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Born on May 19, 1946 in Harlesden, London, England (UK).
Height 6' 2"


TV Appearances

(Nov 13, 2015)Children in Need(Les Corker)
(2014)Two Horrible Little Girls(Graham)
(2014)Inside No. 9-The Understudy(Bill)
(2013)Doc Martin-Departure(Wild Bill)
(2012)National Theatre Live: The Magistrate (Mr. Wormington)
(2011)How TV Ruined Your Life-Aspiration (Apprentice-style boss)
(2011)Shameless-Ep 8.8 (Trevor)
(2009)Small Island (Mr Todd)
(2009)"Holby City"- Attachments (Gordon Harcombe)
(2009)Doctors-First Love Last Love (Ted Hopkins)

(2008)"Foyle's War"- Broken Souls (Ernie Pond)
©Greenlit Productions

(2007)Lady Godiva: Back in the Saddle (Frank Gilmont)
(2007)"Thieves Like Us" (Charlie)
--- The Jackets Job
--- The Warehouse Job
(2005)"Holby City"- Prometheus Unbound (Lewis Cooper)
(2005)The Number One Girl (Director)
(2004)"Heartbeat"- Wrecked (Sandy)
(2004)"Family Business" Ep 1.6 (Norman)
(2003)"Grass" Eps 1.1-1.2 (Derek)
(2002)"Crossroads" (Rocky Wesson)
(2001)"The Cazalets" Ep 1.5 (Mr. Hines)
(2001)Chunky Monkey (Geoffrey)
(2001)Soap Fever-...Goes to Crossroads
(2001)The 100 Greatest TV Characters (Keith Pratt)
(2000)"The Wrong Side of the Rainbow"

(2000)"My Family"- Farewell to Alarms (Police Officer)
©DLT Entertainment

(2000)I Saw You (Mr. Frost)

(2000)"The 10th Kingdom" Ep 1.7 (Kissing Town Sheriff)
©Babelsberg Film und Fernsehen

(2000)"Midsomer Murders"- Beyond the Grave (Ralph Bailey)

Both images ©A&E Television Networks, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(2000)"The Vicar of Dibley"- Summer (Mr. Badcock)

(1999)Beautiful People (Roger Midge)

(1999)Beowulf (Karl)
©Capitol Films

(1999)"Peak Practice"- Take Her Back (Mr. Potts)
(1999)The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Adventures in the Secret Service (Lenin)
(1998)Roger Roger-There Are No Minicabs in Heaven (Mr Marshall)
(1997-1999)"Family Affairs" (William Cockerill)
(1997)"Sunnyside Farm"- God Has Smiled Down on Me (Inspector Dawkins)
(1997)The Missing Postman (Ron Springer)
(1997)"Goodnight Sweetheart"- Out of Town (George Sparrow)
(1997)Richard II (Lord Ross)
(1996)"Heartbeat"- Catch Us If You Can (Inspector Les Hackett)

(1996)Loch Ness (Norwegian)
©Polygram Filmed Entertainment

(1996)The Cold Light of Day (Ludek Dittmayer)
(1996)The Treasure Seekers (Wiggins)
(1995)"Crown Prosecutor" (Maslowska)

(1994)"Cracker"- The Big Crunch Parts 1+2 (Mr. Barnes)
©A&E Television Networks

(1994)"The Bill"- Blackout (Larry Daves)

(1994)"Wycliffe"- The Four Jacks (Gerald Prout)

Both images © Harlech Television (HTV)

(1994)"The Tomorrow People"- The Culex Experiment: Parts 1-3 (Inspector Platt)
(1994)"The Brittas Empire"- The Christening (Pete)
(1993)Monkey Business (Voice of PG Tips Chimp)
(1993)"Alleyn Mysteries"- The Nursing Home Murder (PC Perkins)
(1993)"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles"- Petrograd, July 1917 (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin)
(1992)"Rab C. Nesbitt"- Home (Ronald)
(1992)"Bottom" -Holy (Mr. Harrison)
(1992)"Boon"- The Sharp End (Raymond Pearce)
(1992)Blue Ice (Shipping Clerk)
(1992-2014)"EastEnders" (DS Jackson/Les Corker)
(1992)"Mr. Bean"- Mr. Bean Rides Again (Heart Attack Man)

(1992)"Lovejoy"- Angel Trousers (Ted)
©BBC Drama Productions

(1992)B & B (Bob Noakes)
(1991)"Bottom's Up (Mr. Harrison)
(1991)"Stay Lucky"- A Roman Empire (Gerry)
(1991)"Bergerac" (Inspector Victor Deffand)
(1991)"Doctor at the Top" (Dr. Lionel Snell)
(1991)"About Face"- Sleeping Sickness (Mr. Roebuck)
(1991)"El C.I.D."- All Grown Up and Nowhere to Go (Roper)
(1990)"El C.I.D."- Copping Out (Roper)

(1990)"Mr. Bean"- Mr. Bean (Blind Man)
©Tiger Aspect Productions/Central Television/Thames Television

(1990)"T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom"- Elementary, My Dear What-Not (Police Constable Clodd)
(1989)The Loss Adjuster
(1989)"Snakes and Ladders" (Mr. Lambie)
(1989)"Dramarama"-Just Wild About Harry (Mr. Visor)
(1989)"Press Gang"- Page One (Mr. Vader)
(1988-1989)"Spin Off" (Hilary Rolls)
(1988)Hawks (Car Park Attendant)
(1988)"Turn on to T-Bag"- The African Queen (Mr. Grimes)
(1987)All at Number 20-The Prowler (Police Sergeant)
(1987)"Hardwicke House" (Paul Mackintosh)
--- The First Day of Term
--- The Visit
(1986)"We'll Think of Something" (Dennis)
(1986)"The Comic Strip Presents..."- Private Enterprise (Mr. Pinder)
(1985)Mrs Capper's Birthday (David)
(1985)"Terry and June"- Mistaken Identity (Police Sergeant)
(1985)"The Lenny Henry Show" Ep 2.3
(1985)Affairs of the Heart Ep 1.3 (Bank Manager)
(1985)Newstime (Ernie)
(1985)Max Headroom (Murray)
(1984)Birds of Prey 2 (Harry Tompkins)
(1984)"Dramarama"-The Purple People Eater (Dad)
(1984)"Duty Free"- Snap (Kev Wilson)

(1984)"The Young Ones"- Summer Holiday (Beefeater)

Both images ©BBC

(1983)"Dramarama"-Mighty Mum and the Petnappers (Inspector Brown)
(1983)"Up the Elephant and Round the Castle" (Councillor Bertram Allnut)

(1983)"The Black Adder"- The Black Seal (Three Fingered Pete)

Both images ©BBC

(1983)Heartattack Hotel

(1982)"The Young Ones"- Bomb (Right Bleeding Bastard)
Both images ©BBC

(1982)"Bird of Prey" (Harry Tomkins)
---Process Priority
---Mode Murder
---Input Classified
(1982)Kevin Turvey: The Man Behind the Green Door (Park keeper)
(1982)"Minder"- Dreamhouse (Silver)
(1982)"Shine on Harvey Moon" (Clifford)
--- The Rough with the Smooth
---Getting to Know You
(1982)Captain Stirrick (Lord Kensington)
(1982)"Mathscore One and Two"-A Matter of Degree (Presenter)
(1981)Reds (V.I. Lenin)
(1981)The Gentle Touch-The Hit (John Knight)
(1981)Priest of Love
(1981)"A Kick Up the Eighties" (Various)
(1981)"The Chinese Detective"- Ice and Dust (Roger Horrabin)
(1981)"Coming Home" Eps 1.1-1.6 (Ted Maddocks)
(1981)The Seven Dials Mystery (Stevens)
(1980)Spy!-The Tokyo Ring

(1980)Grange Hill
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1980)The Monster Club (Club Secretary/Werewolf)
©Amicus Productions

(1979)"Shoestring"- Listen to Me (Freshfield)

(1979)"Ripping Yarns"- Golden Gordon ('Baldy' Davitt)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1979)"Lovely Couple" (Jack 'Rollo' Dent)
---Wedding Bells
---Australia Calling

(1979)Rumpole of the Bailey-Rumpole and the Fascist Beast (Cliff Worsley)

Both images ©Thames Television

(1978)"All Creatures Great and Small"- Practice Makes Perfect (Mr. Bantock)

Both images ©BBC

(1978)"Pennies from Heaven"-The Sweetest Thing (Ted)
(1978)"Hazell"- Hazell and the Weekend Man (George Bradley)
(1978)Jackanory Playhouse-Princess Griselda's Birthday Gift (Alf)
(1978)"Grange Hill" Eps 1.1-1.2 (Mr. Foster)
(1978)"Pickersgill People"- Under the Moon of Love
(1977)"Supernatural"- Lady Sybil (Sergeant Cosley)
(1976)"Crown Court"- Pigmented Patter Part 1 (Brian Geddes)
(1975)"The Sweeney"- Trojan Bus (Cosby)

Images in this section used with permission from:
anonymous contributors


"Grace & Favour" (AYBS/A) Stats

AYBS/A Timeframe: 1993

Episode: 2.1




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(1978)"Pennies from Heaven" (Sang "Yes Yes")





Contact Info

Roger Sloman
MacFarlane Chard Associates
33 Percy Street
London W1T 2DF
United Kingdom

TV Play

(1982)"Play for Today"- Willie's Last Stand (Joe)
(1978)"Play for Today"- The Spongers (Presenting Officer)
(1978)"BBC Play of the Month"- Danton's Death (Barère)

(1976)"Play for Today"- Nuts in May (Keith)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)



(1974)The Speckled Band (Nottingham Playhouse)
(April 1998) "The Iceman Cometh" (Ed Mosher) at the Old Vic. Appeared with Kevin Spacey.
(July 2005)"Henry IV, Parts 1&2" (Bardolph) at the National Theatre
(2012)Goodbye to All That