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Born on August 20, 1932 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England (UK).
Birth Name: Charles Peter Needham
Died August 7, 2009 in London, England (UK).

TV Appearances

(2006)The Line of Beauty-To Whom Do You Beautifully Belong (Old Man)
(2003)"My Uncle Silas" - The Race (Tommy Hazlitt)
(2003)My Uncle Silas II (Tommy Hazlett)
(2000)Dark Realm-See No Evil (Elderly Shopkeeper)
(1998)"The Bill" - The Fat Lady Sings (Judge Pinter)
(1998)Picking Up the Pieces Ep 1.2 (Stephen Mead)
(1997)Firelight (Rector)

(1997)"Ivanhoe" (Abbot)
©BBC and A&E

(1996)"Xena: Warrior Princess" - Death Mask (Village Elder)
(1996)"Jack and Jeremy's Real Lives" - Aristocrats
(1996)"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" - The Apple (Plato)

(1996)"A Touch of Frost" - Deep Waters (Caretaker)
©ITV Productions

(1995)"Inspector Morse" - The Way Through the Woods (Estate Manager)
©Carlton UK Productions

(1995)"Performance" - The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd (Mine Manager)
(1995)"Pride and Prejudice" Ep 1.4 (Fencing master)
(1994)Before the Rain (Maire d')
(1991)Screen Two-The Count of Solar (Surgeon)
(1990)An Angel at My Table (Dr. Palmer)
(1987)A Prayer for the Dying (Cemetery Superindentent)
(1987)"One by One" (Harry Evans)
--- Coming to Terms
--- Down Below
(1986)Clockwise (Porter)
(1985)The Kenny Everett Television Show Eps 3.2+3.4 (Various)
(1984)"Minder" - The Long Ride Back to Scratchwood (Joe Eldon)
(1976)Bouquet of Barbed Wire (Doctor)
(1975)Churchill's People-A Bill of Mortality (John Evelyn)
(1974)"Special Branch" - Double Exposure (Detective Sergeant)
(1973)Justice-Harriet Peterson Versus Dr. Moody (Businessman)
(1972)Man Who Was Hunting Himself Ep 1.1 (Phillips)
(1971)"Crime of Passion" (Robert Masson)
--- Justine
(1970)"Up Pompeii" - Britannicus (Ancient Briton #2)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS TImeframe: 1973

Episode: "Our Figures Are Slipping"



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(August 12, 2003)Three Sisters at the Lyttelton Theatre
(1992) As You Like It (Touchstone) at the Lyric Theatre
(1987)Richard II (Duke of York) at the University of Illinois at Chicago

(1985)The Cherry Orchard

(Both photos initially taken for McKellen/Pethebridge Group. Used with permission from Keith at

(1985)The Critic

(Photo initially taken for McKellen/Pethebridge Group. Used with permission from Keith at

(1976)South Bank
(March 12, 1975-May 31, 1975)The Misanthrope (Dubois)
(1962)Macbeth (First Murderer)
(December 26, 1956-January 12, 1957)Troilus and Cressida (Greek Officer)
(October 29, 1956-January 12, 1957)Macbeth (Donalbain/Apparition)
(October 24, 1956-January 12, 1957)Romeo and Juliet (Ensemble)
(October 23, 1956-January 12, 1957)King Richard II (Herald to Mowbray/Ensemble)
(1955)"Julius Caesar" at the Old Vic Theatre

TV Plays

(1974)"Play for Today"- Easy Go (Playground leader)
(1973)"Play for Today"- Jingle Bells (Harry)