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Born in Reigate, Surrey on April 7, 1909.
Known Name Variation: Bob Raglan.
Died on July 18, 1985.

TV Appearances

(2008)Jonathan Ross Salutes 'Dad's Army' (Colonel)
(2008)The Comedy Map of Britain
(2007)Comedy Connections
(1983)Keep Off the Grass (Man with Darkie)
(1983)"Shelley"-The Party (The C.B.E.)
(1983)The Two Ronnies Ep 10.2 (The Colonel)
(1983)"The Citadel"-Part 6 (Dr Whinney)
(1982)Kelly Monteith Ep 4.6
(1982)"Never the Twain" - The More We Are Together (Tax Inspector)
(1982)A Kind of Loving-October 1973: Part 1 (Maurice Kendall)
(1982)Let There Be Love-Your Place or Mine (Solicitor)
(1982)Masterpiece Theater: Nancy Astor
(1981)It Takes a Worried Man-Frankly Speaking (Blanchard)
(1981)Churchill and the Generals (General Maitland Wilson)
(1980)"Shelley"-Expletive Deleted (Tom)

(1980)The Mirror Crack'd (Villager)

Both images © EMI Films/G.W. Films

(1980)Wainwright's Law-A Short, Sharp Shock (Clerk of the Court)
(1980)Grundy-First Encounters of a Close Kind (Dr Ayres)
(1979)Suez 1956 (Sir Robert Menzies)
(1979)"George and Mildred"-A Driving Ambition (Mr Bowles)
(1979)"Robin's Nest"- Albert's Ball (Carter)
(1979)A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Judge)
(1978)The Upchat Connection-A Game of Singles (Uncle Henry)

(1978)"Going Straight" - Going Off the Rails (Inspector)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1978)"George and Mildred"
---Just the Job (Brown)
---Opportunity Knocks (Mr Clifton-White)

(1977) "You're Only Young Twice" - Stranger in Paradise (Mr. Whittaker)
©Yorkshire Television (YTV)

(1977)The Many Wives of Patrick-The Secret Life of Harold (Sir Charles Collins)
(1976)Spring and Autumn
---Ep 3.4 (Man Patient)
---Ep 4.5 (Mr Friar)
(1975)Love Thy Neighbor-Manchester United (Doctor)
(1974)Spring and Autumn-Ep 2.6 (Mr Bedford)
(1974)"Bless This House" (George Humphries)
---The Policeman, the Paint and the Pirates
---The First 25 Years Are the Worst
(1974)My Name is Harry Worth-The Family Reunion (Magistrate)
(1974)"The Adventures of Black Beauty" - Goodbye Beauty (Mr. Sheridan)
(1973)"Oh, Father!"- The World, My Parish (Mr. Bellamy)
(1973)Thirty Minutes Worth Ep 2.3
(1973)Father-Dear Father-It's in the Book (Mr Fletcher)
(1972)"Bless This House"-A Rolls by Any Other Name (Sir Maxwell)
(1972)"Doomwatch" - Flood (General Gunnarson)
(????)Going Straight

(1972)"The Adventurer" - Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly? (Beavis)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1971)Justice-When Did You First Feel the Pain? (County Court Judge)
(1971)Bachelor Father-Peter Lamb:This Is Your Anniversary (Doctor)
(1971)To Catch a Spy (Ambassador)
(1971)The Dick Emery Show Ep 9.4
(1971)"The Liver Birds" Episode 2.12 (Manager)
(1971)Father-Dear Father-Housey Housey (Mr Giddings)

(1970-1977)Dad's Army
All 8 images © Columbia Pictures Corporation

(1970)"Steptoe and Son" - Tea for Two (Mr. Caldwell)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1970)The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer (General Strike)

All 3 images © Warner Brothers/Seven Arts

(1970)The Main Chance-A Man I Know to Be Innocent (Judge)
(1970)Toomorrow (Principal)
(1970)Loot (Doctor)
(1969)Mr. Digby Darling-Prime of Life (Medical Officer)

(1969)The Magic Christian (Maltravers)
Both images ©Commonwealth United Entertainment

(1969)Hadleigh-A Memory of Time Past (Dr Fielding)

(1969)The Haunted House of Horror/Horror House (Bradley)
© Tigon/American International Pictures (AIP)/Tigon British Film Productions

(1969)"The First Lady" - The Whips Are Out
(1969)"The Troubleshooters"/Mogul - Let's All Drop Out Together (Michael Cater)
(1969)Subterfuge (Fennimore)
(1969)"Charge!" (Partridge)
(1969-1970)A Present for Dickie (Policeman)

(1968)Slave Girls/Prehistoric Women (Colonel Hammond)
©Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)

( 1968)"The Magnificent Six and ½" - Bob-a-Job (Adult)
(1967)Trapped-You're a Brave man, Jack (Area General Manager)
(1967)Dr. Finlay's Casebook (Provost)
---Over My Dead Body
---Safety in Numbers
(1967)Prehistoric Women (Colonel Hammond)
(1967)The Magnificent Six and 1/2: Ghosts and Ghoulies (Adult)
(1967)Deadlier Than the Male (Beckman)
(1966)"Ransom for a Pretty Girl" (Chief Inspector)
(1966)"The Rat Catchers" - The Umbrella (Superintendent Blythe)
(1966)"The Power Game" - Trade Secret (Fulton)
(1966)Barney Is My Darling-My Son! My Son!
(1965)The Worker-The Man Who Moved His Head (Johnny)
(1965)The Dickie Henderson Show-The Hidden Accident

(1965)Where the Spies Are (Sir Robert)
© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

(1965)The Snowball (Tom-Tom)
(1965)"Public Eye" - You Think It'll Be Marvellous - But It's Always a Rabbit (Detective Inspector Tarrant)
(1965)"Night Train to Surbiton" Eps 1.5-1.6 (Chief Inspector)
(1964)"Crossroads" (Mr. Cooksey)

(1964)"The Saint" - Lida (Inspector Maxwell)
Both images ©Bamore

(1964)The Comedy Man
(1963)Richard the Lionheart-The Raiders
(1963)Bootsie and Snudge-The Man with the Golden Guts
(1962)Flight from Treason
(1962)Live Now - Pay Later
(1962)Jigsaw (Chief Constable)
(1962)The Traitors
(1962)Two and Two Make Six (Policeman)
(1962-1964)High and I

(1960)"Danger Man"-The Deputy Coyannis Story (Storch)
Both images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1961)Information Received (Supt. Jeffcote)
(1961)The Heart of a Man (Policeman)
(1961)"Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond"- The Confession (Policeman)
(1961)"Jango" - Treacle on Three Fingers (Inspector Clarke)
(1961)"The Cheaters" - The Schemers (The Captain)
(1960-1965)"No Hiding Place" (Chief Inspector Blythe/Inspector Randall/Detective Supt. Rawlings)

(1960)"Danger Man"-The Girl in the Pink Pajamas (Dr. Stanifors)

© Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1960)Beat Girl/Wild for Kicks (F.O. Official)
(1960)Dead Lucky (Assistant Commissioner)
(1960)Body in the Web (Radio Man)
(1960)Francis Storm Investigates-The Black Mermaid (Chief Inspector Bloom)

(1960)Zoo Baby (Plumber)
© Penington Eady Productions

(1960)A Taste of Money (Simpson)
(1960)"Man from Interpol"
---A Killer with a Long Arm (2nd Grocer)
---No Entry (Police Inspector)
(1959-1969)"Dixon of Dock Green"(Superintendent/Judge/Herbert Franklin)
(1959)Invisible Man (Detective Inspector Heath)
(1959)The Men from Room 13-The Man Who Lost His Trousers: Part 1 (The Station Sergeant)
(1959)Web of Suspicion (Inspector Clark)
(1959)The Child and the Killer (Inspector)

(1959)Follow a Star (Policeman)

Both images ©The Rank Organisation

(1959)High Jump (Inspector)
(1959)Web of Suspicion (Inspector Clark)
(1959)No Safety Ahead (Langton)
(1959)Crime Sheet-The Superintendent Finds the Angles
(1959)Innocent Meeting (Martin)
(1959)William Tell-The Bandit (Hans)
(1959)The Child and the Killer (Inspector)
(1959)A Woman's Temptation (Police Constable)
(1959)"The Flying Doctor" - The Message (Earl Parker)
(1959)Great Van Robbery (Surgeon)
(1959)Hidden Homicide (Ashbury)

(1959)"Invisible Man"-Blind Justice (Detective Inspector)
Both images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

---Man in Disguise
---The Rocket

(1958)Corridors of Blood (Wilkes)
© Amalgamated Productions

(1958)Postmark for Danger
(1958)Ivanhoe-Treasures from Cathay (Martin)

(1958)A Night to Remember (Carpathia Chief Engineer)
All 4 images ©The Rank Organisation

(1958)"The New Adventures of Charlie Chan"-Rhyme or Treason
(1958)Violent Playground
(1958)Count Five and Die (Lt. Miller)

(1958)Gideon of Scotland Yard/Gideon's Day(Dawson)

Both images © Columbia British Productions/Columbia Pictures Corporation

(1958)Assignment Redhead (Detective Inspector Willingdon)
(1958)No Safety Ahead (Langton)
(1958)Innocent Meeting (Martin)
(1958)Undercover Girl/Assignment Redhead (Detective Inspector Willingdon)
(1958)Fredric March Presents Tales from Dickens-David and Mr. Micawber (1st Creditor)
(1958)High Jump (Inspector)
(1957)"The New Adventures of Charlie Chan"- Dateline-Execution (The Governor)
(1957)Count Five and Die (Lt. Miller)

(1957)Morning Call/The Strange Case of Dr. Manning (2nd Plain Clothes Man)
© Winwell/Republic Pictures (I)

(1957)The One That Got Away (Bystander)
© Julian Wintle Productions/The Rank Organisation

(1957)Man from Tangier/Thunder Over Tangier (Inspector Meredith)
(1957)"McCreary Moves In" (Brandon)
(1957)Overseas Press Club-Exclusive!-The Unknown Man (Police Inspector)

(1957)The Crooked Sky (Senior Civil Servant)
© Tudor Productions/Luckwin Productions

(1957)Brothers in Law (Cleaver)
© Charter Film Productions

(1957)There's Always a Thursday (Crosby)
(1957)The Big Chance (Police Inspector)
(1956)Pantomania, or Dick Whittington
(1956)"The Adventures of Robin Hood" - Ransom (Count Beaumont)
(1956)"Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents" - Mister Purley's Profession (Inspector Bryant)
(1956)The Adventures of the Big Man (Inspector Wyatt)

(1956)23 Paces to Baker Street (Police Inspector)

Both images© Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

(1956)Private's Progress (General Tomlinson)
© Charter Film Productions/British Lion Film Corporation/Boulting Brothers

(1955-1956)"Fabian of the Yard" (Sergeant Wyatt)
(1955)"The Blakes" Eps 1.1-1.4 (Jim Blake)
(1955)Confession (Beckman)

(1955)Scotland Yard-The Mysterious Bullet (Inspector Dexter)
©Merton Park Studios

(1955)The Deadliest Sin (Becklan)
(1955)Portrait of Alison
(1955)Handcuffs, London
(1955)Postmark for Danger
(1954-1960)"The Vise" (Dr. Krile/Governor/Dr Stone/Mr Keats/Inspector Mather)
(1954-1955)Patrol Car (Detective Sergeant Wyatt/Detective Sergeant/Setective Sims)
(1954)The Yellow Robe
(1954)Child's Play (Police Superintendant)
(1953)Little Red Monkey (Sir Clive)
(1954)Gilbert Harding Speaking of Murder (Inspector McKay)
(1953)The Good Beginning (Shelley)
(1953)Recoil (Sergeant Perkins)
(1953)The Broken Horseshoe
(1952)The Ringer
(1947)Night Beat (Detective Sergeant)
(1947)Circus Boy (Trevor)
(1947)Kathy's Love Affair
(1947)The Courtneys of Curzon Street
(1946)Operation Disaster/Morning Departure (Commander Whately)
©Jay Lewis Productions

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TV Plays

(1982)"Masterpiece Theater:Nancy Astor"
(1974)"ITV Playhouse" - Mr. Axelford's Angel
(1966)The Wednesday Play-The Snow Ball (Tom-Tom)
(1963)"Comedy Playhouse"
---The Handyman
---Underworld Knights (Publisher)
(1961)ITV Television Playhouse-Mr Cole and the Middle Kingdom (Mr Cantlie)
(1960)ITV Play of the Week-The Happy Man (Dr Hubert Welsh)
(1959)Armchair Theatre-Young David (1st Creditor)
(1956)Adventure Theater
---Falstaff's Fur Coat (Inspector McKay)
---The Stranger on the Sea (Purser)
(1956)"Lilli Palmer Theatre" - The Ends of Justice (Inspector Stratton)
(1956)Rheingold Theatre-Mister Purley's Profession (Inspector Bryant)
(1952)BBC Sunday Night Theatre-Michael and Mary (Harry Price)
(1951)BBC Sunday Night Theatre-The Skin Game (2nd Stranger)