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Born on March 16, 1944 in Finchley, Middlesex, England(UK).
Married to Dione Inman who runs the Pelham Associates agency for actors/actresses with him.
Has two sons from a previous marriage (Miles and Damian who is also an actor) and 2 more sons from current marriage named Dan and Spencer.
Known Name Variations: Peter Cleoll and Peter Cleal.


TV Appearances

(1999)"Grange Hill"-Ep 22.1 (Manager)
(1998)"Peak Practice" - The Falling Sky (Police Inspector)
(1997)"Thief Takers"- Road Rage (Michael Vey)

(1996)"Silent Witness"- Buried Lies: Part 2 (Headmaster)

Both images © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)/Cipango Productions Audiovisuelles/A+E Networks

(1994)"The Brittas Empire"- UXB (Mr. Trap)
(1994)Il Toro (U.N. Agriculture Minister)
(1994)Casualty-Value for Money (Steve)
(1993)Monkey Business (Voice of PG Tips Chimp)
(1990-2000)"The Bill" (B&B Owner/Chris Dunn/John Peters/Mr. Axton/Foley)
(1994)Minder-Another Case of Van Blank (Wally)
(1992)London's Burning-Ep 5.10 (Pub Manager)
(1991)Eastenders (Nov 14, 1991) (Malcolm)
(1986)Big Deal-The Chicken and the Egg (Auctioneer)
(1985)In Sickness and in Health- Ep 1.2 (The P.C.)
(1985)"Dempsey & Makepeace"- Lucky Streak (Stephen Crane)
(1984)"Lady Is a Tramp"-Ep 2.5 (Davey)
(1983)"Lady Is a Tramp"-Ep 1.5 (Davey)
(1980)Night of One Hundred Stars
(1980)"A Tale of Two Cities" (Jerry Cruncher)
(1979)"Spooner's Patch" (Detective Con. Bulsover)
(1978)Adventures of a Plumber's Mate (Carson)
(1978)The Losers-A Star is Born (Max Snow)
(1977)The Boys and Mrs B (Lenny)
(1977)Mr. Big-The Gravy Train (Sidney)
(1976)Under the Doctor (Wilkins/ Butler)
(1975)Confessions of a Pop Performer (Nutter Normington/Kipper)
(1974)"Special Branch"- Sounds Sinister (Stuart Barnes)
(1974)This Is Your Life-John Alderton
(1972)All Star Comedy Carnival (Eric Duffy)
(1971-1973)"The Fenn Street Gang" (Eric Duffy)
(1970)Frost on Sunday-Frost at the London Palladium for the British Film and Television Awards (Eric Duffy)
(1968-71)"Please Sir!" (Eric Duffy)
Both images ©The Rank Organisation

(1967)Blood Fiend/Theatre of Death (Jean)
© Pennea Productions Ltd.

(1967)Mickey Dunne-No Flowers by Request (Young Man)
(1965)"Dixon of Dock Green"- All Clear (Chadwick)
(1965)"Barney Is My Darling"
--The 2000 Pounds a Year Man
--Home is the Sailor
(1964)"Crossroads" (Chuck Fenney)
(1959)Carry on Teacher (Schoolboy)

Images used with permission from:
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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1983

Episode: "Lost and Found"


His son, Damian, has done many parts for TV and film.

Educated at Brighton College.

Editor of novels. Here's one of the novels.

Did a TV commercial for "Tunes" (menthol drops).

Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites/Magazines

Official Website


(Feb 26, 1972) Look-in




The World Turned Upside Down which was a One Man Show for Edinburgh Festival.

TV Play

(1967)ITV Playhouse-The Stories of D.H. Lawrence: The Thorn in the Flesh (Kamper)
(1966)Thirty-Minute Theatre-They Put You Where You Are (Bill)



(Late 1970s)Tunes (Menthol drops for colds).