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Born in 1946 in London, England (UK).
Spouse: Jan Wilson (divorced). Has 1 child.

TV Appearances

(2015)Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation (Senator #3)
(2012)Run for Your Wife
(1997)"Heartbeat"- Leaving Home (Clive Thompson)
(1997)Sharpe's Waterloo (Macduff)
(1996)"The Knock" (Alan Jackson)
(1996)Coronation Street (Stuart Boswell)
(1995)"The Bill" - Deeds of Mercy (Chief Inspector Winter)
(1993)"Casualty"- Kill or Cure (Tom Dinning)
(1993)"The Upper Hand"- A Model Grandmother (Bill)
(1992)"Tell Tale Hearts" (Mike McCann)
(1992)Screen One: Born Kicking (Security Guard)
(1992)Patriot Games (Constable)
(1991)"Specials" Eps 1.1-1.12 (Bob Loach)
(1991)"Bergerac"- Snow in Provence (Wilson)
(1990)Condition Purple
(1989)"The Bill" - Pick Up (D.C.I. Robinson)

(1988)"Only Fools and Horses"- Dates (Naval Officer)

(1988)"War and Remembrance"-Part 9 (Claude Gallfemi)
(1988)"Dramarama"-Big T for Trouble (Mr, Taylor)
(1988)"Hannay"- Act of Riot (Chief Inspector Crombie)
(1988)Normal Service
(1987)"Dear John"- Torquay (Alan)
(1987)"Vanity Fair"-Our Friend the Major (Major Loder)
(1986)"Just Good Friends"- The Wedding (Mike)
(1985)"Dramarama"-Private Eye (John Mackenzie)

(1985)"Taggart"- Murder in Season (John Samson)
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(1984)Juliet Bravo-Alibi (Detective Inspector Peter Bradshaw)
(1984)"Cold Warrior"-A Message from Trebizond (Richard Ellison)

(1984)"Doctor Who"-The Caves of Androzani Parts 1-4 (Chellak)

(1983)"Angels" Eps 9.22+9.24 (Charles Fosden)
(1983-1988)"Dramarama"-The Young Person's Guide to Getting Their Ball Back (Fat Cat Malcolm)
(1982)"The Gentle Touch"- Be Lucky Uncle (Rawlings)

(1980)"Take the High Road" (Alan McIntyre)

Both images © Scottish Television Enterprises

(1980)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"- That's Entertainment? (Highlander)
(1979)"The Omega Factor"- Visitations (Doctor)
(1979)Charles Endell, Esq-Slaughter on Piano Street (Frank Leishman)
(1975)Jonah and the Whale (Bilshan)
(1974)The Haggard Falcon (Hogg)
(1973-1976)"Sutherland's Law" (David Drummond)
(1973)The New Road-A Kistful of Muskets (Culcairn)
(1973)Adam Smith Ep 2.22 (John Mullen)
(1973)"The View from Daniel Pike"- Pig in the Middle (Prison Officer)
(1972)"The Long Chase" (Skipper)
(1967)The Revenue Men-The Golden Spider

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1981

Episode: "Sit Out"




Contact Info

40 Margaret Street,





(October 22, 2011)Signing and Q&A Session at the Barking Learing Library.







(1996)1946 Nuremburg War Crimes Trial, 1996 The Hague War Crimes Trials (Tricycle Theater)

TV Play

(1977)Play for Today-Charades (Torquil/Hector)