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Born on June 17, 1947 in Barking, Essex, England (UK).
Married Robert McBain in 1979.


TV Appearances

(1997)"The Bill"-Performance Anxiety (Boutique Manageress)
(1994)Conjugal Rites-Happy Returns? (Pam)
(1993)"The Bill"-Cause for Concern (Mrs. Hammond)
(1991)"Never the Twain"- Viva Espana (Air Stewardess)
(1988)Indiscreet (Margaret)
(1988)Hale and Pace Ep 1.1
(1987)"Boon" - Fiddler Under the Roof (Andrea Turnover)
(1987)"C.A.T.S. Eyes" - A Naval Affair
(1986)"Sorry!"- Bells for Uncle Barstable (Miss Clanger)
(1984)Lift Off
(1983)Potter Ep 3.6 (Myra)
(1982)"The Professionals" - Operation Susie (Jane)
(1981)"The Life and Times of David Lloyd George"- He Is Wise, and Merciful (Susan)
(1979)Hazell-Hazell Gets the Bird (W. Detective Inspector Palmer)
(1977)"Doctor on the Go"- A Turn for the Nurse (Nurse Edwards)
(1976)"Rutland Weekend Television"- Rutland Weekend Is Innocent (Extra)
(1976)"Space: 1999" - One Moment of Humanity (Vegan)
(1976)Out of the Trees
(1975)"Bod" (Voice of Narrator)
(1974)No Honestly-Having Them Back (Melissa Radstock)
(1973)"Ragtime" (Presenter)
(1972)"Love Story" - Alice (Margo)
(1971)The Fenn Street Gang-Leave It to Me, Darling (Girl Announcer)
(1971)"Doctor at Large"- Pull the Other One! (Rosemary Hobbs)




AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1985

Episode: "Grounds for Divorce"


Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites

Contact Info

PO Box 59908
London, SW16 5QH



TV Play

(1978)"Wodehouse Playhouse"- Big Business (Amanda Biffen)
(1972)ITV Saturday Night Theatre-Ben Spray (Girl #2)