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Born November 14, 1936 in England.
Height: 6' 2½"
Died in October 20, 1997 from stomach cancer.


TV Appearances

(1997)Ant and Dec Unzipped Ep 1.1
(1985-1997)"EastEnders" (Big Ron)
(1977)"Ant and Dec Unzipped" Ep 1.1
(1993)Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time (Big Ron- scenes were deleted)
(1990)"Boon"- Undercover (Proprietor of Bikers' Cafe)
(1990)The Best of the 'Lenny Henry Show'

(1982-1990)"The Comic Strip Presents..." (Dirty Dick/Pierrepoint/Heffer/Ron/Red)
©Channel 4 Television Corporation

(1989)"Wonderworks:Young Charlie Chaplin" Ep 1.2 (Landlord)
(1988)Willow (Llug)
(1988)"Help!"- Of National Concern (Heavy)
(1988)Vroom (Mr. Roache-The Fat Man)
(1987)"Dear John" - Christmas Special: Kate Returns (Big Belly)
(1987)"Pulaski"- The Fictional Detective (Heavy)
(1987)"Valentine Park" Ep 1.3 (Father)
(1987)"Dramarama"- Cannondrum (Buffer)
(1987)Eat the Rich (Ron)
(1986)"Girls on Top"-Mr. Yummy Brownie (Sid)

(1986)"Lovejoy"- The Sting (Loader)

Both images ©BBC Drama Productions

(1986)Dangerous Brothers Present: World of Danger
(1985-1986)"Girls on Top"- C.O.D. (Bouncer 1)
(1985)"Terry and June"- One Arabian Night (McMahon)
(1985)"The Lenny Henry Show" Ep 2.1

(1985)A View to a Kill (Guard #1)

Both images ©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

(1985)"Roll Over Beethoven" Eps 1.4-1.5 (Security Guard)
(1984)Lift Off
(1982)Metal Mickey-Mickey Pops the Question (2nd Suitor)
(1982)"The Gentle Touch"- Auctions (Tout)
(1982)Shine on Harvey Moon-The Course of True Love (Horace)
(1982)the Goodies-Animals Are People Too (Animal)
(1981)"Blakes 7"-Power (Hommik)
(1979)"Blakes 7"-The Keeper (Patrol Leader)
(1979)Strangers-Call of the Wild (Bulk)
(1979)"Doctor Who"- Destiny of the Daleks: Parts 3+4 (Prisoner)
(1978)"Blakes 7"-Deliverance (Scavenger)
(1978)The Basil Brush Show Nov 18th episode
(1978)"Return of the Saint" - One Black September (Gorilla)
(1977)"The Onedin Line"- A Close Run Thing (Tiny Tim)

(1975)"Space: 1999" - Mission of the Darians (Survivor)

Both images ©ITV Studios Global Entertainment

(1975)Not on Your Nellie-Requiem for a Heavyweight (Large Man)

(1973)Carry on Girls (Bearded Audience Member)(First acting role)

© The Rank Organisation

Images used with permission from:
anonymous contributer


AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1983

Episode: "Calling All Customers"



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