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Born on March 5, 1934 in Banstead, Surrey, England.
Height: 6' 2"
Birth name: Nicholas John Smith
Spouse: Mary (Died Dec 2008).
Has one daughter Catherine Russell
Died from complications from a fall 12/6/2015

I got a letter from him with a part stating the following he requested me to ask fans out there:
"I was also known as 'pilgrim'!! This is a mystifying piece of nonsense I am unable to understand!"


Mystery solved by an AYBS fan named Holly and confirmed by Nicholas Smith! The "pilgrim" label was derived from the role he played in the
John Houston movie 'A Walk with Love and Death'. He said that he played a phoney (phony) pilgrim in that movie.

TV Appearances

(2011)Charlie's Angels-Angels in Paradise (Mr. Weber)
(2010)M.I.High-Quakermass (Professor Quakermass)
(2010)The Story of 'Are You Being Served?'
(2009)Mollie Sugden: A Tribute
(2008)50 Greatest Comedy Catchphrases
(2008)Last of the Summer Wine-A Short Introduction to Cooper's Rules (Vicar)
(2007)A Tribute to John Inman
(2007)"Richard & Judy" March 8th episode
(2006)Every Hidden Thing (Abel)
(2006)The Dalek Tapes (Wells)

(2005)Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (Reverend Clement Hedges)
©Aardman Animations

(2004)"Doctors"- Lest We Forget (Reginald Harris)
(2004)Revolver (Various)
(2003)Hogmanay Live
(2003)Talking Daleks
(2003)Future Memories

(2001)"Revolver" (Various Characters)
©BBC Scotland

(1998)What Rats Won't Do (Chaplain)
(1996)"The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest"- Village of the Doomed (Voice of Quentin/Techie #1)
(1995)"Telly Addicts"- Christmas Special
(1995)This Is Your Life-David Croft
(1994)Masterpiece Theater: "Martin Chuzzlewit"Eps 1+6 (Mr. Spottletoe)
(1987)Victorian Values (George IV)
(1987)"And There's More" Series 3
(1979)Worzel Gummidge
(1978)Wings of Song
(1976)And Mother Makes Five-Jobs for the Boy (Mr Diplock)
(1976)Top Town
(1976)Federico Fellini’s Casanova

(1976)Seaside Special (The Ken Dodd Centenary Show)

June 19, 1976
Location: Gerry Cottles Circus in Blackpool
Guests - Wendy Richard, Mollie Sugden, Frank Thornton, John Inman

(1975)The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (Hunkston)

Both images ©Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Jouer Films

(1975)"The Sweeney"- Golden Fleece (Simpkins)
(1975)The Smarter Brother of Sherlock Holmes (20th Century Fox),
(1975)This Is Your Life-Mollie Sugden
(1974)Village Hall-The Magic Sponge (Brian Good)
(1974)Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (Death Wish)
(1973)"Doctor in Charge"- The Epidemic (Mr. Neave)
(1973)Sir Yellow-Getting Ye Treatment (Ethelred)
(1973)Whodunnit?-Knife in the Back (Mr Campbell-Ross)
(1973)Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Hastings)
(1973)Baxter! (1st Taxi Driver)
(1973)Harriet's Back in Town Eps 1.37-1.38 (Rev. R. Melville)
(1972-1975)"Z Cars" (PC Yates)
(1972-1973)Dr in Charge
(1972)Lina-Crime of Passion
(1972)Dan & The Steps of El Cid-In For a Penny

(1972)"Spyder's Web"- Things That Go Bang in the Night (Dick Woffington)
(1972)Harriet’s Back in Town

(1972)The Canterbury Tales (Friar)
©Les Productions Artistes Associés

(1971)"Ace of Wands" - The Eye of Ra Parts 1-4 (Fredericks)

(1971)"The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes"- A Message from the Deep Sea (Solicitor)

All 3 images © Pearson Television International/Thames Television

(1971)"Paul Temple"- Death Sentence (Hutton)
(1971)"Budgie"- Some Mother's Sons (Detective Sergeant Cooney)
(1971)"The Liver Birds" Ep 2.1 (Brian)
(1971)Kindly Leave the Kerb

(1970)The Twelve Chairs (Actor in play)

Both images ©The Twelve Chairs Company/Crossbow Productions

(1970)"If It Moves, File It"- Surveillance (Butch)
(1970)"W. Somerset Maugham"- The Door of Opportunity (Van Hasseldt)
(1970)"Doctor in the House"- Nice Bodywork - Lovely Finish (Mortuary Keeper)

(1970)"Up Pompeii"- The Ides of March (Plotter)
Both images ©BBC

(1969)"The Flaxton Boys"- 1854: The Smugglers (Killane)
(1969)A Walk with Love and Death (Pilgrim)
(1969)"The First Churchills"-Plot, Counter-Plot (Titus Oates)

(1969)"The Champions"- Project Zero (Postmaster)
© Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1968)"The Saint"- The Fiction Makers Parts 1+2 (Bishop)

Both images ©Bamore

(1968)"The Avengers"- Super Secret Cypher Snatch (Charles Lather)
©ABC Weekend Television

(1968)Salt and Pepper (Constable)
(1968)Freewheelers-Recipe for Danger: Parts 1-4 (Captain Nils Larsen)
(1968)The Fiction Makers (Bishop)

(1967)"The Avengers"- Escape in Time (Parker/Cavalier)

All 11 images ©ABC Weekend Television

(1967)Danger Island (Sergeant Marena)
(1967)"Champion House"- Man Running (Mr. Harris)
(1967)Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-The Beetle Hunter (Mr Bull)
(1967)Another Day, Another Dollar (Mooney)
(1967)"Softly Softly"- James McNeil, Aged 23 (Simmonds)
(1966)"The Frost Report" (Various)
(1965)A Tale of Two Cities (Cly)
(1964)"Doctor Who" (Wells)
---- Flashpoint

---- The Waking Ally

---- The End of Tomorrow

Both images ©BBC

---The Dalek Invasion of Earth: World's End (1st speaking role)


(????)The Scriblerus Club
(????)The Brain of Trevor
(????)Who’s Baby
(????)Tea and Bullets

Images in this section used with permission from:

Anonymous contributers

Piers Johnson (


AYBS Stats

AYBS timeframe : 1972-1985

Sang in "The Clock" and "Camping In" ( "Keep The Home Fires Burning").

Trademark on the show: Big ears.


"Happy Birthday Dear er er."



(1992-1993)"Grace & Favour" (Mr. Cuthbert Rumbold)
(1992)The Best of 'Are You Being Served?'

(1977)Are You Being Served?-The Movie(Mr. Cuthbert Rumbold)


Masterchef (Series 8 Episode 12)

Image ©BBC

Nicholas Smith PBS tour (2009):

Aug 15 - Chattanooga, TN
Aug 22 - Conway, Arkansas
Aug 29 - Iowa PTV
Aug 30 - WTVP, Peoria, IL
Aug 31 - WFYI, Indianapolis, IN
Sept 3 - WILL, Urbana, IL

2005-Orchestra of the City



AYBS based

His trademark were his big ears ("Jug Ears").

Real Life Based

Catherine Russel's father.

Sings in high baritone; plays the piano, guitar, trumpet, drums and various other instruments.

(1957)Graduated from RADA



Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites


(2005)Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (Sang "We Plow the Fields and Scatter")


Video Games

(2007)The Golden Compass (Voice of Butler/Scholar/Policeman)

(2005)Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (Voice of Reverend Clement Hedges)




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Links pertaining to Nicholas Smith


October 30, 2006 -Comic Heritage/Wendy Richard Luncheon
Grosvenor House Hotel/London w/Jess Conrad and David Croft



TV Plays

(1971)"BBC Play of the Month"- Act of Betrayal (Tunnicliffe)
(1970)ITV Saturday Night Theatre-hands with the Magic Touch (Mr Gropius)
(1967)"The Wednesday Play" - Another Day, Another Dollar (Mooney)
(1966)"The Wednesday Play" - The Big Man Coughed and Died (Man)
(1966)theatre 625-A Man Like That (1st Policeman)

( 1961)"The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre"- Partners in Crime (Pawn Shop Assistant)
© Merton Park Studios

(????)30 Minute Theatre – Bad Day at the Office

Images in this section used with permission from:


"Murdered to Death"


(Reproduced by kind permission of UK Productions Ltd).


(August 16, 2006)"Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" Curtain Call and After Party in London.

(2001)"Macbeth" at the Nottingham Shakespeare Festival. Played Duncan/the King Of Scotland.

(2001)"The Taming Of The Shrew" at the Nottingham Shakespeare Festival. Played Baptista.

(1999-2000) Dick Whittington at the Theatre Royal Bath

(Image used with permission from

(1998)"The Pirates of Penzance"

(1994-1995) Aladdin at the Alhambra Bradford

(1990)"The School for Scandal," at the Holland Park Open Air Theatre.


Babes in the Wood (1987-1988) as Friar Tuck

(Upper Left behind Barbara Windsor)

(Image used with permission from Andrew).

(1978-1979) Cinderella - New Palace Theatre Plymouth

(June-Oct 1976) "Are You Being Served?", (stage version), at the Blackpool Winter Gardens. Played Mr Rumbold.

(1972) Crete and Sergeant Pepper (Royal Court Theater)

(1967)"Box and Cox" at the Derby Playhouse.

(1967)"The Bells" at the Derby Playhouse.

(1963-1964) Sleeping Beauty at The Bristol Hippodrome

(1961-1962)The Frog Prince at The Coventry Theatre

Portrait of a Queen at Vaudeville Theatre/ Broadway
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Theatre Royal, Plymouth)
The Mikado (Prince of Wales Theatre)
Ten Little Indians (Granville Theatre, Ramsgate),
Doctor in the House (EB Productions Tour),
My Fair Lady (Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham),
Romeo and Juliet (Ludlow Festival),
Who Dunnit? (Gallery Productions),
The Plain Dealer (RSC),
The Plantagenets (RSC),
School for Scandal (Holland Park Theatre),
The Relapse (Birmingham Repertory Theatre),
The Mousetrap (St Martin’s Theatre),
How the Other Half Loves (CCP Productions/ Tour),
Me and My Girl (Pola Jones/ Noel Gay/ Tour),
As You Like It (Open Air Theatre, Canizzaro Park),
Aladdin (Alhambra Theatre, Bradford),
Lloyd George Knew My Father (Watermill Theatre),
I Have Been Here Before (Middle Ground Theatre Company),
Charles Milverton in The Return of Sherlock Holmes (Middle Ground Theatre Company),
Major General in Pirates of Penzance (UK Productions),
Baron Hardup in Cinderella (Paul Holman Associates),
Alderman Fitzwarren in Dick Whittington (UK Productions),
Stanley in Sylvia’s Wedding (Mill at Sonning)
Baptisa in Taming of The Shrew and
Doctor in Macbeth (Theatre Unbound Ltd)
Baron Hardup in Cinderella (UK Productions).
The Butler in Murdered To Death (UK Productions).




(Image above from the play "Murdered To Death". © UK Productions Ltd. (Used with permission)).