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Born in Karachi, Pakistan.


TV Appearances

(2017-in progress)Giantland(Mr. Shah)
(2016)Citizen Khan-Funeral(Mr. Gul)
(2015)The Interceptor-Ep 1.3 (Tahir Ray)
(2013)The Physician(Quasim)

(2013)World War Z (Israeli Camp Refugee)
© Paramount Pictures/Hemisphere Media Capital/ Skydance Productions

(2012)Wonder (Salman)
(2011)Vera-Little Lazarus (Amnit Singh)
(2009)Collision Eps 1.3-1.4 (Tariq Shah)
(2009)The Philanthropist-Kashmir (Farooq Kimani)
(2009)Jean Charles (Dilip)
(2009)K (Ilker Ozpetek)
(2007)Comedy Connections-It Ain't Half Hot, Mum

(2007)"Silent Witness" - Peripheral Vision: Parts 1+2 (Kiran Joshi)

Image © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)/Cipango Productions Audiovisuelles/A+E Networks

(2006)Rabbit Fever (Shop Owner)
(2006)The Lives of the Saints (Maqsood Senior)
(2006)Infinite Justice (Masood)
(2006)"Hustle"-A Bollywood Dream (Harold)
(2006)"No Angels" Eps 3.4-3.5 (Mr. Khan)
(2006)Banglatown Banquet (Shafiq)
(2005)Four Brothers and a Funeral (Baba)

(2004)"Blue Murder" - Fragile Relations (Iman Farzad)
©Granada Television

(2004)Yasmin (Khalid)
(2004)The Calcium Kid (Ravi)
(2002)Bollywood Queen (Uncle)
(2002-2015)"Holby City" - Shadow of a Doubt: Part 2 (Mihir Gupta)

(2001)Bridget Jones's Diary (Mr. Ramdas)
Both images ©Little Bird

(2000)"Ruth Rendell Mysteries"- The Lake of Darkness (Dr Ghopal)
©Blue Heaven Productions

(1998)Such a Long Journey (Dr. Paymaster)
(1995)"Crown Prosecutor" - Ep 1.9 (Mr. Kapoor)
(1995)Perry & Croft: The Sitcoms
(1993)"Stay Lucky"- The Driving Instructor (Sunil Gupta)
(1991)The Chief Ep 2.3 (Dr Hajib)
(1990)"May to December"- You're Driving Me Crazy (Mr. Choudri)
(1989-2003)"The Bill"(Mr. Patel/Mr. Ahmed/Chandra)
(1989)Crime Monthly-Mirza Murder Casebook (Taxi Controller)
(1987)The Sign of Four (Achmet)
(1987)"Dramarama"-The Creature Beyond the Torches End
(1986-1987)In Sickness and in Health (Mr Kittel)
(1986-1987)"Dramarama"-Play Acting

(1986)"Running Scared"-Ep 1.4 (Pratap Singh Sidhu)

(1985)"Howards' Way" Ep1.9 (Dr. Malik)
(1985)Up the Elephant and Round the Castle-Friday the 13th (Doctor)
(1984)"Minder"- Hypnotizing Rita (Mr. Sharma)
(1983)A Plot to Murder Lloyd George (Riza)
(1982)Moonlighting (Junk Shop Owner)
(1982)"Never the Twain"- Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (Mr. Khan)
(1982)"Crown Court"- Window Shopping Part 1

(1981)"Only Fools and Horses" - Cash and Curry (Mr. Ram)
All 3 images ©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1981)"The Chinese Detective"- Income Tax (Mr. Patel)

(1981)"Open All Hours"- Laundry Blues (VAT Man)
Both images ©BBC

(1980)Him and His Magic (Uncle Zabat)
(1980)Angels-Episodes 6.8+6.9
(1980)Out of the Past-A Village at war, AD 1188:Part 1-The Cold Winter
(1978)"Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em"- Scottish Dancing (Man at Railway Station)
(1978)"Everyday Maths"- A Number of Things
(1978)"Z Cars" - Heavenly Host (Maulvi Saheb)
(1977)Crossroads Eps 1.2816+1.2818
(1976-1980)"Angels"-Health Visitor (Mr Khan)
(1976)"Doctor Who" - The Hand of Fear: Part 1 (Intern)

(1976)"I, Claudius" (Musa)
Both images ©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1976)Shout at the Devil (Mr. Raji)
©Tonav Productions

(1976)"Dixon of Dock Green"- Alice (Mohinder Singh)
(1976)"The Glittering Prizes"-An Academic Life (Electrician)
(1975)Churchill's People-Mother India (Nobkissen)
(1975)The Place of Peace
(1974-1981)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum" (The Maharajah/Mr. Kumar Puhara/Mr. Patel/The Maharajah/Tailor/District Officer/Clerk)
(1974)"Cloud Burst" (Ram Pandit/Ravi Pandit)
(1974)"Softly Softly"-You Don't Have to Shout, I'm Listening (Azmat Khan)
(1974)Marked Personal Eps 1.71-1.72 (Mr Patel)
(1973)Love Story- The String-Tying Machine (The Landlord)
(1973)Hey Brian! Ep 1.6
(1973)Our Kid-Ali Baba and the Forty Begonias (Mr Bannerjee)
(1973)"The Regiment"- Riot (Mohammed Zamen)

(1972)"The Edwardians"-Conan Doyle (Rev.Sharpurji Edalji)

(1972)"Doomwatch"- Deadly Dangerous Tomorrow (His Excellency)
(1971)"The Runaway Summer" Part 4 (Mr. Patel)
(1971)The Expert-Cedric (Doorkeeper)
(1971)Uncle Tulip (Dulip Singh)
(1970)"The Misfit" - On Being British (Mr. Chatterjee)
(1969)"The Troubleshooters"/Mogul- Some of the Mud Is Bound to Stick (Customs Officer)
(1967)"Rainbow City"- Beards and Turbans (Saadat Hussein)
(1967)Look and Read-Cloud Burst (Ram Pandit)
(1966)"Softly Softly"-Barlow Was There Part 1 Allegation (Smith)
(1964)"The Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling"- Consequences
(1964)"Crossroads" (Mr. Chaudri)
(????)"Crime Monthly"- Mirza Murder Casebook (Taxi Controller)

(1963)Doctor in Distress (Student Doctor)

Both images © Betty E. Box-Ralph Thomas Productions/The Rank Organisation

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1979

Episode: "The Agent"




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Only You Can Save Mankind Episode #1
February 11, 1996



In 1960 he won a scholarship to Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts allowing him to pursue an acting career.

In the 1950's he was a manual labourer building houses.



212 Strand,
London WC2R 1AP
United Kingdom



TV Plays

(1977)Centre Play-A Passage to Inverness (Ashok)
(1975)"Play for Today"- A Passage to England (Dharam)
(1969)ITV Saturday Night Theatre-Travelling Where? (Doctor)
(1968)"ITV Playhouse"- The Brahmin Widow (Baluji)
(1966)"The Wednesday Play"- Toddler on the Run (Indian)


(1990)"Julius Caesar" at the Alexandra Theatre