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Known Name Variations: Stephen Whyment and Steven Whyment


TV Appearances

(2001)"Heartbeat"- Gin a Body, Meet a Body (Record Shop Owner)
(1997)"Heartbeat"- The Queen's Message (Lorry Driver)

(1997)"Wycliffe"- Close to Home (Tregeen)
©Red Rooster Film & Television Entertainment/Harlech Television (HTV)

(1995)"Casualty"- Heartbreak Hotel (Steve Clarke)
(1995)The Bill-See No Evil (P.C. Harper)
(1991)"Josie" Ep 1.3
(1991)"Spender"- Well, Well, Well (Denim)
(1991)The Chief-Ep 2.2 (Paul O'Brien)
(1990)The Bill-Lies (McCarthy)
(1990)The Chief Ep 1.4 (Kevin Bebb)
(1990)TECX-Writing on the Wall (First British Fan)
(1988)The River Ep 1.5 (Cyclist)
(1988)The Comic Strip Presents...-Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door (Policeman)
(1988)"Clarence" Ep 1.1 (Delivery Boy)
(1987)"Casualty"- A Little Lobbying (Car Passenger)
(1986)"The Bill"- Ringer (Villain)
(1985)Shine on Harvey Moon-We're in the Money (Barrow Boy 1)
(1983)"Just Good Friends"- Moving In... and out Again (Tony)
(1983)Dr. Who-Snakedance: Part One (Man in market)

(1982)Whoops Apocalypse-Lucifer and the Lord (Medic)
©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1982)Seconds Out-The Final Round (Boy in the Gym)
(1982)"The Chinese Detective"- Trials (Police Constable)
(1981)"Blakes 7"
---Blake (Plantation Bounty Hunter)
---Warlord (Federation Trooper)
---Stardrive (Space Rat)
(1981)"Keep It in the Family"- The Inferior Decorator (Fireman)
(1981)"Doctor Who"- The Keeper of Traken: Part 1 (Traken)

Image in this section used with permission from:[TV]%20'Whoops%20Apocalypse%201.4%20Lucifer%20and%20the%20Lord'%20(1982).htm

Anonymous Contributer

Stunts/Stunt Double/Stunt Coordinator/Stunt Arranger/Stunt Performer

(2016)The Head Hunter
(2011)Vera-Little Lazarus
(2009)Inspector Lewis-The Point of Vanishing
(2009)Above Suspicion
(2008)Clash of the Santas
(2008)"Hotel Babylon" Eps 3.5,3.7-3.8
(2008)"The Last Enemy" Eps 1.1-1.3
(2004-2007)"The Bill"
(2005-2007)Holby City
--- Episode dated August 18, 2006
--- Episode dated September 5, 1999
(2005-2006)"Silent Witness"
(2006)"Waterloo Road" Eps 1.1-1.2
(2005)"Hex"- You Lose
(2005)"55 Degrees North" Eps 2.7-2.8
(2004)"Mine All Mine"
(2004)"Blue Murder"- Fragile Relations
(2004)"No Angels" Ep 1.1
(2002)"The Jury"
(2000)Flight of Fancy
(2000)"Grange Hill" - Episodes 23.10-23.12
(1999)The Nearly Complete and Utter History of Everything
(1999)"Let Them Eat Cake"- The Portrait
(1999)Plastic Man
(1998)Ted & Ralph
(1998)EastEnders: The Mitchells - Naked Truths
(1998)St. Ives
(1998)"Undercover Heart" Eps 1.1-1.3
(1998)The Jump
(1998)"Peak Practice"- A Matter of Principle
(1998)Looking After Jo Jo
(1997-2000)"Jonathan Creek"
(1997)"Dangerfield"- And Lips That We Might Tell
(1997)"Cold Feet"
(1996)The Detectives
(1996)"A Touch of Frost"
--- The Things We Do for Love
--- Unknown Soldiers
(1996)The Moonstone
(1996)"Thief Takers"
(1996)The Vanishing Man
(1995-20000)One Foot in the Grave
(1995)The Viking Sagas
(1995)Two Deaths
(1995)Nelson's Column-When You Wish Upon a Star
(1995)"Pie in the Sky"- Lemon Twist
(1995)The Viking Sagas
(1994)Between the Lines
(1993)The Three Musketeers
(1993)"The Brittas Empire"- Sex, Lies & Red Tape
(1993)Wild Justice
(1993)Being Human
(1992)To Be the Best
(1990+1992)"Rab C. Nesbitt"
--- That's Entertainment
--- Holiday
(1992)Split Second
(1992)An Ungentlemanly Act
(1992)The Vampyr: A Soap Opera
(1991)Keeping Up Appearances-A Picnic for Daddy
(1991)Sleepers-On the Run
(1991)Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
(1991)"Agatha Christie: Poirot"- The Affair at the Victory Ball
(1990)The Krays
(1990)The Misadventures of Mr. Wilt
(1990)Treasure Island
(1988)The River Eps 1.1,1.5-1.6
(1988)The One Game
(1988)The Zero Option
(1987)The Living Daylights
(1985)Young Sherlock Holmes
(1985)Death Wish 3
(1985)"Dempsey & Makepeace"-Armed and Extremely Dangerous
(1982)The Final Option


"Grace & Favour" (AYBS/A) Stats

AYBS/A Timeframe: 1993

Episode: 2.1




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