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Born 2/16/1926 in Derby, Derbyshire,England (UK).
Height: 6' 2"

Died 4/13/2015 in Addlestone, Surrey, England(UK).



TV Appearances

(2006)Changing Time
(1989)"Shadow of the Noose" (Mr. Potter)
(1988)London's Burning Ep 1.5 (A.D.O.)
(1987)Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (Subway Engineer)
(1987)"One by One"- Changing Places (Charlie Gates)
(1987)Bread Ep 3.12 (Mr Copley)
(1986)"Only Fools and Horses"-Video Nasty (Vicar)
(1984)"Yes Minister"-Party Games (Civil Servant at Christmas Party)
(1984)"Just Good Friends"- Caught on a Shoulder Strap (Eric)
(1984)"Cold Warrior"-Bright Sting (Tommy)

(1983)"Only Fools and Horses"-Healthy Competition (Harry the Foreman)

(1982)"The Professionals"- Cry Wolf (Superintendent)
(1981)"Yes Minister"-The Quality of Life (Crawford)
(1980)"Terry and June"- Workers Unite (Ronnie)
(1979)"The Onedin Line"-The Paddy Westers (Mr Copeland)
(1979)A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Kersey)
(1978)"Within These Walls"- The Governor (Works Officer)
(1976)"The Onedin Line"-Undercurrent (Norsworthy)

(1972-1976)"Doctor Who" (Dr. Carter/Gebek/Dr Tyler)

© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1973-1975)"Six Days of Justice" (Court Officer/Warrant Officer)
(1973)"Softly Softly"- Night-watch (Mike Stratton)
(1973)"Warship" (Lt. Cmdr. Junnion)
---Off Caps
---Hot Pursuit

(1972)"Upstairs, Downstairs"- The Swedish Tiger (Inspector Hurst)
Both images ©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1971)"Brett"- The Trump Card
(1964-1971)"Z Cars" (Drunk/Mr. Cotton/Scrap Dealer)
(1970)"The Troubleshooters"/Mogul-Operation Black Gold (Dobbs)
(1970)"The Borderers"
---What a Vengeance Upon England (Ned)
---The Seige of Cocklaws (Woodman)
(1969)"The Troubleshooters"/Mogul-Some of the Mud is Bound to Stick (Roshida)
(1969)"Softly Softly"-Pressure (Inspector Clarke)

(1969)"Callan"- Death of a Friend (Mason)
© Thames Television/ABC Weekend Television

(1968)"The Troubleshooters"/Mogul-The Deeper You Dig (Alec)
(1968)"Softly Softly"-Major Incident (Ambulance Man)
(1968)"The Jazz Age"- Lonely Road (Marston)
(1968)The £1,000,000 Bank Note (Tramp)
(1967)"Mrs Thursday"- We Don't Pay London Prices (Tommy)
(1966)Love Story-Dead Set at Dream Boy (The Drunk)
(1965)The Good Soldier Schweik (Patient)
(1965)"No Hiding Place"- A Place in the Sun (Anderson)
(1966)Love Story-The Kiss of Truth (Wilkinson)
(1963)"The Plane Makers"
--- Don't Stick Your Head Out (Fowler)
---One of Those Days (Charlie)
(1963)"Suspense"- Personal and Private (Doctor)

(1963)"Ghost Squad"- The Menacing Mazurka (Police Sergeant)
©Associated Television (ATV)

(1963)The Old Curiousity Shop Ep 1.9 (Waiter)
(1962)"The Big Pull" (Hartford's Sergeant)
(1958)Champion Road Ep 1.1 (Tommy Dog)
(1955)The Merry Wives of Windsor (John)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1983

Episode: "The Sweet Smell of Success"




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TV Plays

(1979)BBC 2 Play of the Week0A Light That Shines (Brother George)
(1971)"Play for Today"- Billy's Last Stand (Gibbs)
(1965)The Wednesday Play: The Trial and Torture of Sir John Rampayne (Boland)
(1965)"BBC Play of the Month"- Luther
(1963)Armchair Theatre-The Cruel Kind (Russell)
(1963)BBC Sunday-Night Play-The Prisoner (The Doctor)
(1960)BBC Sunday-Night Play-Twentieth Century Theatre: The Insect Play (Victor/Inventor)
(1959)Armchair Theatre-Soundings (Miller)


(1957)"King John" at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre where he played Gurney.