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Born on August 27, 1918 in Sheffield. Yorkshire, England (UK).
Birth Name: Norman Mitchell Driver
Spouse: Pauline Mitchell née Southcombe/Laura Deane(stage name)
Has 2 children-Jackie Mitchell and Christopher Mitchell who was also an actor.
Died on March 19, 2001 in Downham Market, Norfolk, England (UK).

TV Appearances

(2003)Meanwhile (The Landlord)
(2002)Fate & Fortune (Flattley)
(2000)Lighthouse/Dead of Night (Brownlow)
(1998)What's a Carry On?
(1998)"Last of the Summer Wine" - Beware of the Oglethorpe (Duckworth)
(1998)Unnatural Acts Eps 1.1-1.6 (Additional Cast)
(1995)The Great Kandinsky (Man in Church)
(1994)"Casualty" - Grand Rational (Johnno Jenkins)
(1993)Dirty Weekend (Repair Man)
(1993)"You Rang, M'Lord?"- Come to the Ball (Perkins)
(1992)Screen One-Born Kicking (Man at Football Match)
(1992)"Take Off with T-Bag" - Thief of Baghdad (Sultan Bagwash)
(1991)Prisoner of Honor (Court Usher)
(1991)Revenge of Billy the Kid (Mr. Allott)

(1988)"All Creatures Great and Small" - A Present from Dublin (Mr. Birtwhistle)
Both images ©BBC

(1988)"Never the Twain"- The Wagers of Sin (Waldo)
(1987)"Vanity Fair"-Who Played on the Piano (Auctioneer)
(1986)"Never the Twain" - Going Going Gone (George)

(1986)"T-Bag Strikes Again" - Ali Barber (Sultan Vinegar)
©Times Films

(1986)King of the Ghetto Ep 1.3 (Returning Officer)
(1986)"Lytton's Diary" - National Hero (Dump Overseer)
(1985)"Dramarama" - Easy
(1984)The Lonelyheart Kid-Desires of the Flesh (taxi Driver)
(1984)"I Thought You'd Gone" Eps 1.2+1.3 (Charlie)
(1984)The Hello Goodbye Man Ep 1.4 (Policeman)
(1983)Potter Eps 3.1+3.4 (Landlord)
(1983)The Wicked Lady (Man at Inn)
(1982)"Only When I Laugh" - Escape (Prison Officer)
(1982)"Keep It in the Family"-Piano Blues (Piano Mover)
(1982)The Return of the Soldier (Ernest)
(1981)Young at Heart-Easy Come, easy Go (Mr Walker)
(1980)"The Goodies"-A Kick in the Arts
(1980)"Keep It in the Family"-And Not a Drop to Drink (Burt)
(1980)Grandad Ep 2.6 (Councillor Teasdale)
(1980)The Basil Brush Show Nov 8th episode
(1980)How's Your Father?-Fantasy Time (Lorry Driver)
(1980)Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (Constable Browning)
(1980)Grundy-Saturday Night Fervour (Neighbor)
(1980)Rentaghost Ep 5.4 (Mr. Bottomley)

(1980)"Yes Minister" - Open Government (Mayor/Returning Officer)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1980)Bernie Ep 2.3
(1980)The Jim Davison Show Ep 2.1
(1979)Kelly Monteith Ep 1.6
(1979-1980)"Worzel Gummidge" (P.C. Parsons)
(1979)You're Only Young Twice-Use of Bath (Landlord)
(1979)Sykes-Six Million Dollar Sykes
(1979)"Rings on Their Fingers" - Mothers Old, Pastures New (Foreman)
(1979)Lovely Couple-Hospital Corners (Mr Kerr)
(1979)"Danger UXB" - Digging Out (ARP Man)

(1978)Carry on Emmannuelle (Drunken Husband)
© Cleves Investments

(1978)"The Famous Five" - Five Go to Mystery Moor (Ben)
(1978)"Come Back Mrs. Noah" - In Orbit (Mr. Noah)

(1978)The Big Sleep (Doorman at Eddie's club)
© Winkast Film Productions/Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1978)The Mike Reid Show Ep 1.5
(1978)"Robin's Nest" - The Seven Pound Fiddle (Fred)
(1978)"1990" - Pentagons (Sewell)
(1978)A Hitch in Time (Police Sergeant)
(1977)"Crown Court" - Street Gang Part 1 (Chief Inspector Slater)
(1977)"Just William" - William Finds a Job (Man)
(1977)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum" - The Pay Off (Captain Owen)

(1977)"Ripping Yarns" - The Testing of Eric Olthwaite (1st Pressman)
Both images ©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1977)The Prince and the Pauper (Constable)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1977)A Roof Over My Head-Home and Dried (Removal Foreman)
(1977)Lord Tramp Ep 1.1 (Local Policeman)
(1977)"The Fosters" - Who Needs Friends? (The Dustman)
(1977)"The Heavy Mob" (Benny Bates)

(1976)"George and Mildred" (Mr. Clayton/Stanley/Ted/Pet Shop Assistant)
© Thames Television

(1976)The Pink Panther Strikes Again (Mr. Bullock)

Both images ©Amjo Productions

(1976)"Beasts" - During Barty's Party (Police Sergeant)
(1976)The Dick Emery Show Ep 14.6

(1976)"The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin"-Hippopotamus (Ron Napier)

All 3 images ©BBC

(1976)It's Childplay Ep 1.3
(1976)Moon Over the Alley (Joe Tudge)
(1975)Goodies Rule - O.K.? (The town cryer)

(1975)"The Tomorrow People" - One Law Parts 1+2 (Slow)

Both images ©Thames Television

(1975)Barry Lyndon (British Soldier)
© Peregrine/Warner Bros./Hawk Films

(1975)Legend of the Werewolf (Tiny)
(1975)"Thriller"-The Double Kill (First Man in Pub)
(1974)"Thriller"-Death to Sister Mary (Security Man)

(1974)Man About the House (Doorman)
© Hammer Films

(1974)Brief Encounter
(1974)No Strings-Grow and Let Grow (1st Workman)
(1974)My Name is Harry Worth-Normal Service Will Be Resumed (Arthur)
(1974)"Sykes" - Holiday in Bogsea

(1974)Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (Police sergeant)
h©Hammer Film Productions

(1974)"Not on Your Nellie" - The Anniversary Present (Coalman)
(1974)Reg Varney Ep 2.3 (Various)
(1974)Chico the Rainmaker (Village Policeman)
(1974)"The Boy with Two Heads"

(1973-1974)"Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?" (Pub Landlord/Jack/Barman)

(1973-1977)"Beryl's Lot" (Charlie Mills)
(1973)Emmerdale Farm (Buckley)
(1973)"The Goodies"-The Lost Island of Munga (Gerald)
(1973)The Dragon's Opponent-Banishment (1st Cockney)
(1973)Spring and Autumn Eps 1.2+1.4 (Policeman)
(1973)"Follyfoot"- The Dream (Policeman)

(1973)And Now the Screaming Starts!/Now the Screaming Starts! (Constable)
©Amicus Productions

(1973)Now Look Here Ep 2.1 (Bob)
(1973)Lady Caroline Lamb (Restaurant Functionary)

(1973)"Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em"- The Hospital Visit (Jackson)
Both images©British Broadcasting Corporation

(1973)Bless This House (Police Sergeant)
©Thames Television

(1972)Father Dear Father-Father of the Bride (Taxi Driver)
(1972)Alcock and Gander-Artistic Books, Soho, Ltd. (Tom)
(1972)"The Train Now Standing" (George)
(1972)Six Days of Justice-Suddeny: You're in It (Warrant Officer)
(1972)"It's Murder But Is It Art" (Police Constable)
(1972)The Moonstone Ep 1.3 (Mr Ablewhite)
(1972)The Fenn Street Gang-From Sudbury with Love (Policeman)
(1972)"The Onedin Line"- Blockade (Foote)
(1972)Whack-O! Ep 8.6 (Mr Bratby)
(1972)Nearest and Dearest (Vernon Smallpiece)

(1972)Lady Caroline Lamb (Restaurant functionary)
©Pulsar Productions/G.E.C./Vides Cinematografica

(1972)Bless This House (Police Sergeant)
© Peter Rogers Productions /The Rank Organisation

(1971)"The Goodies"-The Stolen Musicians (Gerald)

(1971)"Doctor at Large" - It's the Rich Wot Gets the Pleasure (Detective Sergeant Rowley)
© London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1971)The Trouble with Lilian-The Presence
(1971)Bright's Boffins-General Upheaval (Major-General)
(1971)Horizon-The Expert Witness (Defending Counsel)

(1971)"On the Buses" (Nobby-London Transport Official)
---Stan's Uniform
---Busmen's Perks

Both images © London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1970)Biography-Byron (Tita)

(1970)Le Mur de l'Atlantique/Atlantic Wall(Bobbie 1)
©Les Productions Georges de Beauregard

(1970)"The Troubleshooters"/Mogul- Camelot on a Clear Day (Pat Fairchild)

(1970)One More Time (Sergeant Smith)
© Trace-Mark Productions/Chrislaw Productions

(1970)"Doctor in the House" - Take Off Your Clothes... and Hide (Doorman)

(1970)"Up Pompeii"- The Senator and the Asp (Stovus Primus)

(1970)Some Will, Some Won't (Policeman)

© Associated British Productions (ABP)/Giulio Zampi Productions/Transocean Films

(1970)Two a Penny (Attendant)
(1970)Germinal (Levaque)
---Mutual Aid
(1969)Take Three Girls-Devon Violets (Shopkeeper)

(1969)"Dad's Army" - Something Nasty in the Vault (Captain Rogers)

(1969)Two Gentlemen Sharing (Policeman)
(1969)"Public Eye"- Divide and Conquer (Barman)
(1969)The Main Chance-With All My Worldly Goods (Charles Willard)
(1969)"W. Somerset Maugham"- The Back of Beyond (Douglas)
(1969)"The First Lady" - Neighbours (Johnson)
(1969)The Tenant of Wildfell Hall-Pursuit (Landlord)
(1969)Softly Softly-Cross Reference (Steve)
(1968)Diamonds for Breakfast

(1968)Oliver! (Arresting Policeman)
All 4 images ©Romulus Films

(1968)"Gazette" - Missing (Sergeant Williams)
(1968)Ukridge-The Comeback of Battling Billson (Wall-Eyed Dixon)
(1968)"Detective" - Born Victim (Cassidy)
(1968)Freewheelers-Recipe for Danger: Part 1: Too Many Crooks (Dusty)
(1968)Nicholas Nickleby-Escape (Keeper)
(1968)City '68-The Jonah Site (Stan)

(1967)I'll Never Forget What's'isname (Norman the Prop Man)
© Universal Pictures/Scimitar Productions

(1967)"The Magnificent Six and ½" Ghost and Ghoulies - Bob-a-Job (Adult)
(1967)The Gamblers-The Man Beneath (Banksman)
(1967)Half a Sixpence (Master of Ceremonies)

(1967)"Man in a Suitcase"- Dead Man's Shoes (Roberts)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1967)Les Miserables-Buried Treasure (Prefect)

(1967)"The Prisoner"- The General (Mechanic)

All 3 images ©Everyman Films

(1967)The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe-Deeper Magic from Before the Dawning of Time (Giant Rumblebuffin)
(1967)Danger Island (Augustus Jones)
(1967)"The Revenue Men"- Sometimes There's a Bonus
(1967)"Blandings Castle"- The Great Pumpkin Crisis (Gardener)
(1967)No Strings

(1967)A Challenge for Robin Hood (Dray Driver)
© Seven Arts Pictures/Hammer Films

(1967)Half a Sixpence (Master of Ceremonies)
© Paramount Pictures/Ameran Films

(1967)Two a Penny (Attendant)

(1966)Three Hats for Lisa (Truck Driver)
(1966)"Softly Softly"-Talk to Me (Dave Cullen)

(1966)Gideon C.I.D./Gideon's Way-The Rhyme and Reason
©New World Productions/Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1966)Carry on Screaming! (Cabby)
© Peter Rogers Productions

(1966)"Quick Before They Catch Us"- The Tungsten Ring Parts 2-4 (PC Brown)
(1966)Court Martial-Achilles' Heel (Proprietor)
(1966)Coronation Street Ep 1.595 (Mr Butterworth)
(1966)Time Lost and Time Remembered

(1966)The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery (William/Willy the Jelly-Man)
© Braywild /British Lion Film Corporation

(1966)The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Gaoler)
(1965)"Doctor Who" - The Feast of Steven (First Policeman)
(1965)You Must Be Joking! (Fish Porter)
(1965)I Was Happy Here
(1965)Invasion (Lorry driver)
(1965)Bunny Lake Is Missing (Mover)
(1965)The Little Ones
(1965)You Must Be Joking! (Billingsgate Fish Porter)
(1965)"Cluff"- The Strangers (John Cluff)
(1965)"The Mind of the Enemy"-The New Member (Max Underwood)
(1965)The Valiant Varneys Ep 2.5
(1965)"Dr. Finlay's Casebook"- The Gate of the Year (Davie Stark)
(1965)"Sherlock Holmes"- The Illustrious Client (Shinwell Johnson)
(1965)Three Hats for Lisa (Truck driver)

(1965)Carry on Spying (Native Policeman)

All 3 images ©Peter Rogers Productions

(1964)The Valiant Varneys Ep 1.3

(1964)Carry on Cleo (Heckler)
Both images ©Peter Rogers Productions

(1964)A Home of Your Own (Foreman)
© Dormar Productions Limited

(1964)"Crossroads" (Sergeant Tidmarsh)
(1964)"Catch Hand" - It's Never the Same (Albert King)
(1964)"Call the Gun Expert"- The Trick That Failed - 1918 (Manager)
(1964)The Brothers Karamazov Ep 1.1 (Kuzma Samsonov)

(1964)Gideon's Way-The Rhyme and the Reason (Club Manager)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1964)Silas Marner-A Strange Disappearance (Snell)
(1964)The Dickie Henderson Show-The Formation Dancing Team
(1964)Sergeant Cork-The Case of the Elegant Mistress (PC Peters)
(1964)Meet the Wife-Getting Away (Charlie)
(1964)"It's Dark Outside" - More Ways of Killing the Cat (Constable)
(1964)A Home of Your Own (Foreman)
(1964)"No Hiding Place"-The By Boys (Jake Oldbury)

(1963)The Sporting Life (Tenant)
© Julian Wintle/Leslie Parkyn Productions/Independent Artists

(1963)"No Hiding Place"-Statement to the Press (John Pentelow)
(1963)Friday Night-The Stop-Out (Charlie Legge)

(1963)Espionage-The Incurable One (Butcher)
© Associated Television (ATV)/National Broadcasting Company (NBC)/ Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1963)"No Cloak - No Dagger" (Police Sergeant)
(1963)Lorna Doone (Sergeant Bloxham)
(1963)Gutter Girls (Larry)
(1963)The Yellow Teddy Bears (Larry)

(1963)Carry on Cabby (Bespectacled Businessman)
© Peter Rogers Productions

(1963)"Sierra Nine" - The Man Who Shook the World Part One (Security Guard)
(1963)"Suspense" - Thunder on Sycamore Street (Frank Morrison)
(1963)Two of a Kind Ep 3.5 (Onscreen Participant)
(1962-1977)"Z Cars" (George Belling/Arnold Porter/Stanley Cook/1st PC)
(1962)The Monsters (Sergeant Oakroyd)

(1962)"The Saint" - The Talented Husband (Mr. Smith)
All 3 images ©Bamore

(1962)"Outbreak of Murder"- Thumb-Print (Detective Sergeant West)
(1962)The Rag Trade Ep 2.5
(1962)"Studio 4 " - Look Who's Talking

(1961)What a Whopper
©Viscount Films Ltd.

---The Winning Ticket
---The Children's Party
(1961)"You Can't Win" - Professional Status (Cooper)
(1961)Hamlet-The Dread Command: The Sovereign Power (Captain)
(1961)Emergency-Ward 10 Ep 1.414 (Colin Jaffery)
(1960)"Police Surgeon" -You Won't Feel a Thing (First Workman)
(1960)"Dixon of Dock Green" - The Vanishing Bummaree (Joe Brunt)
(1960)"No Wreath for the General" Ep 1.1 (Jackson)
(1960)Beat Girl/Wild for Kicks (Club Doorman)
(1960)Knight Errant Limited-Eve and the Serpent (Nicholls)
(1960)"International Detective"- The Prescott Case (Tough)
(1960)"Man from Interpol"- A Woman in Paris (Fred)
(1960)"The Adventures of Robin Hood"- Sybella (Earl of Steyne)
(1959)Emergency-Ward 10 Eps 1.269+1.270 (Mr Garland)
(1959)The Price of Silence (Landlord)
(1959)"The Vise"-Murder with Make-Up (Jordan)

(1958)Battle of the V-1/Missles from Hell(German Officer)
© John Bash Films/Eros Films

(1958)"The Vise"-Back Track to Murder (Wilmot)
(1958)The Larkins-Christmas with the Larkins (Tough Man)
(1958)"William Tell"- The Emperor's Hat (Frederick)
(1958)The Man Who Wouldn't Talk

(1957)Scotland Yard (James Dean)


(1957)Three Sundays to Live (Police Sergeant)
(1957)Five Clues to Fortune (Bert)
(1956)"The Adventures of Sir Lancelot"- The Magic Book (Telmah)

(1956)Dick Turpin: Highwayman (Rooks)
©Hammer Film Productions

(1955)Police Dog

(1955)A Kid for Two Farthings (Stallholder)
© London Film Productions

(1954)The Seekers/Land of Fury (Grayson)
(1954)Up to His Neck (Fungus)
(1951)"Kaleidoscope" June 29th episode (Andy in 'Fools Rush In')
(1951)The Trial of Andy Fothergill (Henry II)

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AYBS Timeframe: 1978+1983


"Lost and Found"
"Do You Take This Man"?




Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites


(2002)An Actor's Life for Me!: The Autobiography of a Jobbing Actor Sims Publishing
ISBN: 0954355504

Official Website


-Father of actor Christopher Mitchell.

-Did many radio broadcasts.

-Served with the Royal Army Medical Corps during World War II.




TV Plays

(1984)"Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense"/Fox Mystery Theater - Last Video and Testament (Commissionaire)
(1978)"Wodehouse Playhouse" - Big Business (P.C. Popjoy)
(1971)"Play for Today"- Skin Deep (Bill)
(1970)The Wednesday Play-Sovereign's Company (Mr Dawkins)
(1969)"Thirty-Minute Theatre"-These Men Are Dangerous: Mussolini (Guard)
(1968)"Thirty-Minute Theatre"-A Personal Affair
(1967+1970)"The Wednesday Play"-Jamie. on a Flying Visit (Tommy)
(1966)"BBC Play of the Month"- Days to Come (Driver)
(1965)Theatre 625-The World of George Orwell: Keep the Aspidistra Flying (Mr Flaxman)
(1964)ITV Play of the Week-A Question of Happiness #2: Another Port, Another Storm (Policeman)
(1960)"Armchair Mystery Theatre"- The Dummy (Bert)
(1959)"ITV Play of the Week" - Ten Little Niggers (Narracot)
(1959)BBC Sunday-Night Theatre-Shadow of Heroes (Captain Gyula Szabo)
(1959)BBC Sunday-Night Theatre-Festival Drama: The Way of the World






Top picture used with kind permission from Jackie Mitchell.