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Born on March 20, 1911 in Poland.
Brother: Manès Sperber who was a writer.
Died on December 22, 1992 in London, England.


TV Appearances

(1990)"Agatha Christie's Poirot" - The Kidnapped Prime Minister (Mr. Fingler)
Both images ©Carnival Films; London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1988)"The Bill"- The Silent Gun (Lublin)
(1988)Maigret (Durbin)
(1987)Don't Wait Up Ep 4.1 (Mr Zimmerman)
(1981)The History Man (Dr. Zachery)
(1980)Jackanory Playhouse-The Silver Fish (Grotius)
(1978)"The Woman in White" Eps 1.1+1.5 (Pesca)

(1978)The Stud (Kamara)
©Artoc Films

(1978)Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
(1977)"Anna Karenina" (Kassel)

(1977)The Spy Who Loved Me (Prof. Markovitz)
Both images ©Danjaq

(1977)Providence (Mr. Jenner)
© Action Films/France 3 (FR 3)/Société Française de Production (SFP)

(1976)Voyage of the Damned (Rabbi)

Both images ©ITC Entertainment;

(1976)"Gangsters" - Incident Two (Tailor)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1976)"Hadleigh"- Bloodline (Herr Wesser)
(1975)Zwei Finger einer Hand
(1971)"Paul Temple" - The Man Who Forged Real Money (Giorgi)
(1969)"Hadleigh"- Some You Win Some You Lose (Gregori)

(1967)Billion Dollar Brain (Basil)
© Lowndes Productions Limited/Jovera

(1965)Operation Crossbow (German Hotel Porter)

Both images © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer British Studios

(1964)The Sleeper (Doctor)

(1963)The Victors (Concentration Camp Prisoner)
© Columbia Pictures Corporation/Highroad Productions/Open Road Films (II)

(1962)In Search of the Castaways (Crooked Sailor)
© Walt Disney Productions

(1960)Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons (Librarian)
© Anglo Allied

(1960)"Man from Interpol" - The Case of Mike Krello (The Doctor)
(1956)The Adventures of Aggie-Tall Pigeon (Admiral Gorgonzola)
(1956)Foreign Intrigue (Sergeant Baum)
(1951)The Passing Show-1930-1939: The Days Before Yesterday
(1950)The Cruise of the Toytown Belle (Dennis the Dachshund)
(1949)Golden Arrow/The Gay Adventure (Black Marketeer)
(1948)The Silk Noose (Taschlik)
(1944)Mr. Emmanuel (Student)

(1942)Thunder Rock

©Charter Film Productions

Images in this section used with permission from:
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AYBS Stats

AYBS timeframe: 1981


"Sit Out"
"Front Page Story"
"A Personal Problem"
"Is It Catching"?


First job choice was a lawyer.

Performed with the Oxford Pilgrim Players.

Produced anti-Nazi propaganda for the BBC.

Teacher at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Scriptwriter for German-language service at the BBC.


Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites


(1974)The Heatwave Lasted Four Days





(1984)The Clandestine Marriage at the Albany Theatre. Last play he did.

TV Plays

(1974)"BBC2 Playhouse" - The Joke (Dov Ben Sev)
(1966)"The Wednesday Play"- A Man on Her Back (Otto Adrian)
(1960)ITV Television Playhouse-The English Captain (Rappaciolio)
(1952)BBC Sunday-Night Theatre-The Merry Wives of Windsor (Doctor Caius)
(1951)BBC Sunday-Night Theatre-The The Magistrate (Isidore)