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Born in 1925 in London, England.
Known Name Variation: Maggie Flint.
Died in 1993 from a heart attack.

TV Appearances

(1991)"Birds of a Feather" - Baby, Come Back (Elderly Lady)
(1991)About Face-Sleeping Sickness (1st Cleaner)
(1989)The Return of Shelley-Wages of Virtue (Muriel)
(1989)"Woof!" (Gran)
(1987)A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery-Strong Poison: Episode Two (Ella Rumm)
(1987)Relative Strangers Ep 2.3 (Mrs Prest)
(1986)Kit Curran-One Door Closes (2nd Bingo Woman)
(1986)Constant Hot Water-Full House (Miss Cindy)
(1985)In Sickness and in Health Ep 1.3 (The Home Help)
(1985-1992)"The Bill" (Cleaner)
(1984)Scandalous (Landlady)
(1982)The Kenny Everett Television Show Ep 1.5 (Various)

(1982)"Minder"- Another Bride, Another Groom (1st Middle Aged Lady)
©Euston Films

(1982)Funny Money (Maid)
(1980)"Coronation Street" Ep 1.2005 (Mrs. Bannister)

(1979)"Bless Me Father"- Fatal Lady (Mrs. Carlin)

Both images ©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1979)Turtle's Progress Ep 1.2 (Nellie)
(1978)"Enemy at the Door"- Officers of the Law (Stallholder)
(1978)One-Upmanship-Up Country
(1978)"Somebody's Daughter"-Proof Positive (Mrs. Grant)
(1977)Holding On Eps 1.1-1.4 (Maggie Harris)
(1977)"Doctor on the Go"- California Girl (Sister)
(1976)The Liver Birds
(1975)"Angels"-Weekend (Elsie Clegg)

(1975)"Porridge"- Heartbreak Hotel (Mrs. Godber)
Both images ©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1975)The Growing Pains of PC Penrose-For the Love of Billy (Olive)
(1975)The Two Ronnies Ep 4.1
(1974)South Riding(Mrs Holly)
(1974)Badger's Set (Mrs Robash)
(1974)"Shoulder to Shoulder"-Sylvia Parkhurst (Mrs. Savoy)
(1974)Marked Personal Eps 1.31-1.32 (Mrs Waite)
(1974)"Zodiac"- Death of a Crab (Maid)
(1973)A Pin to See the Peepshow Eps 1.1-1.3 (Mildred Beale)
(1973) The Lovers! (Bookstore Manageress)
(1972)"Follyfoot"- The Debt (Mrs. Widgeon)
(1972)"Steptoe and Son"- Oh What a Beautiful Mourning
(1969)"Hadleigh"-M.Y.O.B. (Mrs G/Housekeeper)
(1968)The Charge of the Light Brigade
(1967)Sorry I'm Single-The Polka Dot Matching Set (Olive)
(1967)Love Story-A Merry Chinese Christmas (Mary)
(1966)The Marked One(Mrs Green)
(1966)"Quick Before They Catch Us"- Power of Three Part 1 (Landlady)
(1965)Barney Is My Darling-Home is the Sailor
(1965-1973)"Z Cars" (Mrs. Ainsworth/Mrs Townley/Mrs Banks)
(1965)"Steptoe and Son"- And Afterwards At...
(1965)"No Hiding Place"- A Place in the Sun (Woman)
(1964)"Frankie Howerd" Ep 1.2
(1964)"Crossroads" (Mrs. Porter)

(1963)The Scales of Justice-The Undesirable Neighbor (Miss Ford)
©Merton Park Studios

(1963)Silent Playground (Mrs Fairgrove)
(1963)The Marked One (Mrs Green)
(1961)Citizen James
(1960)The Cheaters-The Fine Print (Neighbor)
(1960)Danger Tomorrow (Florist)
(1960)"No Hiding Place"- Six Eyes on a Stranger (Mrs. Egham)
(1960)"The Cheaters"- The Fine Print (Neighbor)
(1959) "Hancock's Half Hour"- The Set That Failed (Mum)
(1958-1963)"Dixon of Dock Green" (Mrs. Hagerty/Mrs Rowe/Mrs Pym/Waitress)
(1958)Whack-O! Ep 3.5 (Assistant Mistress)
(1956) "Hancock's Half Hour"- The First TV Show (Wife)
(1956)Women Without Men/Blonde Bait (Hennessey)
(1955)"Sixpenny Corner" Ep 1.62 (Mrs. Walker)

(1955)"Quatermass II"- The Food (Waitress)

©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1973

Episode: "His and Hers"




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TV Plays

(1974)Centre Play-Initiation (Doreen)
(1973)"Play for Today"- Man Above Men (Mrs. Andrews)
(1971)"Play for Today"- Thank You Very Much (Member of Public)
(1967)ITV Play of the Week-ITV Summer Playhouse #1: The Sleeping Partner (Mrs Lloyd)
(1965)"The Wednesday Play" - Up the Junction (Woman, in the washhouse)
(1964)ITV Play of the Week-I Can Walk Where I LIke Can't I? (Mary's Mum)
(1956)BBC Sunday Night Theatre: The Cold Light (Barmaid)