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Height: 5' 6½"
Born October 21, 1933 in Willesden, London (England) UK
Died March 1, 2013


TV Appearances

(2004)"Feather Boy" Eps 1.5+1.6 (Dulcie)
(2003)"Doctors"- A Job for Life (Betty Allen)
(2002)"Casualty"-Blowing the Whistle (Emily)
(2000-2001)"Down to Earth" (Addy)
(1998)"Vanity Fair" Ep 1.1 (Miss Pinkerton)
(1998)"An Unsuitable Job for a Woman"- The Sacrifice (Mrs. Gladwin)
(1997)"The Famous Five"- Five Go Adventuring Again (Mary Sanders)

(1997)Fierce Creatures (Woman in red dress' Mother)
©Universal Pictures/Jersey Films/Fish Productions

(1997)"Peak Practice"- Tough Love (Molly)
(1996)Lyddie (Mrs. Bedlow)

(1996)"Silent Witness"- Buried Lies: Parts 1+2 (Mrs. Phillips)

Image © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)/Cipango Productions Audiovisuelles/A+E Networks

(1996)Hotel Hilbert (Penny)
(1995)Cold Comfort Farm (Aunt Gwen)
(1994)"Scarlett" (Prison Matron)
(1993)Shadowlands (Mrs. Young)
(1992)Lady Chatterley Eps 1.1+1.4 (Mrs. Mellors)
(1992)Anglo Saxon Attitudes Ep 1.3

(1991)"Agatha Christie's Poirot"- The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor (Civil Defence Organiser)
©Carnival Films; London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1990)"Casualty"-Love's a Pain (Mavis Watson)
(1990)The Endless Game (Tanya)
(1989)The Rachel Papers (Mrs. Tauber)

(1989)"Mystery! Campion"- Police at the Funeral: Part 2 (Mrs. Finch)
Both images ©BBC

(1989)"Mystery! Campion"- The Case of the Late Pig (Mrs. Finch)

(1988)Without a Clue (Mrs. Hudson)
Both images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1988)We Think the World of You (Miss Sweeting)
(1987)Making Waves (May)
(1986)Through an Unknown Land (Mrs. Todd)
(1986)Prospects-Rodent Avengers

(1986)Clockwise (Mrs. Wisely)
© Moment Films/Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment

(1985-1987)Drummonds (Arlene)
(1985)"C.A.T.S. Eyes"- The Double Dutch Deal (Mrs. Heppinstall)
(1984)"Dramarama"- On Your Tod (Rose)
(1984)On the Shelf (Madame Vera)
(1983)The Baker Street Boys (Mrs Hudson)
(1983)The Second Part of Henry VI (Margery Jourdain)
(1982)The Adventures of Little Lord Fauntleroy (Dawson)
(1982)Inside the Third Reich (Maternity Nurse)
(1981)Memoirs of a Survivor (Victorian Mother)
(1981)"Sunday Night Thriller"- Blunt Instrument: Parts 1+2 (Janet)

(1980)"Tales of the Unexpected"- The Flypaper (Vera)
©Anglia Television

(1980)"Yes Minister"- The Economy Drive (Nelly/Cleaning Lady)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1979)Jackanory Playhouse-The Wizard of Crumm and the Ice Princess (Queen Illiann)
(1979)Matilda's England (Mrs Tyzack)

(1979)"Fawlty Towers"- The Anniversary (Virginia)
Both images ©BBC

(1979)"Thomas and Sarah"-Alma Mater (Mrs. Battersby)
(1979)An Honourable Retirement (Mrs Van Heerden)
(1978)"The Devil's Crown"- Richard Yea and Nay (Maint)
(1978)The Sailor's Return (Mrs. Bascombe)
(1978)Come Back, Lucy Ep 1.1 (Mrs Belling)
(1977)The Peppermint Pig (Aunt Harriet)
(1977)"Crown Court"- The Family Business Part 1 (Sarah Pegg)
(1974)"David Copperfield" Eps 1.1-1.3 (Clara Peggotty)
(1974)Justice-Duty of Care (Eileen Donner)
(1973)"Hadleigh"- Strained Relations (Mollie)

(1973)The Roses of Eyam (Mrs Sydall)

Both images ©BBC Birmingham

(1969)John Browne's Body Ep 1.5 (Mavis)

(1968)"The Prisoner"- The Schizoid Man (Nurse)
©Everyman Films

(1963)"No Hiding Place"- A Hole in the Head (Grace Begg)
(1962)A Kind of Loving (Christine Harris)

Images in this section used with permission from:
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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1981

Episode: "A Personal Problem"



Retired from acting.

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TV Plays

(1979)BBC Plays Mathilda's England (Mrs. Tyzack)
---The Drawing Room
---The Summer House
---The Tennis Court


(1956-1958)Oxford Playhouse

(1964)"A Midsummer's Night Dream" at the Library Theatre.

(1985)"Nicholas Nickelby" at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.