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Born on September 30, 1928 in London, England (UK).
Died on March 19, 1988 in London, England (UK).

TV Appearances

(2009)Mollie Sugden: A Tribute
(1986)"The Life and Loves of a She-Devil" (Mrs. Ivan)
(1985)From the Top Ep 1.6 (Molly Jolly)
(1984)"Hi-De-Hi!"- Off with the Motley (Mavis)
(1983)"Don't Wait Up" Ep 1.1 (The Dog Owner)
(1982)"The Chinese Detective"- Trials (Landlady)
(1981)Rosie-You're Beautiful Miss Parkinson (Wife)
(1981)You're Only Young Twice-The Home Perm (Ada)
(1981)"Sorry I'm a Stranger Here Myself" (Sybil Nunn)
---Death of a Songbird

(1980)"Minder" - You Lose Some, You Win Some (Woman at Health Farm)
Both images ©Euston Films

(1978)"The Professionals"- In the Public Interest (Sally)
(1978)The Class of Miss MacMichael (Mrs. Bellrind)
(1977)Jackanory Playhouse-the Invisible Guest

(1976)The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin-Trying a Frenchman, Welshman, Scotsman and an Italian (Barmaid)
Both Images ©BBC

(1975)The Nearly Man (Beryl Gardiner)
---Re-Shuffle: June 1975
---Power Base: April 1975
(1975)The Rough with the Smooth-The Broom Cupboard (Mrs Andrews)
(1975)"Dawson's Weekly"- Stage-Struck (Secretary)
(1975)"Sadie, It's Cold Outside" Ep 1.6 (Woman in laundrette)
(1975)"The Good Life"/Good Neignbors - Backs to the Wall (Molly)
(1975)The Wackers-No Rest for the Wicked (Sheila Redfern)
(1974)Second Time Around (Shelia)
---Point of Disengagement
---Miss Right
(1974)"Shoulder to Shoulder"-Sylvia Pankhurst (Woman at the London Pavilion)
(1974)On the Game/Sex Through the Ages (Greek Brothel Keeper)
(1973)"Dad's Army"- We Know Our Onions (NAAFI Girl)
-Spy Ring
(1972)"Budgie"- Louie the Ring Is Dead and Buried in Kensal Green Cemetery (Louie's Widow)
(1971)Never Mind the Quality, feel the Width-Daylight Robbery (Leah)
(1971)Misleading Cases-The Usual Channel (Miss Bedworthy)
(1968)Gazette-It's All Happening (Madame Le Lange)
(1968)"Champion House" (Mrs. Lloyd)
---Pilot Error
---Don't Let Your Right Hand
---A Knife in Your Back
(1967)The Des O'Conner Show June 13th episode
(1967)Mr. Aitch-And Never the Twain Shall Meet
(1967)All Gas and Gaiters-The Bishop Gets the Sack (Maggie/Post's Assistant)
(1965)"Z Cars" - Error of Judgement (Mrs. Phillips)
(1964)Sergeant Cork-The Case of the Dumb Witness (Maggie Bates)
(1962)"Dixon of Dock Green"- Cause for Alarm (Rita)
(1961)"Dixon of Dock Green"- The Lifters and the Leaners (Irma Stevens)
(1961) Citizen James
(1960)Arthur's Treasured Volumes-A Blow in Anger (Mrs Briggs)
(1959)"Hancock's Half Hour"
--- The Economy Drive (Canteen Server)
--- The New Nose
(1959)Room at the Top (Thespians Member)
(1957)"Hancock's Half Hour"-The Adopted Family
(1957)"Be Soon" Dec 6th episode

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AYBS Timeframe: 1973

Episode: "Camping In"





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TV Play

(1976)"Play for Today"- Bar Mitzvah Boy (Sylvia)
(1970)Don't Ring Us..We'll Ring You (Gloria)