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TV Appearances

(2003)"Where the Heart Is"- Love Hurts (Landlord of Bed & Breakfast)

(2000)Midsomer Murders-Garden of Death (Desmond Cox)
©Bentley Productions

(1999)"Home Farm Twins" (Fred Hunt)
(1995)The Vacillations of Poppy Carew (Vicar)
(1992)B & B (Mr. Evans)
(1983)"The Citadel" Parts 3-5 (Dr. Llewellyn)
(1980)"You're Only Young Twice"- Twas the Night Before Christmas (The Policeman)

(1980)"To Serve Them All My Days"-Part 9 (Evans)

(1980)How's Your Father? (Mr Stevens)
---The One That Got Away
(1980)Rings on Their Fingers-If You Can't Beat Them (Jumble donor)
(1979)The Good Old Days March 1st episode (Performer)
(1978)"A Horseman Riding By"- 1902: The Party (Eph Morgan)
(1978)"Come Back Mrs. Noah"
---To the Rescue (Voice of Slumber Control)
---In Orbit (Professor Holzburger)
(1977)Odd Man Out
---Ooh La La (Marcel Legros)
---A Chip Off the Old Block (Man in Chip Shop)
(1977)Mr. Big-The Great Betting Shop Swindle

(1976)Schizo (Manager)
© Peter Walker (Heritage) Ltd.

(1976)The Dick Emery Show Ep 14.6
(1976)How Green Was My Valley Ep 1.5 (Cheapjack)
(1974)A Private Enterprise (Fish & Chip Shop Man)

(1974)Callan (Shabby security man)
Both images ©Magnum Films and Syn-Frank Enterprises

(1973)"Oh, Father!"- A Little Law (Mr. Jermyn)

(1963)Rule of Three (Percy Gunner)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1977-1979


"The Hero"
"The Club"
"It Pays to Advertise"
"Mrs. Slocombe Expects"

In the movie, "Are You Being Served?", he played Grace Brothers Hairdresser.


(2004)"Henry IV Part I" and "A Midsummer's Night Dream," as well as "Camelot" at the Open Air Theatre

(1996-97)Barbican: Ian Judge (Calchas) at RST

(1996-97) Barbican: Steven Pimlott (Le Beau/Martext) at RST

(1994)A Christmas Carol

(1993-1994)"The Tragedy of King Lear (Doctor)

(1990-1992) Ian Judge (Sir Nathaniel)

(1988/89) Barbican: Adrian Noble (Tyrell/Mayor of London) at RST

(1988/89) Barbican: Adrian Noble (Bedford/Iden) at RST

(1988) Di Trevis (Antonio) at RST

(1987) Barbican: Barry Kyle (Bushy) at RST (with Jeremy Irons)

(1985)Cyrano de Bergerac (Jodelet) George Gershwin Theatre

(June-Oct 1976) "Are You Being Served?", (stage version), at the Blackpool Winter Gardens. Played The Male Customer and Cesar.

(June-Oct 1976) Played The Male Customer and Cesar in the stage version of Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft's "Are You Being Served?" at the Blackpool Winter Gardens in Lancashire, UK.

(1969)Edward II (Levune/Lord Mortimer of Chirk/The Earl of Leicester) at the Swan Theatre(RSC)

(1957)Listen James/It's the Geography That Counts-play written by Raymond Bowers.

(????)The Herbal Bed (Parry Bishop)

(????)Henry VI (Duke of Burgundy)

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(1965-1969)Plane Makers/The Power Game (Scripts)

(????)Secret Agent/Danger Man
- A Man to be Trusted
-The Man with the Foot

(????)Man in a Suitcase
-The Man Who Stood Still