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Born on June 24, 1965 in England(UK).
Spouse: Sophie Thompson (1995 - present)
Has 2 children; one named Ernie james and the other named Walter Eric.



TV Appearances/Crew

(2017)Darkest Hour (General Ismay)
(2016)Crazyhead-A Very Trippy Horse (Dr. Jones)
(2016)Father Brown-The Resurrectionists (Peter Blackstone)
(2014)Trollied-Ep 4.8 (Dr. Philip)
(2014)Remember Me-Ep 1.2 (Jeff Harding)
(2014)Heart of Lightness (Ballested)
(2014)Downhill (Gordon)
(2013)All at Sea-Bee Boy (Mr. King)
(2008-2013)Holby City (Declan Pryce / David Richardson / Stewart Turner)
--Fredrik (Declan Pryce)
--The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (David Richardson)
--This Be the Verse (Stewart Turner)
(2013)By Any Means-Ep 1.1 (Raymond Nash)
(2013)Midsomer Murders-The Sicilian Defence (David Farmer)
(2012)Little Crackers-Rebecca Front's Little Cracker: Rainy Days and Mondays (Dad)
(2012)City Slacker (Simon)
(2012) Vexed-Ep 2.1 (Jeff)
(2012)Sightseers (Rambler)
(2010)The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson-Ep 2.1
(2010)Summer in Transylvania (Dr. Farley/Mike Farley)
--Kiss of the Wolfboy (Dr. Farley)
--Banned (Dr. Farley)
--Attack of the Psycho Dates (Mike Farley)
--Summer That Time Forgot: Part 1 (MIke Farley)
(2009-2010)Life of Riley (Roger Weaver)
(2009)The Catherine Tate Show-Nan's Christmas Carol (Bob Cratchit)

(2009)Garrow's Law Ep 1.2 (Surgeon Tomkins)

(2009)U Be Dead (DI Steve Thorpe)
(2009)Free Agents Ep 1.4
(2009)Grownups-Balls (Doctor)
(2008)Morris: A Life with Bells On (Plush Gurney)
(2008-2017)Holby City(Stewart Turner/David Richardson/Declan Pryce/Dr. Harris Shorley)
(2008)"EastEnders" (Arnold)
--- May 9th episode
--- May 8th episode
--- May 6th episode
(2008)Dis/Connected (David)
(2003-2014)"Doctors" (Nolly Parker/Alan Booth/Tony Wylie)
(2007)Suburban Shootout-In It for the Wild Life/Fight Club (Toby Jerwood-Jones)
(2007)"Party Animals" Ep 1.1+1.4 (Nigel)
(2007)"Casualty"-Fish Out of Water (Paul Hawley)
(2005-2006)"Sugar Rush" (Nathan)
(2005)Julian Fellowes Investigates: A Most Mysterious Murder - The Case of the Croydon Poisonings (Thomas Sidney)
(2005)"Love Soup"- War Is Heck (Stephen)
(2004)"All About Me" (Charles)
(2004)Every Seven Years (Barman)
(2004)"Hardware"- Loser (Cliff Hicks)
(2003)The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John (Baptist's Disciple #2)
(2003-2014)Doctors(Tony Wylie/Ray Pendall/Anthony Barclay)
(2002)The Real Jane Austen (Robert Ferrars)
(2002)"Casualty"-Gimme Shelter (Jonathan Scott)
(2002)My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117 (Father in Park)
(2002)"Celeb"- The Guest (Reporter)
(2002)"The House That Jack Built" (Roger Squire)
(2002)Silent Cry (Tim Cox)
(2001)"People Like Us"- The Mother (Paul)
(2001)Attila (Petronius)
(2000)Room to Rent (Sam)
(1999)"Dangerfield"- Tying the Knot (Darren Sullivan)
(1999)"Wonderful You" Eps 1.1-1.2 (Henry)

(1998)Horatio Hornblower: The Duel/The Even Chance (Midshipman Hether)
©A&E Television Networks/Ecou Films/Celtic Films

(1998)Distress Signals (Philip Wednesday)

(1998)The Avengers (Boodle's Porter)
©ABC Weekend Television

(1997)"Chalk"-The New Student (Ronald Langland)
(1995-1996)"Is It Legal?" (Colin Lotus)

(1995)Sense and Sensibility (Robert Ferrars)
©Columbia Pictures Corporation

(1995)"Coogan's Run"- Dearth of a Salesman (Alun Crown)

(1995)"One Foot in the Grave"- The Affair of the Hollow Lady (Nurse)

(1995)Chris Barrie's Motoring Wheel Nuts (Anorak)
(1995-1998)Is It Legal?(Colin Lotus)
(1994)Nelson's Column-Out on a Limb (Tony)
(1991)Waterfront Beat
---Pick Up
(1991)"The Brittas Empire"- Underwater Wedding (Groom)
(1988-1989)"First of the Summer Wine" (Foggy)

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(1999)"Wonderful You"


"Grace & Favour" (AYBS/A) Stats

AYBS/A Timeframe: 1993

Episode: 2.1


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Contact Info

Richard Lumsden
Curtis Brown Group Ltd.
Haymarket House
5th Floor
28-29 Haymarket
London SW1Y 4SP
United Kingdom





-Brother-in-law of Emma Thompson.



(2009)Morris: A Life with Bells On