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Born on August 15, 1928 in Camberwell, London, England (UK).
Birth Name: George Frederick Bernard Powell
Married to Pauline Wellman.
Has two sons Greg and Gary.
Known Name Variations: Fred Fowell/Fred 'Nosher' Powell/Freddie Powell/Frederick Powell/Fred Powell
Died April 20, 2013 in London


TV Appearances/Stunts

(2005)The 100 Greatest Family Films
(2004)The Ultimate Film
(2001)Boom Boom! The Best of the Original Basil Brush Show
(1994)This Is Your Life-Mike Reid
(1993)"The Detectives"- Teed Off (McKenna Employee 1)
(1990)"Canned Carrott"
(1988)Cannon and Ball Show
(1988)Willow (Nelwyn Villager)
(1988)Eat the Rich (Nosher)
(1986)The Pyrates (Firebeard)
(1984)Ellis Island (Man)
(1984)The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood (Guard 2)
(1984)"The Steam Video Company- Amityville II Luton Town 3
(1983)Up the Elephant and Round the Castle-May the Best Man Win (Mr Hawkins)
(1983)Krull (Slayer in the Swamp)
(1983)An Audience with Kenneth Williams
(1982)Victor/Victoria (Man in Bar)

(1982-1992)The Comic Strip Presents (Corelli/Fingers/John's Minder/McGahey/Mr Knuckles/Fingers)
©Channel 4 Television Corporation

(1981)If You Go Down in the Woods Today (Guvnor's Henchman)
(1980)Juliet Bravo-The Draughtsman (Villian)
(1979)Sykes-Six Million Dollar Sykes
(1979)"Blakes 7" - The Keeper (Goth Warrior)
(1975-1978)"The Sweeney" (Kearny's Heavy/Miller's Heavy/Pub Brawler)
(1977)The Stick Up (Man)
(1976)"Sykes"- Holiday Camp (Camper)

(1976)Sweeney! (Robber)
© Euston Films

(1976)Never Too Young to Rock (Football fan)

(1975)My Honourable Mrs-Chinese Blues (Lorry Driver)

(1975)The Sweeney-Night Out (Pub Brawler)
© Thames Television/Euston Films

(1975)"Carry on Laughing!"- One in the Eye for Harold (Pikeman)

Both images ©Thames Television

(1975)Brannigan (Man in Bar)
© Levy-Gardner-Laven/Wellborn

(1974)Larry Grayson's Hour of Stars

(1974)Carry on Dick (Footpad)
© The Rank Organisation

(1974)Reg Varney Ep 2.2 (Various)
(1973)Love Thy Neighbour (Bus Driver)
(1973)The Mackintosh Man (Armed Guard)

(1973)"Monty Python's Flying Circus"- Dennis Moore (Jack Bodell)

(1973)Shut That Door!-Ep 2.3
(1972)The Alf Garnett Saga (Ginger)
(1972)New Scotland Yard-The Banker (Willie Herod)
(1972)Nearest and Dearest (Bouncer)
(1972)"This Is Your Life"-Fred 'Nosher' Powell
(1971)BBC Comedy: An Apple a Day

(1971)"The Persuaders!"- Overture (English tourist)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1971)"Doctor at Large"- A Situation Full of Promise (Labourer)
(1971)The Benny Hill Show-Undercover Sanitary Inspector

(1971)On the Buses (Betty's Husband)

All 3 images © Hammer Films/EMI Films

(1971)Venom/The Legend of Spider Forest(Gang member)
(1970)Oh in Color-Ep 1.2 (Various)
(1970)You Can't Win 'Em All (Horse Rider)
(1970)One More Time (Man)
(1970)"Department S"- A Small War of Nerves (Carl Young)

(1969-1971)"On the Buses"(Bert/Vic)
---Bus Drivers' Stomach
---The Canteen
---The Strain
Both images ©London Weekend Television (LWT)


(1969)The Italian Job (Thug)

© Oakhurst Productions

-The Morning After (Ministry Guard)

© Associated British Corporation/ABC Weekend Television

-Take Me to Your Leader

© Associated British Corporation/ABC Weekend Television

(1969)"Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)"/My Partner the Ghost- Just for the Record (Lord Dorking)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1969)The Magnificent Six and 1/2:Peewee Had a Little Ape (Adult)

(1968)Oliver! (Man)

Both images ©Romulus Films

(1968)"Sanctuary"- A Labour of Love (The Opponent)

(1968)The Saint-The Best Laid Schemes (Thug)
©Bamore/New World Productions/Incorporated Television Company (ITC)


(1968)School for Sex (Hector)

(1968)Diamonds for Breakfast (Fireman)

© ABC Pictures/Paramount Pictures/Bridge Films

(1967+1969)"The Avengers" (Guard/Karate Opponent/Henrik)

Both images ©ABC Weekend Television

(1967)"Adam Adamant Lives!"- Death Begins at Seventy (First Security Guard)
(1967)Two of a Kind (December 10th episode)

(1967)"The Prisoner"-The Schizoid Man (Guard)
© Incorporated Television Company (ITC)/Everyman Films

(1967)"Saint"-The Persistent Patriots(George Benson)

Both images ©Bamore

(1966)"Adam Adamant Lives!"- Allah Is Not Always with You (Lukas)

(1966)Psycho-Circus/Circus of Fear(Red)

Both images ©Circus Films

(1966)"The Baron"- Epitaph for a Hero (Charlie)
©Associated Television (ATV)

(1966)Casino Royale (British Officer)
©Columbia Pictures Corporation

(1966)The Sandwich Man (Nosher/Bus driver)
© Titan International Productions/The Rank Organisation

(1965)She (British Soldier)

Both images ©Hammer Film Productions

(1965)Barney Is My Darling-The 2000 Pounds a Year Man

(1965)"The Saint"-The Crooked Ring(The Angel)

Both images ©Bamore

(1964)It's a Square World Ep 7.13 (Various)
(1964)A Fistful of Dollars (Cowboy)
(1964)A Shot in the Dark (Man)
(1963)Call Me Bwana (Man)
(1963+1965)"Dixon of Dock Green" (Taxi Driver/Tom Rowe)

(1962)The Road to Hong Kong (Man)

© Melnor Films

(1958)Violent Playground (Tommy)
(1955)King's Rhapsody
(1955)The Dark Avenger

(1954)Demetrius and the Gladiators (Gladiator)
© Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

(1953)The Slasher (Instructor)

(1952)The Hundred Hour Hunt /Emergency Call (Boy Booth)
© Nettlefold Films

(1952)Cosh Boy
(1951)There Is Another Sun/Wall of Death (Teddy Green/Champ boxer)

(1948)Oliver Twist
© Cineguild

Images in this section used with permission from:
Piers Johnson (
anonymous contributors

Stuntman Related

(1998)Legionnaire (Soldier)
(1995)First Knight
(1990)The Secret Life of Ian Fleming
(1988)Willow (Nelwyn Villager)
(1988)"The Comic Strip Presents..."- The Strike (stunt arranger)
(1987)Eat the Rich (Nosher)
(1985)My Beautiful Laundrette (stunt coordinator)
(1985)A View to a Kill
(1984)"Ellis Island" (Man)
(1984)The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood (Guard #2)
(1983)Krull (Slayer in the Swamp)
(1982)Victor Victoria (Man In Bar)
(1981)For Your Eyes Only
(1980)Flash Gordon
(1979)Blakes 7-The Keeper
(1977)The Spy Who Loved Me
(1977)Star Wars:Episode IV-A New Hope
(1974)The Man with the Golden Gun
(1973)The MacKintosh Man
(1973)Live and Let Die
(1972)Pope Joan
(1972)Nearest and Dearest (Bouncer)
(1971)Diamonds Are Forever
(1971)Carry on Henry VIII (stunt double for Sid James)
(1971)"The Benny Hill Show"- Undercover Sanitary Inspector (stunt double for Bob Todd)
(1970)The Last Valley
(1970The Legend of Spider Forest (Gang Member)
(1970)You Can't Win 'Em All (Horse Rider)
(1969)On Her Majesty's Secret Service

(1969)The Magic Christian (Boxer - Ike Jones)
Both images ©Commonwealth United Entertainment

(1969)Battle of Britain
(1969)The Italian Job
(1969)The Assassination Bureau
(1968)Where Eagles Dare
(1968)Great Catherine
(1968)Oliver! (Man)
(1968)Salt and Pepper
(1968)The Charge of the Light Brigade
(1967)The Dirty Dozen
(1967)You Only Live Twice
(1967)Casino Royale
(1967)Half a Sixpence
(1966)A Man for All Seasons
(1966)Circus of Fear/Psycho-Circus (Red)
(1965)Per qualche dollaro in più/For a Few Dollars More
(1965)Battle of the Bulge
(1965)The Hill
(1965)Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes
(1965)The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders
(1965)Lord Jim
(1964)The Secret of Blood Island
(1964)Per un pugno di dollari/A Fistful of Dollars (Cowboy)
(1964)One Way Pendulum
(1963)The Pink Panther
(1963)From Russia with Love
(1963)Call Me Bwana (Man)
(1962)Lawrence of Arabia
(1962)The Longest Day
(1962)Invasion of the Triffids
(1962)The Road to Hong Kong (Man)
(1961)The Guns of Navarone
(1960)Sword of Sherwood Forest
(1959)The Mouse That Roared
(1958)A Night to Remember
(1958)Horror of Dracula
(1958)Violent Playground
(1957)The Bridge on the River Kwai
(1955)The Creeping Unknown
(1955)The Quatermass Xperiment
(1955)Doctor at Sea
(1954)Let's Make Up
(1954)Lilacs in the Spring
(1954)Beau Brummell
(1954)Demetrius and the Gladiators (Gladiator)
(1954)Hell Below Zero
(1953)The Robe
(1953)The Master of Ballantrae
(1949)Passport to Pimlico
(1948)Bonnie Prince Charlie
(1945)Caesar and Cleopatra
(1944)The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fifth with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1983

Episode: "Calling All Customers"



Oliver Reed This Is Your Life

Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites

Nosher! (Autobiography)
John Blake Publishing.
ISBN: 1857824911

Past Official Website

Other Tasks

-Boxing trainer for Jean-Claude van Damme for the movie Legionnaire.

-Was the fight sequence arranger for the movie The Sailor's Return.

-Was a Joust Arranger for The Goodies episode of "Camelot".



His brother Dinny Powell and sons Greg Powell and Gary Powell are all stuntmen as well.

Heavyweight Boxing Champ