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TV Appearances

(2015)The Last Witch Hunter (Grosette)
(2015)Pretty Little Liars-Bloody Hell (Professor Abney)
(2011)Boardwalk Empire-Battle of the Century (Bill Neilan)
(2003)"Angel" (Rutherford Sirk)

(2001)"Alias"- Time Will Tell (Professor Hoyt)
©Bad Robot/Touchstone Television

(2001)Ticker (Vershbow)
(2001)"Starhunter" - Dark and Stormy Night (Novak)
(2000)"Starhunter" - The Man Who Sold the World (Novak)
(2000)Sabotage! (English officer)
(2000)"Harbour Lights" - The Safe Side (MOnteith)
(1999)Buddy Boy (Brian)
(1998)Postmortem (Detective Inspector Balantine)
(1998)"The Aqua Girls" (Boyd Hall)
(1998)Sorcerers (Master of Arms)
(1997)"Highlander" - Patient Number 7 (Milos Vladic)
(1997)Heavy Gear (Vigilance captain)
(1997)Mean Guns (Marcus)
(1996)Frequent Flyer (Parking attendant)
(1995)Nemesis 2: Nebula (Voice of Narrator/Nebula)
(1994)Royce (Oken)
(1993)Monolith (Tired Cop)
(1993)Perry Mason: The Case of the Skin-Deep Scandal (Motor garage owner)
(1992)"Dark Justice" - Instant Replay
(1992)"Matlock"-The Picture Parts 1+2 (Charles Beckman)
(1991)Dollman (Cally)
(1990)Treasure Island (Israel Hands)
(1989)"Father Dowling Mysteries" - The Face in the Mirror Mystery (Rawling)
(1988)"Matlock"-The Magician (Arthur Wolff)
(1988)Under the Gun (Frank)
(1988)"Rockliffe's Babies" - Black Arrow (Vaughn)
(1986)"Simon & Simon" - Mrs. Simon & Mrs. Simon (Leeds)
(1986)"Scarecrow and Mrs. King"-It's In the Water (Franklin Miller)

(1986)"Magnum, P.I."- Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Justin Chesum)

Both images © Belisarius Productions

(1985)"Misfits of Science"- Sort of Looking for Gina (Buchner)
(1985)"Moonlighting" - The Murder's in the Mail (The Blond Man)
(1985)"Trapper John, M.D." - Love Thy Neighbor (Riley Mitchell)

(1984)"Scarecrow and Mrs. King"-Filming Raul (Levic)
©Warner Bros. Television

(1984)"Call to Glory"- Medals All of Brass (Jay)
---HX-1 (Dunkirk)
---Echos from the Past (Patrick MacGregor Moore)
(1984)"Santa Barbara" (Willard Holmby)
(1984)"Masquerade" - The French Connection
(1984)"The Jeffersons" - Real Men Don't Dry Clean (Ben Carter)
(1983)"The Dukes of Hazzard" - Targets: Daisy and Lulu (Mick)
(1983)"Hart to Hart" - Hostage Harts (Tommy McQuater)
(1983)"The A-Team" - Diamonds 'n Dust (Alan Scheckter)
(1983)"Matt Houston" - Fear for Tomorrow (Eric Brant)

(1983)"St. Elsewhere" - The Count (Harold Beaumont)

Both images ©MTM Productions; National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

(1983)Bring 'Em Back Alive-A Switch in Time
(1982)"The Quest" - Last One There Is a Rotten Heir (Terry)
(1982)"Father Murphy" - Stopover in a One-Horse Town (Duke)
(1982)"The Greatest American Hero" - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Collins)
(1980)A Tale of Two Cities (Jacques One)
(1979)"Blakes 7" - Gambit (Zee)

(1978)"Blakes 7" - The Way Back (Tel Varon)

(1978)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"- The Stars Look Down (Chuck)

(1978)"Space: 1999" - The Dorcons (1st Dorcon Soldier)
©ITV Studios Global Entertainment

(1978)Blake's 7:The Beginning (Tel Varon)
(1977)"Secret Army"- Growing Up (Wireless Operator)
(1977)"Z Cars" - Rip Off (Tough Brother)
(1977)Stand Up, Virgin Soldiers (MP)
(1977)"Wings"- Welcome Home (Ted Allsop)
(1976)"Victorian Scandals"- A Pitcher of Snakes (Alfred Tennyson)
(1976)"Warship"- Divert with Despatch (Belton)
(1976)A Pitcher of Snakes

(1975)"Fawlty Towers"- The Builders (Jones)

Both images ©BBC

(1975)Churchill's People-The Agreement of the People (1st Corporal)
(1975)"The Hanged Man"- Grail and Platter (Gert Hauser)

Images in this section used with permission from:
anonymous contributers[TV]%20'Fawlty%20Towers%201.2%20The%20Builders'%20(1975).htm


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AYBS Timeframe: 1978

Episodes: "Happy Returns"




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Video Game

(2015)The Order:1886 (Lord Darwin's voice)


TV Play

(1977)Play for Today-Come the Revolution (Welsh Miner)