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Born January 14, 1952 in Paddington, London,England.
Also known as Nina Zuckerman.




TV Appearances

(1982)Smiley's People-The Trail (Art Gallery Receptionist)
©Paramount Pictures/British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1978)"The Devil's Crown" - Before the Dark (Constance)
(1978)The Many Wives of Patrick-Temporary Bliss (Belinda)
(1976)Well Anyway-There Again (Monique)
(1976)Spanish Fly (Isabel)
(1974)"Armchair Cinema"- The Prison (Adrienne)
(1974)Tutto in comune
(1974)Deadly Strangers (Petrol Station Attendant)
(1973)The Man in the Wood (Annette)
(1972)Vampire Circus (Schoolgirl)
(1971)Naughty! (Daughter)
(1970)All the Way Up (Miss Kenworthy)
(1964)"Crossroads" (Daphne Press)

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"Coffee Morning"
"The Hand of Fate"





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