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Born on October 28, 1916 in Burton-on-Trent, England (UK).
Spouse: Eric Barker (Oct 1936-June 1, 1990-his death) 1 daughter named Petronella Barker.
Died Sept 18, 2009 at the age of 92 from natural causes.



TV Appearances

(1988)"All Creatures Great and Small"- Choose a Bright Morning (Mrs. Hird)
Both images ©BBC

(1987)"Bergerac" - A Desirable Little Residence (Mrs. Palmer)
(1987)The Little Match Girl (Mrs. Prothero)
(1987)Wogan-Wogan's Radio Fun Special 1
(1986)"That's My Boy"- The Bypass (Mrs. Jessop)
(1985)From the Top Ep 1.6 (Hattie Worthington)
(1985)"Murder of a Moderate Man" Ep 1.2
(1984)More Lives Than One
(1984)Call Earnshaw(Ethel)
(1984)Bottle Boys-Fools Rush In (Mrs Stevens)
(1984)"Minder" - A Star Is Gorn (Maude Trout)
(1984)Laughterhouse (Pub Landlady)
(1983)"That's My Boy"- A Brush with the Law (Store Detective)
(1983)The Ploughman's Lunch (Mrs. Penfield)
(1982)Shine on Harvey Moon-In Sickness and in Health (Mrs Bright)
(1982)The Gaffer-Wheeler-Dealer (Vera)
(1982)Don't Rock the Boat-Code of the Hoxtons (Mrs Hill)
(1981)"Angels" Eps 7.26+7.27
(1981)Funny Man (Gloria Leslie)
(1981)You're Only Young Twice-Flora's Big Mistake (Patient)
(1981)"Hi-De-Hi!"- Desire in the Mickey Mouse Grotto (Rose's Mum)

(1981)Dangerous Davies - The Last Detective (Landlady)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1980)The Squad-Hit and Run (Mrs Bligh)

(1980)Potter Ep 2.6 (Myra)


(1979)Yanks (Aunt Maud)
(1979)"How's Your Father?"-Who Wants to Move? (Mrs. Blenkinsop)

(1978)"All Creatures Great and Small"- Calf Love (Mrs. Crump)

(1978)The Upchat Connection-The Homecoming (Mrs Turnbull)
(1978)"Born and Bred"- Ever So Goosey (Joyce)
(1978)Happy Ever After-Watch Your Weight (Mrs Danvers)
(1978)Selwyn-The Road to Paradise Valley (Woman knitting)

(1978)The Hound of the Baskervilles (Rail Passenger)
© Michael White Productions

(1978)"The Famous Five"- Five Go Adventuring Again (Mrs. Sanders)
(1977)Midnight Is a Place Eps 1.11+1.12 (Mrs Scatcherd)
(1977)Mr. Big-The Prune Case (Mrs Berenger)
(1977)Stand Up, Virgin Soldiers (Miss Burns)
(1976)Happy Ever After-June's Day in Bed (Mrs Fletcher)

(1976)Schizo (Lady at Seance)
© Peter Walker (Heritage) Ltd.

(1976)"The New Avengers" - The Last of the Cybernauts...? (Mrs. Weir)

©IDTV Production/The Avengers Enterprises/TF1

(1976)Spring and Autumn Ep 4.6
(1976)Dickens of London-Mask (Mrs Trib)
(1975)Rooms-Leslie and Lane Parts 1+2 (Pearl)
(1975)"The Wackers" (Maggie Clarkson)
(1975)The Life of Riley-The Staff Dance (Mrs Pringle)
(1974)Looks Familiar Ep 4.12 (Guest)
(1974)Black Arrow (Nurse)
---The Stake
(1974)And Mother Makes Five-If I Can Help Somebody (Ellie)
(1974)"The Liver Birds"- Love Is (Mrs. Hardcastle)
(1974)Chico the Rainmaker (Irate Lady in Cottage)
(1974)"The Boy with Two Heads"
(1973-1980)"Coronation Street" (Daisy Hibbert)

(1973)"Seven of One"/7 of 1 - Another Fine Mess (Neighbor)

(1973)Tiffany Jones (Demonstrating Woman)
(1973)"Oh, Father!" (Mrs. Carr)
(1972)Scott On...-The SexWar
(1972)Four Dimensions of Greta (Mrs. Gruber)
(1971)The Laughing Stock of Television
(1971)You're Only Young Twice-Conspiracy of Silence (Mrs Rayner)

(1970)There's a Girl in My Soup (Wedding Guest)

©Columbia Pictures/Ascot Productions/Frankovich Productions

(1970)Bachelor Father-A Man's Man About the House (Shop Assistant)
(1970)"The Best Things in Life" (Mrs. Pollard)
(1970)The Dirtiest Girl I Ever Met (Mrs Thatcher)
(1970)Cool It Carol! (Mrs. Thatcher)
(1969)If It Moves It's Rude: The Story of the Windmill Theatre (On-screen Participant)
(1968-1976)"Z Cars" (Mrs. O'Donnell)
(1967)Danger Island (Mother)
(1962)Brothers in Law-The Judgment Summons (Mrs Starling)
(1959)"Something in the City" (Phyl Chiddock)
(1952-1953)The Eric Barker Half-Hour
(1950)The Newcomer

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1974

Episode: "The Clock"



UK Radio Times September 10, 1948, Issue 1300

UK Radio Times March 2, 1951, Issue 1425

UK Radio Times July 23, 1954, Issue 1602

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"Dad's Army" -Mrs Pike on the BBC Radio Adaptations.





-Mother of Petronella Barker.

-Ex-mother-in law of Anthony Hopkins.

(Michael (For letting me use this image of Pearl Hackney and info from his Swalwelluk website)).





Attended many injured service member's units.

Appeared in a VE-day show (London Palladium).

Was a tap dancer.

During retirement, she served on Stalisfield parish council.

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TV Plays

(1984)Weekend Playhouse-Grand Duo (Miss Bullivant)
(1981)"BBC2 Playhouse"- Dancing Country
(1980)ITV Playhouse-Midnight at the Starlight
(1971)Comedy Playhouse-The Importance of Being Hairy (Dora Leach)
(1967)"Thirty-Minute Theatre"- The Wake (Hettie Magee)
(????)Not Now, Darling


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