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Also known as Paul Humpeletz.


TV Appearances

(2012)Doctors-Nothing Ventured (Otto Zirner)
(2009)Goal! III (LADA taxi driver)
(2009)World War Two:Behind Closed Doors (Winston Churchill)
(2006)Losing It (Arthur)
(2006)My Crazy Life-Laurie Pycroft: The Making of a Teenage Protester (Voice of Narrator)
(2006)Surviving Disaster-Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster (Anatoli Mayorets)
(2005)Health (Actor)
(2005)"Look Around You"- Health (Professor Keith Craven)

(2005)"Down to Earth"- Sisterly Feelings (Maurice Swales)

Both images ©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)/Whistling Gypsy Production

(2004)Roman Road (Barman)

(2004)Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (Chemist Customer)
Both images ©Universal Pictures

(2002)Shackleton (Man in Audience)
(1999)The Waiting Time (Karl Gerber)
(1998)Human Bomb
(1996)"Expert Witness"- The Answer's in the Soil (Detective Sergeant Richards)
(1994)"Paris"- Les musiciens (Hans)
(1994)"Space Precinct"- The Snake (Stephen Dallas)
(1994)Wake Up with Libby and Jonathan (Dennis)

(1994)Backbeat (Bruno)

Both images ©Channel Four Films/PolyGram Filmed Entertainment/Fortbeam

(1993)Stalag Luft (Truck Driver)
(1993)"The Brittas Empire"- Laura's Leaving (Mr. Jackson)
(1993)The Marshal (Franco)
(1992)"The Tomorrow People"- The Origin Story: Part 3 (Boris)
(1992)Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady (Oberstein)
(1991)Brookside-Lovely Person (D.C. Lloyd)
(1990)"Uncle Jack and Operation Green"- How It All Began (Georgio Nitzkov)
(1989)"Till We Meet Again"-Ep 1.1
(1989)A Fine Romance-A Yank and the RAF (General Von Drinnen)

(1989)Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (German Officer at Hitler Rally)
©Paramount Pictures/Lucasfilm

(1989)"Hannay"- The Good Samaritan (Conductor)
(1988)Rockliffe's Folly-Nine-Tenths of the Law (George Maplethorpe)
(1986)C.A.T.S. Eyes-One Away (Prison Governor)
(1985)Revolution (New York Burgher)
(1985)Operation Julie (Carl)

(1985)"Edge of Darkness" (Detective Chief Supt. Elham)
---Burden of Proof

---Into the Shadows

(1985)Operation Julie (Carl)
(1985)"Terry and June"- The Dish (Mr. Baker)

(1985)"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"- The Final Problem (Herr Steiler)

©Granada Television

(1985)The Holcroft Covenant (Oberst's Guard)
(1984)"The Gentle Touch"- A Woman's Word (Goodwin)
(1983)"Reilly: Ace of Spies"-The Visiting Fireman (Von Der Helle)
(1982)"Squadron"- Deadline (Ferdie Brucker)
(1982)Q.E.D.-Target:London (Flunkey)
(1981)"Juliet Bravo"- Arlene (Bobby Dawson)
(1981)Riding High (Gelt)
(????)"Smuggler"- Missing Princess (Cade)
(1980)"The Onedin Line"- A Long Way Home
(1980)Grandad Ep 2.1 (The Great Mesmo)
(1980)"The Professionals"-Wild Justice (D.C.I. Botham)
(1980)Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (Marcellus)
(1980)Watch All Night-Web
(1971-1978)"Z Cars" (Ashford/Meyer/Erlander/Captain Ehrlich)
(1978)"The Professionals"-Where the Jungle Ends (Tub)
(1978)Force 10 from Navarone (Sergeant Bismark)
(1978)Life of Shakespeare-The Living Record (Keeper of the Tower)
(1978)People Like Us-Another War (Nikki)
(1977)"Target"- Roadrunner (Lorry Driver)
(1977)"Survivors"- The Last Laugh (Powell)
(1976)"Angels"- Signals (Mr Hillier)
(1975)"Thriller"- Murder Motel (Osgood)
(1975)Churchill's People-Silver Giant, Wooden Dwarf (Mayor)

(1974)The Black Windmill (Tompkins)
©Universal Pictures

(1974)Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (Modeste Imbecile)
©Reg Grundy Productions Pty. Ltd.

(1973)"Crown Court"- Intent to Kill Part 1 (Terence Manning)
(1973)"Menace"- Tom (Detective Sergeant Allen)
(1973)The Adventures of Black Beauty -Foul Play (Selby)
(1973)"Colditz" - Gone Away: Parts 1+2 (James)
(1973)"Madigan"- The Lisbon Beat (Kotcher)
(1973)Nothing But the Night (Angus)
(1972)The Incredible Robert Baldick : Never Come Night (Sturry)
(1972)Queenie's Castle-The Patter of Tiny Feet (Doctor)
(1972)The Train Now Standing-Double Top (Herr Muller)
(1972)His and Hers-Ballet (Russian)
(1972)"Spy Trap"- Girl in Waiting Parts 1+2 (Henry)
(1972)"The Befrienders"- Nobody Understands Miranda (Clifford)

(1972)Doomwatch (3rd Man)

(1972)The Befrienders-Nobody Understands Miranda (Clifford)
(1972)The Shadow of the Tower-Crown in Jeopardy (Sir Robert Willoughby)
(1971)"Jason King"- All That Glisters Parts 1+2 (Weil)
(1971)Justice-The most Important Thing of All (Lorry Driver)
(1971)The Expert-Smithereens (Stan)
(1970)"Timeslip"-The Wrong End of Time Parts 1-6 (Graz)

(1967)Look and Read-Joe and the Sheep Rustlers (One of the Beasley brothers)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1985

Episode: "The Hold-Up"

"Grace & Favour" (AYBS/A) Stats

AYBS/A Timeframe: 1993

Episode: 2.5



Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites

Radio Play

(Aug 2, 2003)The Element of Water (Plays Michael)




Video Game

(2013)Star Wars: The Old Republic-Rise of the Hutt Cartel (Additional voices)
(2002)Clock Tower 3 (voice)(Dick Hamilton)

Contact Info

Cooper Searle Personal Management
c/o Paul Humpoletz
St Martin's Theatre, West Street,
London, WC2H 9NZ


TV Play

(1981)"Play for Today"- Beyond the Pale (Rocker)


(????)The Edge of Tranquility (Theatre Tarquini)

(Jan 28-30, 2011)Handel and the Darkening Moon (The Comedy Theater in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Paul produced and performed in this play)).