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Born on January 23, 1942 in Stafford, Staffordshire, England (UK).
Known Name Variations: Dame Hilda Bracket/Patrick Fyfe/Perri St. Claire.
Died on May 11, 2002 in Wellington, Somerset, England, (UK) from spinal cancer.





TV Appearances

(2007)The Story of Dear Ladies (Memorial)
(2002)RIP 2002 (Memorial)
(1999)What a Performance!-Drag
(1998)Dennis the Menace-Haunted House (Voice of Aunt Gertrude)
(1994)An Audience with Ken Dodd
(1994)"The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna" Ep 2.7 (Dame Hilda Bracket)
(1991)You Bet! Ep 4.4 (Dame Hilda Bracket)
(1989)The Krypton Factor Ep 13.0 (Dame Hilda Bracket)
(1984)Die Fledermaus (Prince Orlofsky's Guests)
(1983-1985)"Dear Ladies"- Oh, Mr. Mayor (Dame Hilda Bracket)
(1982-1989)The Random Jottings of Hinge and Bracket
(1980)Night of One Hundred Stars (Dame Hilda Bracket)
(1978)"Hinge and Bracket" (Dame Hilda Bracket)
(1977)At Home with Dr Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket (Dame Hilda Bracket)
(1977)"Dawson and Friends" Ep 1.4 (Dame Hilda Bracket)
(1977)Celebrity Squares June 25th episode (Hinge & Bracket)
(1976)"What's on Next?" (Dame Hilda Bracket)
(1976-1978)The Good Old Days (Dame Hilda Bracket)
(1974)Z Cars-Certain Parties (Billy Devere)
(1973)Special Branch-Round the Clock (Frank)

(1972)Steptoe and Son (Arthur)
©Associated London Films

(1969)"Doctor in the House"- Pass or Fail (Tonie Poitrine)

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"Grace & Favour" (AYBS/A) Stats

AYBS/A Timeframe: 1993

Episode: 2.4


(December 1997)Comic Heritage Magazine - Issue 9

Unveiling to Hylda Baker and Ben Warris


Book/Video/Audio/Radio/Official Site

Sang "Three Little Maids From School" in Die Fledermaus.


One Little Maid. The Memories of Dame Hilda Bracket

By: Hilda Bracket

Published: 1980

Publisher: London, Heinemann.

ISBN: 434085251

137 pp with b/w illustrations.



Music Composer

(1983-1984)"Dear Ladies" (theme music)


(1983)"Dear Ladies"
(1977)At Home with Dr Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket



Best known as a female impersonator named Dame Hilda Bracket.

Has a sister named Jane Fyffe.

Has a brother named Terry Fyffe. (PDF file)


(1992)"A Glamorous Night with Evelyn Laye and Friends," at the London, Palladium as Dame Hilda Bracket.
(1987)"The Importance of Being Earnest" at Regal Theatre.
"Our Lovely Days"-Regal Theatre

(1964-1965)Aladdin at the Palace Theatre Westcliff (1964-1965):