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Born in 1955 in in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England, UK.
(July 2006) Retired from the entertainment industry.


TV Appearances

(1981)Carry on Laughing

(1980-1981)"Hi-De-Hi!" (Mary)

Both images ©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1980) "The Goodies" - Politics (Woman on right in picture below)

(1978) The Comeback (Girl Singer)
(1978)The Flockton Flyer-Ready When You Are, Mr Cutley (Felicity)

(1978)"The Professionals"- Private Madness, Public Danger (Pam)
©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1977)That's Carry On (Lizzy)
(1977)Spectre (First Maid)
(1977)Mr. Big-The Gravy Train (Linda)

(1977)Aces High (French Girl)
©Les Productions Jacques Roitfeld/S. Benjamin Fisz Productions/Cine Artists Pictures

(1976)The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones (Serving Wench)

(1976)The Likely Lads (Sandy)
©Anglo-EMI Productions Ltd.

(1975)"Dad's Army" - My Brother and I (Chambermaid)

(1975)Churchill's People-Mutiny (Red Maggie)
(1975)"The Two Ronnies" Ep 4.3

(1975)House of Whipcord (Ann-Marie Di Verney)
a©Peter Walker (Heritage) Ltd.

(1974)It's Not the Size That Counts (Chiquita)

(1974)Carry on Dick (Birds of Paradise Entertainer)
All 4 images ©The Rank Organisation

(1974)Percy's Progress (Chiquita)
(1974)"Beryl's Lot" - Rosie All the Way (Yvonne)
(1974)Vampira/Old Drac ('Playboy' Bunny)
(1973) "Beryl's Lot" (Yvonne)
---Dancing Lessons
---Definitely Very Chilly
(1973)Tiffany Jones (Girl at pool party)
(1973) Big Zapper (Maggie)
(1972) "The Benny Hill Show" - Woodstick (Extra)
(1964)Mr & Mrs (Co-Host)

Images in this section used with permission from:
Anonymous Contributor


AYBS Stats

AYBS timeframe : 1976-1979


"Fifty Years On"
"Oh What a Tangled Web"
"The Father Christmas Affair"
"Mrs. Slocombe Expects"
"A Change Is as Good as a Rest"
"Founder's Day"
"It Pays to Advertise"
"By Appointment"
"The Club"
"Do You Take This Man"?
"Shedding the Load"
"A Bliss Girl"
"Happy Returns"
"The Junior"
"Strong Stuff, This Insurance"
"The Apartment"
"Mrs. Slocombe, Senior Person"
"The Hero"
"Anything You Can Do"
"The Agent"
"The Punch and Judy Affair"

(1992)The Best of 'Are You Being Served?'

(1977)Are You Being Served? The Movie



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-Is left-handed.
-Retired from showbusiness.



(1972) Top of the Pops

(Used with permission from Keith ( p-volume-27-shm-805/)).


TV Plays

(1977)"ITV Playhouse"- The Proofing Session (Eileen)