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Born on November 6, 1918 in Bristol, England (UK).
Known Name Variations: Ronald J. Brody/Ronald J Brody/Ronny Brody/Ron Brody
Died on May 8, 1991 in London, England (UK).

TV Appearances

(1990)The Best of'The Lenny Henry Show'
(1989)"The Nineteenth Hole" Ep 1.4 (John Wilberforce-The Steward)
(1988)"Chelmsford 123"- One for the Road (Ancient Briton)
(1988)Little Dorrit (Broke Tenant)

(1986)"T-Bag Strikes Again"- Long John Sylvia (Jack Plugg)
©Times Films

(1986)"Lenny Henry Tonite"- Gronk Zillman
(1984)"Hi-De-Hi!" (Plumber)
---Beauty Queen Affair
---Off with the Motley
(1984)"The Lenny Henry Show"- Ep 1.5
(1984)The Hello Goodbye Man Ep 1.3 (Waiter)
(1984)Lady is a Tramp Ep 2.6 (George)
(1983-1984)What a Carry On
(1983)"Terry and June"-Pardon My Dust (Billy Weston)

(1983)Superman III (Husband)
©Cantharaus Productions N.V.

(1982)"Terry and June"-Bingo (Mr. Tiker)
(1982)Janet and Company Ep 2.4
(1981)Cowboys-Operation Douche (Mr Selhurst)

(1981)"Hi-De-Hi!"-The Beauty Queen Affair (Reg)

(1981)"Frankie Howerd Strikes Again"
(1981)The Gaffer-All in a Day's Strike (Baxter)
(1980)Oh Happy Band-Let Bygones Be Bygones (Policeman)

(1980)Rising Damp (Waiter)
©Yorkshire Television (YTV)

(1979)"Sykes"- The Insurance Money
(1979)"Friday Night, Saturday Morning" Ep 1.5
(1978)Bernie Ep 1.2

(1978)What's Up Superdoc! (The Boss)
©Blackwater Film Productions Ltd.

(1978)A Hitch in Time (Grandpa Hatton-Jones)
(1978)What's Up Nurse! (Jam Jar Man)
(1977)"The Goodies"- Rock Goodies (Chamberlain)

(1977)Dad's Army-Number Engaged (The GPO Man)
Both images ©BBC

(1977)The Basil Brush Show Oct 22nd episode
(1977)Get Some In!-Crash Exercise (Ambulance Driver)
(1977)"The Heavy Mob" (Lofty Harris)
(1977)Mike Yarwood in Persons Eps 1.3+1.5
(1977)What's Up Nurse! (Jam Jar Man)
(1976)"The Howerd Confessions" Ep 1.4 (The Suspect)
(1976)"The Sweeney"- Visiting Fireman (Garage Mechanic)
(1976)The Ritz (Small Patron)
(1976)I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight (Neighbour)
(1976)The Chiffy Kids-Decorators Limited (Mr Foster)

(1975)Dad's Army-High Finance (Mr Swann)

(1975)"Rising Damp"- The Last of the Big Spenders (Charlie)
(1975)"Carry on Laughing!"
---The Prisoner of Spenda (Waiter)
©Thames Television
---Under the Round Table (Shortest Knight)
©Thames Television

(1974)The Dick Emery Show Ep 12.3
(1974)Holiday with Strings (Courier)
(1973)Thirty Minutes Worth Ep 2.6
(1973)Ooh La La!-Kept on a String (Antonio)

(1973)Dad's Army-The Royal Train (Bob)
mBoth images ©BBC

(1973)"Bless This House"
---Entente Not So Cordiale (Henri)
---One Good Turn Deserves a Bother (Waiter)
(1973)"Whoops Baghdad!"- The Wizard Prang (Mustafa Shufti)
(1972)Cosmo and Thingy (Thingy)
(1972)Father Dear Father-The Engagement (Waiter)

(1971-1978)Dave Allen at Large
Both images ©BBC

(1971)"The Benny Hill Show"- News at Ten with Reginald Boozenquet (Various)

(1971)The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins ("Sloth" segment-Costermonger)
©Tigon Pictures

(1971)Scott On...-Entertainment
(1971)1000 Convicts and a Woman

(1971)Percy (Reporter)

(1970)Carry on Loving (Henry)

All 3 images ©The Rank Organisation

(1970)World of Beachcomber An Anthology of Huntingdonshire Cabmen

(1969)"Curry & Chips" Ep 1.1 (Kelly)
©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1969)The Bed Sitting Room (Dwarf/Chauffeur)
©Oscar Lewenstein Productions

(1969)All Gas and Gaiters-The Bishop Has a Flutter (Jack Cobb)
(1968)The World of Beachcomber Ep 1.8
(1968)The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom (Security guard)
(1967)Sykes Versus ITV
(1967)"The Bruce Forsyth Show" Ep 2.5
(1967)Spotlight April 14th episode

(1967)The Plank (Nude Model Carrier)
Both images ©Associated London Films

(1966)Carry on Pimpernel/Don't Lose Your Head (Little Man)
©Peter Rogers Productions

(1966)Finders Keepers (Drunk)
(1966)A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Roman soldier)

(1965)Help! (Priest/Thug)
©Walter Shenson Films

(1964)"Fire Crackers" (Loverboy)
(1964)The Bargee (Ted Croxley)
(1964)"Bold as Brass" Eps 1.2-1.5 (Jack)
(1964)The Bargee (Ted Croxley)
(1963)"Hancock"- The Politician (Postman)

(1963)A Stitch in Time (Small Band Member)
Both images ©The Rank Organisation

(1963)The Plain Man's Guide to Advertising (The Plain Man)

(1963)Call Me Bwana (Tom)©Danjaq/Eon Productions

(1962)"Citizen James"
---The Hospital
---The Watchdog (Burglar)
(1960)"Citizen James"-The Raffle (Nosh Bar Owner)
(1959)"Hancock's Half Hour"- Spanish Interlude (English Bullfighter)
(1957-1965)"The Benny Hill Show" (Various)

(1956)Who Done It? (Gun Shop Assistant)
Both images ©Michael Balcon Productions/Ealing Studios

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(1969)"The Wednesday Play"- The Fabulous Frump (Tramp)