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Born on June 28, 1955 in London, England (UK).
Height: 5' 4"
Has a son named Mark.




TV Appearances

(2009)FM-Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (Mrs Spalden)
(2003)"M.I.T.: Murder Investigation Team"- Red Heads (Barbara Dunn)
(1989)Three Up Two Down(Debbie)
(1989)Laura and Disorder-Back from California(Barmaid)
(1986)Just Another Day-Eastenders
(1985-1987)"EastEnders" (Debbie Wilkins)
(1981)Secombe with Music Dec 27th episode
(1980)"The Gentle Touch"- Rogue (Sally)
(1980)Born and Bred-Next day on Your Dressing Room (Receptionist)
(1979)Hazell-Hazell and the Public Enemy(Nell Scroop)
(1978-1981)"Angels" (Katy Smart)
(1978)Will Shakespeare/"Life of Shakespeare" (Kate)
---Alms for Oblivion
---Dead Shepherd
(1978)People Like Us- Re-Arrangements (Veronica)
(1977)Premiere-A Hymn from Jim (Sally)
(1977)"Murder Most English: A Flaxborough Chronicle"- The Flaxborough Crab: Part 1 (Brenda Sweeting)
(1977)Second City Firsts-Postcards from Swansea

(1977)"Raven" (Naomi Grant)

(1976)"Beasts"- Special Offer (Linda)
©Associated Television (ATV)

((1976)Killers-Murder at the Metropole (Gwendoline Bugg)
(1976)Get Some In!-Crush (Rhonda)
(1975-1976)"Mathshow"- A Set of Scales

(1976)"Bless This House"- Some Enchanted Evening (Waitress)
©Thames Television

(1976)"Z Cars"- Fairground (Blonde Girl)
(1975)Ten from the Twenties-The Fifty Pound Note(Lizzie)
(1975)"Mathshow"- O for Symmetry!
(1975)"Sykes"- Night Out (Jocelyn Tatterswhite)
(1975)"You're on Your Own"- Assault (Polly Gregg)
(1975)"Within These Walls"- Skivers (Judy Fryer)
(1975)The Cuckoo Waltz-One Week Later (Sherry)
(1975)"Softly Softly":Task Force- Female of the Species (Honor)
(1975)Rooms-Alan and Peter Parts 1+2 (Joyce)
(1974)"Softly Softly"- Pop Goes the Weasel (Marilyn)
(1974)Notorious Woman-The Misalliance (Marie)
(1974)Seven Faces of Woman-Cherryripe and the Lugworm Digger (Local Girl)
(1974)"Crown Court"- The Woman Least Likely Part 1 (Linda Brightson)
(1973)Love Story-Forsaking All Others (The Maid)
(1971)"Please Sir!" (Pat)
--- Our Mr. Price
---What's a Class Between Friends?
--- A.W.O.L
(1971)"Doctor at Large"- A Little Help from My Friends (Second Girl)
(1969)The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm-Branestawm and Paper(Gas bill)

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"Grace & Favour" (AYBS/A) Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1992-1993

Episodes: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 2.2



Contact Info

St James Management 
19 Lodge Close 
Stoke D'arbernon 
KT11 2SG 
United Kingdom



TV Plays

(1980)"BBC2 Playhouse"- Rottingdean (Helen Taylor)
(1974)"ITV Playhouse"- Love Affair (Sharon Powers)
(1969)"ITV Playhouse"- Suspect