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Born on July 21, 1922 in Keighley, West Riding, Yorkshire, England (UK).
Birth Name: Mary Isobel Sugden
Height: 5' 3"
Spouse: William Moore (March 29, 1958-April 24, 2000).
Has 2 children Robin and Simon (twins) and five grandchildren (2 of them named James and Emily).
Died July 1, 2009 in Guildford, Surrey, England (UK).

TV Appearances

(2010)The Unforgettable Mollie Sugden
(2010)The Story of 'Are You Being Served?'
(2009)Stars on the Street (Nellie Harvey)
(2009)Mollie Sugden: A Tribute
(2008)50 Greatest Comedy Catchphrases
(2007)A Tribute to John Inman
(2007)"Comedy Connections" - Bread (Mrs. Thelma Hutchinson)
(2005)The Funny Blokes of British Comedy
(2004)"Richard & Judy" July 21st episode
(2004)"Britain's Best Sitcom"
(2004)The Funny Ladies of British Comedy
(2004) "That's Your Lot "

(2003) "Little Britain" - Most People in a Mini

(2003)"Stars Reunited" - That's Life
(2003)"Comedy Connections" - Are You Being Served?
(2003)"The Bill"-134 (Lally)
(2002)"Top Ten"-Camp Icons
(2002)Another Audience with Ken Dodd (Audience Member)
(2001)"Revolver" (Mother)
(2001)Wendy Richard: A Life on the Box

(1999)"Funny Turns" - John Inman

(1999)Coronation Street: Through the Keyhole (Nellie Harvey)
(1999)What a Performance!-The Battleaxe
(1999) "This Is Your Life" -Bill Pertwee
(1998) "This Is Your Life" - Trevor Bannister
(1997)"Funny Women"/"Funny Ladies of British Comedy"-Mollie Sugden (PBS special)
(1996)Dennis the Menace-Special Agent Dennis (Voice of Vilhemina Slop Bucket)
(1996)Romuald the Reindeer (Voice)
(1995)"Just William" - Boys Will Be Boys (Great Aunt Florence)
(1995) "This Is Your Life" -David Croft

(1995)"Oliver's Travels" (Mrs. Robson)
Both images ©BBC

(1994)The Princess and the Goblin (Voice of Looti, the Princess's Nanny)
(1994)An Audience with Ken Dodd
(1993)Schofield's Christmas TV Gold

(1991) "Cluedo"(Mrs. White)
©Action Time

(1990)The Talking Parcel
(1989)The BFG (Voice of Mary)
(1988)Tickle on the Tum (Bessie Bagwash)
---Bull in the Laundry Shop
---Ban Barney Bodger
---I've Always Wanted to Be on TV

(1987-1988)"My Husband and I" (Nora Powers)

©Yorkshire Television

(An episode guide)
Yorkshire Television

>Mollie Sugden as Nora Powers
>William Moore as George Powers
>Deddie Davis as Miss Bamba
>Carol Hawkins as Tracy
>John Horsely as Mr. Munday
>Isabelle Lucas as Pearl

001. Wait Till I Get You Home
     Mrs. Nora Powers struggles her husband George's desire
     to go back to work after his retirement, particularly 
     when he opts to become the commissionaire for the 
     company when she works as the head of personell.

002. The Poor Man at His Gate
     Nora still has trouble accepting George's lowly position, 
     so she decides she must resign herself.

003. A Woman Obsessed
     Nora suffers pangs of jealousy after an attractive cost 
     accountant mistakenly embraces George.

004. A Matter of Discipline
     Nora's crackdown on tardiness and absenteeism backfires 
     when she needs volunteers to work overtime on an important 

005. Nobody Wants November
     Everyone's vacation plans keep shifting and Nora 
     impulsively asks Bambi to come to Majorca with her and 

006. First Impressions
     Nora campaigns to get George's job back for him when the 
     chairman of the board fires him.

007. I Got It From the Tea Lady
     Nora gets very upset when everyone seems to know before 
     she does that Mr. Munday is retiring from Asheville 

(Episode list originally transcribed in 1997 by Donna R. Lemaster). Used with permission from John at epguides.


(1987)Jane Austin
(1986)That's Life (Co-Presenter)
---July 6th episode
---May 11th episode
---Feb 23rd episode
(1984) "Tickle on the Tum" (Bessie Bagwash)
(1981-1986)"That's My Boy" (Ida Willis) Review
(1981)Give Us a Clue Dec 31st episode
(1981)Looks Familiar Jan 20th episode

(1979)The Liver Birds
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1979)Galton and Speight's Tea Ladies
(1978)The Talking Parcel (Voice of Hortense, the Flying Train)

(1977-1978)"Come Back Mrs. Noah" (Mrs. Gertrude Noah) Review
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

An episode guide for
by Donna R. Lemaster

1977, 1978
6 episodes
30 minutes
Created and written by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd

>Molly Sugden as Mrs. Gertrude Noah
>Ian Lavender as Clive Cunliffe
>Donald Hewlett as Carstairs
>Michael Knowles as Garfield Hawk
>Ann Michelle as Scarth Dare
>Joe Black as Garstang
>Gordon Kaye as the television announcer
>Jennifer Lonsdale a the ground technician
___ 001. Come Back, Mrs. Noah

         >Robert Gillespie

         In the year 2050, Mrs. Gertrude Noah has won a prize for being an
         exemplary housewife. Part of her reward is a tour of the 'Britannia
         Seven', Britain's newest space station and waiting its formal launch.
         But things go a bit awry and the station is prematurely launched into
         orbit, with just Mrs. Noah, a tv journalist, two space agency
         officials and the ships's light bulb changer aboard.

___ 002. In Orbit

         >Norman Mitchell, Diane King, Raymond Bowers, Jennifer Guy

         Mrs. Noah and her companions try to get used to life in space as
         ground control tries to bring them back home.

___ 003. To the Rescue

         >Raymond Bowers

         Britain's space shuttle is launched to rescue the castaways, but
         first they must devise a way to seal the airlock so the shuttle can

___ 004. Who Goes Home?

         >Harold Bennett

         The shuttle's ballast tanks are damaged, making it necessary to leave
         someone behind on the return trip.

___ 005. The Housing Problem

         >Christopher Mitchell, Vicki Michelle, Jean Gilpin

         Mrs. Noah decides everyone should settle down in the crew's quarters
         since it looks like rescue is now a long way off.

___ 006. The Last Chance

         Ground control comes up with a plan to bring the Britannia Seven
         closer to Earth, slow it down and individually eject each of its

(Episode list originally transcribed in 1997 by Donna R. Lemaster). Used with permission from John at epguides.


(1976)Coronation Street
©Granada Television


(1976)Seaside Special (The Ken Dodd Centenary Show)

June 19, 1976
Location: Gerry Cottles Circus in Blackpool
Guests - Wendy Richard, Mollie Sugden, Frank Thornton, John Inman

(1975)Three Comedies of Marriage-Bobby Bluesocks (Mother)
(1975)"This Is Your Life" - Mollie Sugden
(1974)Holiday with Strings-Tossa del Mar (Doris/Check-In Girl) with Patrcia Hayes (Benny Hill fame)
(1974)Love Thy Neighbor Ep 4.5 (Sister Martin)
(1973)Billy Liar-Billy and the Party Spirit (Mrs Bottomley)
(1973) "That's Life" (Co-Presenter)
(1973)"The Son of the Bride" (Terry Scott's Mum)
(1972)The Fenn Street Gang-The Lady with the Lamp (Mrs Greer)

(1972)"Emma" Eps 1.1+1.5 (Mrs. Goddard)

All 5 images ©BBC

(1972)"Doctor in Charge"(Duncan's Mum/Mrs. Waring)
---Mum's the Word
©London Weekend Television (LWT)
---Honey Lamb
---The Devil You Know
©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1972)Six Days of Justice-A Private Nuisance (Mrs Dunne)
(1972)"Mandog" (Mrs. Morris)
(1972)"My Wife Next Door"-Total Separation (John Alderton's/George's Mother)
(1972)A Class by Himself-Guess Who's Coming to Lunch? (Lesley Charles)

(1972)Steptoe and Son-Oh What A Beautiful Mourning (Aunt Minnie)

All 3 images © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1971)Please Sir!-What's a Class Between Friends? (Alice Larch)

All 3 images ©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1971)For the Love of Ada (Nellie Pollitt)
---The Christening

(Mollie's husband plays a policeman in this show!)

(Mollie with a familiar face who also appeared in the show as a drunk man (Mr Mash/Larry Martyn from AYBS!))

All 6 images ©Thames Television

---The Journey
(1971)"Coronation Street"- Episode 1.1101 (Nellie Harvey)
(1971)"Doctor at Large" (Mrs. Mollett)
---- Devon Is Lovely at This Time of Year
---- It's All in the Mind

(1970)"The Goodies" - Playgirl Club/Caught in the Act (Minister for Trade and Domestic Affairs)
All 3 images ©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1970)"The Six Wives of Henry VIII"-Anne of Cleves (Lotte)
Both images ©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1970)Oh Brother!-The Fullness of His Days

(1969)"Up Pompeii" - The Love Potion (Flavia)

Both images ©Anglo-EMI

(1969)Oh Brother!-Thine House in Order
(1969-1996)"The Liver Birds" (Mrs. Thelma Hutchinson)
(1968)"Jackanory" (Storyteller)
- The Unwelcome Guests: Welcome at Last
- The Unwelcome Guests: Lost and Found
- The Unwelcome Guests: The Golden Coin
- The Unwelcome Guests: The Beachcombers
- The Unwelcome Guests: The House on It's Own
(1967)"Z Cars" - Calling the Tune Parts 1+2 (Vera)
(1965-1974)Coronation Street (Nellie Harvey) Article 1

(1965)"Steptoe and Son"-And Afterwards at... (Minnie)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1964-1968)"Just Jimmy" (Jimmy Clitheroe's Mum)(See video here)
(1964)A Christmas Night with the Stars Dec 25th episode (Mrs Crispin)
(1964)First Night-Maggie (Mrs Phillips)
(1962-1966) "Hugh and I" (Mrs. Crispin)
(1962) "Benny Hill"- The Time Bicycle (Female Tenant)
(1962)"Suspense" - Killer in the Band (Belle)


Images in this section used with permission from:

(Dead site)

anonymous contributers






AYBS Stats

Full name as revealed on "50 Years On"-Mary Elizabeth Jennifer Rachel Yiddell Abergavenny Slocombe

AYBS Timeframe : 1972-1985

Famous Quote: "I am unanimous in that."

Sang in "The Clock" and "Camping In".


(1992)The Best of 'Are You Being Served?' (Mrs. Betty Slocombe)
(1977)Are You Being Served? The Movie (Mrs. Betty Slocombe)




TV Times
February 1985
Article: "That's My Boy" (10-11)

(Picture courtesy of "TV Times"; used with permission from "TV Times") .

Mollie Sugden Memories (Keighley Library)



Daily Mirror March 14, 1974

Daily Mirror March 5, 1976

Daily Mirror April 8, 1976

Daily Mirror April 1, 1977

Sunday Express August 20, 1978

Daily Mirror May 30, 1978

Sunday Express May 18, 1980

Sunday Express April 20, 1988

The Stage April 18, 1991

Daily Express December 5, 1992

Daily Express April 26, 1995

The Express January 3, 1998

Daily Express October 24, 2001

Daily Express July 17, 2004

The Telegraph July 1, 2009

The Telegraph July 1, 2009 #2

Daily Express July 2, 2009

Daily Mirror July 2, 2009

Express July 2, 2009

The Sun July 2, 2009

The Independent July 2, 2009

The Stage July 2, 2009

The Sun July 3, 2009



Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites


Once Upon A Christmas by Esther Rantzen; Foreword by Diana - Princess Of Wales

ISBN: 0718141415
ISBN-13: 9780718141417


under "Mollie Sugden"


1964 "Just Jimmy"




AYBS based

Best known for having a variety of hair colors with many different colors over the seasons.

Famous Quotes:

"Weak as water!"
"I am unanimous in that"

Real Life Based

Attended the Guildhall school of music and drama (London).

In "Hugh and I" Wendy Richard co-stars with her.

During the war she worked in a munitions factory making shells for the Royal Navy.

Met her husband William Moore when she did a repertory at the Swansea Grand Theater in 1956.

Seen in an Australian commercial with a cat dyed to match her hair.

Was a regular performer in Pantomime and Summer Seasons.

Was one of the ‘Whatmore Players’.

Worked with Newpalm a theatrical production company.



A Brief History

(Transcribed by Ellen Holbrook)

MOLLIE: The word "knickers" has such a naughty, saucy connotation,
doesn't it?  You know, it's not a word people use very often.  I was
having tea, we were all sitting around a table.  Sitting next to me
was a boy, he'd be about eight years old and obviously he had been
told to behave himself and equally obvious he had no intention of
behaving himself and he kept muttering things under his breath, little
rude words and now and again just pinching me and I could see that his
mother knew what he was doing and was terribly embarrassed and so I
just turned to him and said: "and knickers to you!" Well, you've never
seen such an expression and he couldn't believe his ears that a
grown-up would use such a rude word, but mind you it did the trick
because he behaved himself after that!

INTRODUCER: Embarrassment about underwear can start at a very early
age, as Mollie Sugden recalls:

MOLLIE: I cannot tell you what we wore as children, I mean I can
remember when I was about five years old, which was over seventy years
ago, so remember, but we wore the most amazing amount of clothes. I
remember having "combs" or "combinations" and they were like a vest
and knickers all in one, and then underneath that there'd be a Liberty
Bodice, I don't know if you have ever seen a Liberty Bodice, they have
to be seen to be believed! And they have little rubber buttons all
around to which were attached suspenders with little buttonholes
made out of leather and you would fasten these buttonholes onto the
little rubber buttons on your Liberty Bodice and they held up your
black stockings and then on top of all that you had knickers and they
were - well, just the usual navy blue school knickers, you know, with
elastic around the bottom but it was terrible to show any leg, but it
was terribly difficult because the suspenders were rather long and
therefore there was usually a gap in between the knicker leg and the
the top of your stockings and one wore such short gym tunics and I was
in mortal terror in case a boy should see the top of my leg between my
knickers and my stockings and the awful thing about these wretched
suspenders was if you bent down quickly they went "ping!" the button
came off and you were left with suspenders hanging down, it was
dreadful! I don't know how I managed to grow up at all. *laughs* I
don't know why I didn't die of shame!

MOLLIE: I remember my husband saying, "You would like a different pair
of knickers for every day of the year - three hundred and sixty-five
pairs of knickers!" and he'd used to go in just before Christmas and
he'd go into the ladies department with no shame at all and say: "I
want the sexiest pair of knickers you've got" *laughs* and the
assistant used to be quite amazed, *laugh* so it certainly didn't
worry him but I mean in those days, remember I've been married for
forty years, they weren't as sexy as they are now, they weren't taken
back. *laughs* It was nothing like they have nowadays."

(Article used with permission from Ellen).





April 29, 2001 - The Plaque for Dusty Springfield (The Heritage Foundation)

1982-Variety Club Awards Dinner


(1946) Guildhall School for Elocution



Burglary Awareness


(Used with permission from West Surrey Police).



More Links to Mollie Sugden Related Stuff



Dr. Barnardo's

Fire Service National Benevolent Fund/Guy's Hospital Children's Heart Unit

Tatler Shopping Evening in Aid of Sargent Cancer Care for Children

TV Plays

(1972)"Comedy Playhouse" - Born Every Minute (Lady Wright)
(1967)Armchair Theatre-I Am Osango (District Nurse)


(1960)"Prosaic Husband"
(1961)"The Circle"
(1961)"Fifteen Strings of Money"
(1961)"Mary Rose" Article 1 Article 2
(1961)"The Deep Blue Sea"

(1976-1977) Jack and the Beanstalk - Liverpool Empire

(1980)"Find the Lady" Playbill

(1980-1981) Dick Whittington -London Palladium

(Image used with permission from

(1988-1989) Cinderella at Kings Theatre Southsea

(1993-1994) Invited to play a nonsinging role in the San Francisco Opera Donizetti's "La Fille du Regiment/Daughter of the Regiment".

PDF File with specs

(Both images courtesy of the SFOpera Archives; used with permission).



Sutton Baptist Sunday School

On Saturday, Feb. 19th. 1938

THE THREE SUGDENS in Song & Recital

(In aid of the Yorkshire Band of Hope Bazaar, to be held in Leeds Town Hall in April)


Miss Mollie Sugden, Character Sketches, Etc.
Mr Norman Alton Sugden, Tenor
Mr George Stell Sugden, Pianist

(Image and info used with kind permission from Mr Keith Spencer F.R.P.S. on behalf of the Keighley & District Local History Society).

Radio Plays

(7/12/1974) A Place In The Country By David Pownall June Barry/Mollie Sugden

Theater Plays

?? Relatively Speaking

?? Cinderella w/ husband William Moore (King's Theater in Southsea)

(July 31-August 11, 1990) Seaside Romp at the Palace Theatre in Westcliff

(June 11-16, 1990)Seaside Romp (Playhouse Theatre)

(1989)Rock-a-Bye Sailor at the Theatre Royal

(May 19-25, 1986) My Giddy Aunt w/ husband William Moore (Wimbledon Theatre, London)

(June 13, 1983) Find the Lady at the Pier Theatre in Bournemouth

(April 20, 1980)Oh Mother! (BBC Radio) Played mother of a daughter.

(1979) Dick Whittington as Sarah the Cook (London Palladium production)

(5/28/1979) Find the Lady (Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham) This play was specially written for her.

(197?)Find the Lady (Richmond Theatre)

1976 Are You Being Served (Winter Gardens in Blackpool). Played Mrs Slocombe.

1976 Relatively Speaking (Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne)

1974 The Liver Birds (Summer Show at Winter Gardens in Blackpool)

(197?)My Giddy Aunt (Devonshire Park Theatre)

(1963)We're Flying Tonight (Grand Theatre in Blackpool) Fish Shop Owner

(1961)My Giddy Aunt-Pitlochry Festival

(1961)Pitlochry Plays

(1959)Friends and Neighbours at Victoria Palace

(1956)"Saturday Night at the Crown" at the Grand Theatre in Blackpool w/Thora Hird from 'Last of the Summer Wine' fame.

(1947)Behold We Live

????Friends and Neighbours at West End
???? Friends and Neighbours at Golders Green


(1976)"Jack and the Beanstalk"

Palladium Pantomime 'Dick Whittington and his Cat'

Was a regular performer in Pantomime and Summer Seasons.

(All Theater related images not specifically stated are copyrighted to their respective owners.)


Producer for a Play

(1946)"George Washington Slept Here"


Can been seen in an Australian commercial with a cat dyed to match her hair.


(1979)The Talking Parcel

(August 19, 1974) Home to Roost (BBC Radio) Played Mrs Wheeler.

(June 28, 1957-August 13, 1972) Clitheroe Kid (BBC Radio) Played the mother.




(Image above used with permission from Deb Yockey).


"Mollie was a really lovely lady, homely and welcoming. I was fortunate to visit Mollie and Bill for tea, Bill was also a well known actor here. We were greeted so warmly,and being a hot summer day had a walk around the beautiful gardens,and then to the lovely house for tea. This being the english tea,as it was before the modern trend,which was cucumber sandwiches,scones with jam and fresh cream,and an assortment of cakes,set out on a table with a beautiful hand made lace table cloth and really delicate china,all the baking Mollie had done herself and it was delicious."

"We spent the time talking of their early days in show business and of the their twin sons and familys of which they were so proud of,it was so enjoyable."

"Next day I wrote a letter of thanks to them,and remarked on one of the cakes,which was a new one to me,and I was delighted that Mollie wrote back,enclosing in her own handwritting the recipe,in her busy life she found the time to do that. Both Mollie and Bill were charming,and I remember them fondly. Mollie and Bill together RIP."

(Images and info used with kind permission from Joyce Powell who had a John Inman Tribute page with many photos of John Inman).