-Desert of Lies (Missionary Secretary)
(1978)"Wodehouse Playhouse"- The Smile That Wins (Butler)
(1978)"BBC Play of the Month"- Danton's Death (1st Gentleman)
(1975)"Play for Today"- Funny Farm (Sidney Charlton)
(1968)Theatre 625-The Pistol Shot (Stefan)
(1952)BBC Sunday-Night Theatre-Stop the Roundabout (Alfred Stokes)