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Born in May 16, 1927 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England (UK).
Suffered a stroke a few years ago.
Died 4/23/2015.



TV Appearances

(2006)Fear of Fanny (Alan Taylor)
(1998)Cash in Hand (Chief Constable Roberts)

(1991)"Keeping Up Appearances" - The Candlelight Supper (Man With Dog)

(1990)"The Bill"- Answers (Larry)
(1987)Don't Wait Up Ep 4.1 (Room Service Waiter)
(1983)"Terry and June"-In the Navy (Mr. Adams)
(1983)Don't Wait Up Ep 1.4 (Taxi Driver)
(1983) "The Fourth Arm" Ep 1.2 (Warder)
(1982)The New Adventures of Lucky Jim-Will Success Spoil Jim Dixon? (Chauffeur)
(1982)"Yes Minister" - The Challenge (Permanent Secretary at Lunch)
(1982)Emery Presents: Legacy of Murder-Who Do You Voodoo?-Beaulieu Attendant)
(1981)"Terry and June"-The Chaotic Peaceful Weekend (Willis)
(1981)Mike Yarwood in Persons Ep 4.4
(1981)Funny Man-The Good of the Cause (Wilf)
(1981)Partners-New Engagement (Committee Member)
(1979)"Terry and June"-Flying Carpets (Commissionaire)

(1979)"Fawlty Towers" - Basil the Rat (Guest)

Both images ©BBC

(1979)Potter-A Short Excersion in the Art World
(1978)Rings on Their Fingers-The Knot (Taxi Driver)
(1978)Happy Ever After-The King and June

(1978)"Rumpole of the Bailey"- Rumpole and the Alternative Society (Clerk Of The Court)
©Thames Television

(1977)Happy Ever After-A Proper Choice
(1976-1980)The Dick Emery Show
(1973)Casanova '73 Ep 1.1 (Another Postman)
(1973)"The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes" - The Absent-Minded Coterie (Sergeant Carew)
(1972-1973)The Basil Brush Show (Traffic Warden)
(1972)Scott On...-The Sex War
(1972)Clochemerle-The Glorious Triumph of Barthelemey Piechut (French Delegate)
(1972)"Dixon of Dock Green"- First Offenders (Traffic Warden)

(1972)"The Adventurer"- Action! (Driver)
© Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1971)Scott On...-Dress
(1971)"The Troubleshooters"/Mogul- Pretend It Never Happened (Mogul Man)
(1971)The Fenn Street Gang-Distant Horizons (Uncle Ted)
(1971)"Doctor at Large"- The Viva (First Man In Pub)
(1971)Sykes and a Big Big Show-Guest

(1969-1972)"Dad's Army"(2nd A.R.P Warden/Reg Adamson, Junior Warden)

Both images ©BBC

(1964)"Crossroads" (Det. Sgt. Collins)
(1962)Dial RTX-Between the Balance Sheets (TV Salesman)

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AYBS Timeframe: 1974 & 1976


"No Sale"
"Hoorah for the Holidays"



40th Anniversary Dad's Army Lunch

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(March 17, 1999)The Tempest (Alonso King of Naples)
(1982)Run For Your Wife at the Shaftesbury Theatre
(June-Oct 1976) "Are You Being Served?", (stage version), at the Blackpool Winter Gardens in Lancashire, UK. Played Mr Mash and Carlos.