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Born in 1935 in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England (UK).
Known Name Variation: Michael Stanton.



TV Appearances

(2002)Harold Shipman: Doctor Death(John Shaw)
(1998-1999)"The Bill" (Judge/Landlord/Civilian/Snooker Hall Manager)
(1997)"Dalziel and Pascoe"- Ruling Passion (Edgar Sturgeon)
(1997)"Backup"- Touched (Mountford)
(1996)The Bill:Target (Judge)

(1995)Prime Suspect 4: Inner Circles (George)
©Granada Television

(1994)"Pie in the Sky"- The Best of Both Worlds (Chef 2)

(1993)True Crimes-Casanova Conman (Desmond)
(1992)"Birds of a Feather"- The Chigwell Connection (Audience Member)
(1992)London's Burning Ep 5.6 (D.O. Roberts)
(1991)Screen Two-Fellow Traveller (Police Sergeant)
(1990)"Never the Twain"- A Car by Any Other Name (Police Sergeant)

(1990)Jekyll & Hyde (Duty Sergeant)
© David Wickes TV/London Weekend Television (LWT)/King Phoenix Entertainment

(1989)"French Fields"- A Moving Experience (Van Driver)
(1989)"The Manageress"- One of Us (Mr. Hilditch)
(1989)"Sob Sisters"- Close to the Edge (Bus driver)
(1989)Singles-Family Likeness (Ted)
(1989)"Minder"- It's a Sorry Lorry Morrie (Park Keeper)
(1989)Fellow Traveller (Police Sergeant)
(1988)Bust-Round-Up (Receiver)
(1988)"Rockliffe's Babies" - A Very Diplomatic Incident (Detective Sergeant. Paul)
(1987-1988)"You Must Be the Husband" (Don)
(1987)"Ruth Rendell Mysteries"- Wolf to the Slaughter Parts 1+4 (Sgt. Camb)
(1987)The Diary of Anne Frank Ep 1.4 (Gestapo Man)
(1986)Ever Decreasing Circles-The Campaign (P.C.)
(1986)"Hot Metal"(Kuznetsky)
--- The Respectable Prostitute
--- The Slaughter of the Innocent
(1986)"Roll Over Beethoven" Ep 2.7 (Commissionaire)
(1985)John Lennon:A Journey in the Life (George)
(1985)Up the Elephant and Round the Castle-The Oied Piper of Hamlet (Joe Jenkins)
(1985)"Terry and June"- New Doors for Old (Taylor)
(1985)Charters & Caldicott (Sergeant Tipper)
---Play Up, Play Up
---Northern Lights
---Petunia Day
(1984)"'Allo 'Allo!"- The Funeral (German Sergeant)

(1983)"Only Fools and Horses"- Friday the 14th (Police Sergeant)
Both images Both images ©BBC

(1983)The Kenny Everett Television Show Ep 2.7 (Various)
(1982)"Terry and June"- Eyeball, Eyeball (Abbot)
(1980-1983)"Metal Mickey" (Father)

(1981)"Brideshead Revisited"-The Bleak Light of Day (Police Sergeant)
Both images Both images ©Granada Television

(1981)Partners-Fair Shares (Policeman)
(1980-1981)"Shelley" (2nd Railway Steward/Cafe Proprietor/Chauffeur)
(1980)"Juliet Bravo"- Relief (Sergeant Walters)
(1980)Grundy-We Can't Go on Meeting Like This (Postman)
(1980)Time of My Life Ep 1.3+1.4 (Landlord)
(1980)Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (Mr. Askew)
(1980)Bernie Ep 2.2
(1979)The Glums (Ted the Landlord)
(1979)Citizen Smith-The Glorious Day (Sergeant)
(1979)"Ripping Yarns"- Roger of the Raj (The Gamekeeper)
(1979-1982)Kelly Monteith
(1979)Mike Yarwood in Persons Ep 3.2
(1979)Lovely Couple-Wedding Bells (Shop Manager)
(1979)Me You and Him (Police Driver)
(1978)Rings on Their Fingers-The KNot (Taxi Driver)
(1978)"Mind Your Language"- Queen for a Day (Police Superintendent)
©Tri Films/ London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1978)"Going Straight"- Going to Be Alright (Painter & decorator)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1978)"Grange Hill" Ep 12.9 (Reg)

(1978)"All Creatures Great and Small"- It Takes All Kinds (Dixon)

Both images ©BBC

(1977)"Ripping Yarns"- The Curse of the Claw (Ship's Stoker)
Both images ©BBC

(1977)The Upchat Line-The One That Got Away (Police Sergeant)

(1977)"Dad's Army"- Wake-Up Walmington (Frenchy)

(1977)"Just William"
--- Only Just in Time (Policeman)
--- The Outlaws and the Tramp (P.C. Wilson)
(1977)"A Roof Over My Head" (Bert)
(1977)Lord Tramp Ep 1.5 (Police Sergeant)
(1977)Mr. Big-The Squatters (Policeman)
(1977)Just William (P.C. Wilson)
-Only Just in Time
-The Outlaws and the Tramp
(1977)"Doctor on the Go"- I Love Paris... When I Get There (Man In Car)
(1977)Yes, Honestly-Come in Lily Browne, Your Time Is Up (Speed cop)
(1976)Lucky Feller-A Night on the Moors (Farmer)
(1976)The Dick Emery Show Eps 14.1+14.3
(1976)"Warship"- Hollow Man (Kendall)
(1975)"Doctor on the Go"- Keep Your Nose Clean (Bodyguard)
(1975)"The Legend of Robin Hood"-Part 6 (Woodcutter)
(1975)Beryl's Lot-Home Again (Traffic Warden)
(1975)The Rough and the Smooth Ep 1.2
(1975)"Thriller"- The Double Kill (Brent)

(1975)"Rising Damp"- The Prowler (Policeman)
© Yorkshire Television (YTV)

(1974)"Bootsie and Snudge"- Two in a Million (1st Landlord)
(1974)"The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs" (Buxton)
(1974)Moody and Pegg-He:The Lover (Taxi Driver)

(1974)Carry on Dick (Footpad)

©The Rank Organisation

(1974)"Dial M for Murder"- Dead Connection (Taxi Driver)
(1974)Justice-It's Always a Gamble
(1974)"The Nine Tailors" Ep 1.1 (Sergeant)
(1973)Bowler-The Ides of March (Warder)

(1973)"Thriller"- The Colour of Blood (Policeman)
© Incorporated Television Company (ITC)/Associated Television (ATV)

(1973)"The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes"- The Missing Q.C.s (Brander)
(1973)"Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?" ( Policeman)
--- Boys Night In
--- Storm in a Tea Chest
(1973)"Last of the Summer Wine"- Of Funerals and Fish (Vicar)
(1972)"The Adventures of Black Beauty"- The Recruiting Sergeant (Police Constable)
(1972)New Scotland Yard-Papa Charlie (Station Officer)
(1972)"The Liver Birds"- St. Valentine's Day (Manager)
(1972)"The Befrienders"- Dense Forest, Hungry Wolves (Barker)
(1971)"All Gas and Gaiters"- The Bishop Loses His Chaplain (Television engineer)
(1971)"The Two Ronnies"Ep 1.7
(1971)"Budgie"- Some Mother's Sons (Policeman)

(1970)Steptoe and Son-Men of Property (The Cigar Waiter)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

---Robbery with Violence
(1969)"Softly Softly"- Right to Search (Dave Lomax)
(1968)Beryl Reid Says Good Evening Ep 1.3+1.5
(1966)Sergeant Cork-The Case of Albert Watson, V.C. (2nd Bystander)
(1965)Knock on Any Door-Dream of the Summer Night (Police Sergeant)
(1964-1974)"Z Cars" (Ayre/Garage Owner/Security Guard)

(1964)"Steptoe and Son"- Sunday for Seven Days (Cinemagoer)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

---Killer Lie Waiting
---Project Survival (Reporter)
---Last Race, Ginger Gentleman (A Man)
(1963)"Mr. Justice Duncannon"- Brief to Counsel (Mr. Clarke)
(1962)Hugh and I Ep 1.2
(1962)"The Six Proud Walkers"- The Eighth Commandment (Airport clerk)
(1962)Benny Hill-Portrait of a Bridegroom (Rival)
(1962)"Crying Down the Lane" (Detective Con. Charles)
(1961)A Chance of Thunder Ep 1.1 (PC Stainton)
(1961)Citizen James
(1960)Rocket in the Dunes (Sergeant)
(1959)"Dixon of Dock Green" -The Whizz Gang
(1959)The Army Game
---Tiger Bisley (Dental Sergeant)
---When the Poppies Bloom Again (Sergeant Barnes)
(1959)Love and Mr Lewisham-Part 4
(1958)"Dixon of Dock Green" -The Key of the Nick (PC Cox)
(1958)Whack-O! Eps 3.1+3.5 (Mr. G. Perkins)
(1957)"The Silver Sword"- Escape from Prison
(1958-1976)"Dixon of Dock Green" (Bert/Harry/Len Regan/Ward/Mr. Farmer/Assistant Gaoler)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1976

Episode: "Oh What a Tangled Web"




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TV Plays

(1977)"Play for Today"- Nipper (Tom)
(1972)"Comedy Playhouse"- Born Every Minute (Chauffeur)
(1971)"Play for Today"- Skin Deep (Personnel Manager)
(1966)"The Wednesday Play"- A Walk in the Sea (Policeman)

(1964)"The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre"- Who Was Maddox?
©Merton Park Studios

(1963)"Comedy Playhouse"- And Here, All the Way From...
(1962)BBC Sunday Night Play-Dackson's Wharf (Sergeant Prescott)
(1955)BBC Sunday Night Theatre: The Merchant of Venice (Gaoler)