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Peggy Ann Clifford

Born on March 23, 1921 in Bournemouth, England(UK).
Spouse: George Fenneman (April 28, 1943 -1984)
Has 3 children.
Height: 5'6"
Also known as Peggyanne Clifford and Peggyann Clifford.
Died in 1984.

TV Appearances

(1998)Heroes of Comedy

(1993)"Then Churchill Said to Me" (Tealady)

(1985)"'Allo 'Allo!"- Swiftly and with Style (French Lady)

(1985)"Super Gran"- Super Gran and the Course of True Love (Baroness Glutt)
(1984)"Hi-De-Hi!"- Raffles (Mrs. Harris)
(1984)"Hallelujah!"- It Happened One Night (Mrs. Bradley)
(1984)"Alas Smith & Jones" Eps 1.1+1.4
(1983)"The Old Men at the Zoo"-A Tall Story (Mrs. Filson)
(1982)"Q.E.D."- The Limehouse Connection (Large Lady in Shop)
(1980)"Oh Happy Band" (Mrs. Tickford)
(1980)Born and Bred-Meeting Your Obligations (Mrs Bagley)
(1980)"Cribb"- Abracadaver (Albert's Mother)
(1980)Time of My Life Ep 1.5 (Woman on Phone)
(1979)Suez 1956 (Mrs Braddock)
(1979)Crime and Punishment-Part 2 (St Petersburg citizen)
(1979)Sherlock Holmes and Saucy Jack (Lees' Housekeeper)
(1979)Murder by Decree (Lees' Housekeeper)
(1978)"George and Mildred"- You Must Have Showers (Miss Ware)
(1977)"The Flockton Flyer"- Under the Circumstances (Samantha Peters)
(1977)That's Carry On (Willa Claudia)
(1977)Jabberwocky (Merchant's Nurse)

©Walt Disney Productions

(1976)"Bless This House" - Skin Deep (Mrs. Crawford)
(1976)Jackanory Playhouse-The Sleeping Princess (The Cook)
(1976)"The Chiffy Kids"-Decorators Unlimited (Maid)
(1975)"My Honourable Mrs"-A Home from Home from Home (Mrs Docherty)
(1975)"Dawson's Weekly"- Where There's a Will (Freda)
(1974)"Man About the House"- I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me... (Mrs. James)
(1974)Our Cissy (Photo Assistant)
(1973-1974)"The Kids from 47A" (Mrs. Grubb)
(1973)"Bless This House" - The Loneliness of the Short Distance Walker (Matron)
(1973)"A Little Princess" Ep 1.4 (Baker woman)
(1973)Voices (The Medium)
(1972)"Scott On..".-The Sex War
(1972)A Hole in the Wall-Part 1 (Fat Aunt)
(1972)"His and Hers"-Diet (Miss Dainty)

(1972)Under Milk Wood (Bessie Bighead)
©Timon Productions

(1972)Sex and the Other Woman (Henry's Wife)
©Devlin Films

(1971)The Stanley Baxter Show Ep 4.3

(1970)Harry Worth-I Will I Will

(1970)Bachelor Father (Children's Officer/Mrs Chalmers)

(1970)Futtocks End (The Cook)
©David Paradine Productions

(1969)Thicker Than Water-The Visit (Woman on Train)
(1968)"Father Dear Father"- The Lost Weekend (Martha)
(1968)"The Devil in the Fog" (Mrs Goater)

(1967)Far from the Madding Crowd (Fat Lady at Circus)
©Vic Films Productions/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

(1967)Cuckoo Patrol (Scout Mistress)
(1967)"Dr. Finlay's Casebook"- Advertising Matter (Mrs. Connochie)

(1967)Half a Sixpence
©Ameran Films

(1966)"Adam Adamant Lives!"- The Sweet Smell of Disaster (Caretaker)
(1966)"Frankie Howerd" Ep 2.3 (Lady In Art Gallery)

(1964)Carry on Cleo (Willa Claudia)
©Peter Rogers Productions

(1963)"Bud" Ep 1.2 (Matilda)

(1963)Heavens Above! (Bit Part, Crowd Scene)
©Charter Film Productions

(1963)Two Left Feet (Customer)

(1963)Sparrows Can't Sing (Ted's Wife)
©Carthage Films

(1963)"Z Cars"- Act of Vengeance (Big Annie)
(1963)"The Old Curiosity Shop" Ep 1.10 (Mrs. Jiniwin)

(1962)Postman's Knock
©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer British Studios

(1962-1963)Hugh and I
(1962)"The Old Curiosity Shop" Ep 1.1 (Mrs. Jiniwin)
(1962)"Dixon of Dock Green"-Cause for Alarm (Mrs. Thomson)

(1962)On the Beat (Guilio's Mother)

Both images ©The Rank Organisation

(1961)"Hancock"- The Blood Donor (2nd Patient)

(1960)"No Hiding Place"- The Burning Question (Mrs. Preece)
(1960)"Man from Interpol"- The Feathered Friend (Frau Schmidt)

(1960)"The Four Just Men"- Marie (Madame Suza)
©Sapphire Films/Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1959)The Captain's Table (Alice)
(1959)Follow a Star (Offended Lady at Party)
(1958)"Starr and Company"- Leave It to Me (Barmaid)

(1958)Grip of the Strangler/The Haunted Strangler (Kate)
©Amalgamated Productions/Producers Associates

(1958)Happy Is the Bride (Bella)

(1957-1960)"Hancock's Half Hour" (Air Hostess/Lady Councillor/Patricia/Hospital Almoner/Lady Bus Passenger)

(1957)The One That Got Away (Train Conductor)
©Julian Wintle Productions

(1957)Just My Luck (Lady on Tube)
©The Rank Organisation

(1957)Stranger in Town (Mrs Woodham)

(1957)Doctor at Large (Large Woman)
©Group Film Productions Limited/The Rank Organisation

(1957)The Secret Place (Mrs Wilson's Neighbor)

(1957)Brothers in Law (Mrs Bristow)
©Tudor Productions/British Lion Films/Charter Film Productions

(1956)"Dixon of Dock Green"-Ladies of the Manor (Mrs. Dutton)
(1956)My Wife's Family

(1956)Lost/Tears for Simon (Shop Keeper)
©Sydney Box Productions

(1955)Man of the Moment (2nd Chambermaid)

All 3 images ©Group Film Productions Limited

(1955)Josephine and Men (Landlady)
(1955)Value for Money (Fat Mother)
(1955)The Time of His Life (Cook)
(1955)It's a Great Day (Pub Landlady)
(1954)Man With a Million/The Million Pound Note(Assistant Matron)
(1953)A Day to Remember (Large Lady in Station Crowd)
(1953)Personal Affair (3rd Gossip)
(1953)The Yellow Balloon (Cafe Owner)

(1953)Trouble in Store
©Two Cities Films/Maurice Cowan Productions

(1953)The Million Pound Note/Man with a Million
©Group Film Productions Limited

(1950)Chance of a Lifetime (Worker)
©Pilgrim Pictures

(1949)The Chiltern Hundreds/The Amazing Mr. Beecham (Mother)

(1949)Kind Hearts and Coronets (Maud Redpole)

Both images ©Ealing Studios

(1949)The History of Mr Polly (Mother)
©Two Cities Films

(1949)Forbidden (Millie)
(1944)One Exciting Night (Bessie)

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AYBS Timeframe: 1979

Episode: "The Agent"





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TV Plays

(1977)"The Galton & Simpson Playhouse"- Swap You One of These for One of Those (Neighbor's Wife)
©Yorkshire Television (YTV)

(1963)"Comedy Playhouse"- And Here, All the Way From...
(1956)"Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents" /Rheingold Theatre-A Train to the Sea (Gerta)
(1954)"Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents" /Rheingold Theatre
---The Last Knife (Fat Lady)
---Provincial Lady (Vasilevna)
---A Lesson in Love (Rose)
---Second Wind (Bessie)

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