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Born on August 14, 1936 in Durrington, Wiltshire,England (UK).
Full Name: Trevor Gordon Bannister
Performed in pantomimes for over 35 years.
1st Spouse (1959-?) Kathleen Cravos-an actress(divorced).
2nd Spouse (1982-2011) Pamela Carson
Has three sons: Jeremy (music/video producer ), Simon and Timothy.
Has a brother John Bannister .
Height: 5' 11½"

Died April 14, 2011 from a heart attack.

TV Appearances

    (2011)New Tricks-Old Fossils

    Both images ©BBC

    (2011)British Comedy-From Script to Screen
    (2010)The Unforgettable Mollie Sugden
    (2010)The Story of 'Are You Being Served?'
    (2009)Mollie Sugden: A Tribute
    (2009)Beyond a Joke
    ---The Legacy
    ---Working Life
    ---Politically Incorrect
    ---The Blokes,the Birds & the Bees
    ---A Class Apart
    (2009)Casualty-Midday Sun (Mr Walter)
    (2008)50 Greatest Comedy Catchphrases
    (2007)A Tribute to John Inman
    (2007)Perfect Night In-Lucas and Walliam's Perfect Night In
    (2007)"ITV Lunchtime News" March 8th episode
    (2007)"Richard & Judy" March 8 episode
    (2007)The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones:Espionage Escapades (2nd Installer)
    (2006)Britain's Funniest Comedy Characters
    (2006)"Coronation Street"
    ---- Episode 1.6342 (Danny's Solicitor)
    ---- Episode 1.6282 (David the Solicitor)
    ---- Episode 1.6268 (Mike's Solicitor)
    ---- Episode 1.6247 (Mike's Solicitor)
    ---- Episode 1.6207 (Mike's Solicitor)
    (2004)"Last of the Summer Wine" - Beware of Laughing at Nora's Hats (Golf Captain)
    (2003)"Last of the Summer Wine" - The Frenchies Are Coming (Golf Captain)
    (2001)Wendy Richard: A Life on the Box

    (2001)"Last of the Summer Wine"
    ---- Hey! Big Vendor (Golf Captain)
    ---- The Missing Bus of Mrs Avery (Golf Captain)
    Both images ©BBC

    ---- A Musical Passing for a Miserable Musecroft (Golf Captain)
    Image ©BBC

    (1999)"Funny Turns"- John Inman

    (1999)Captain Jack (Holiday-maker)

    (1997)"This Is Your Life"- Trevor Bannister

    All 3 images ©Thames Television International

    (1996) "Silent Witness"- Buried Lies: Part 2 (Gary's Solicitor)

    Both images ©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)/Cipango Productions/A&E Networks

    (1994) "Keeping Up Appearances"- Angel Gabriel Blue (Mr. Merriweather)

    (1994)Woof!-The Great Demento and Rex (The Great Demento)

    (1994)Doomsday Gun (Ballard)

    All 5 images ©HBO Showcase/Griffin Productions

    (1993)"Indiana Jones Chronicles"- Prague, August 1917 (2nd Installer)
    (1993)Hostage (Mason)
    (1992-2010)Last of the Summer Wine (Toby/Golf Captain/Tailor)
    (1992)The Best of 'Are You Being Served?'
    (1991)"The Upper Hand"- The Heiress

    (1988) "Wyatt's Watchdogs" (Peter Pitt)

    Trevor Bannister, Miles Tredinnick and Brian Wilde.
    All 3 images above ©BBC

    (1984) "Call Earnshaw"
    (1982)The New Adventures of Lucky Jim-The Ties That Bind (Nigel Thorpe)
    (1980)Star Games (Nov 18+25 episodes)
    (1979)The Corn is Green
    (1975)This Is Your Life-Mollie Sugden
    (1975)A Journey to London (Colonel Courtly)

    (1975) "The Tomorrow People"- Secret Weapon: Parts 1-4 (Colonel Masters)

    (All 24 images above ©A&E/Big Finish Productions)

    (1974)Crossroads Ep 1.2247 (Keith Willet)
    (1972-1973)Thirty Minutes Worth
    (1972) "Country Matters"- The Sullens Sisters (Arthur Dagnall)

    (1972)Au Pair Girls (The Photographer) (review)
    ©Tigon Pictures

    (1972) "Steptoe and Son"- A Star Is Born (Rupert Ffaines - Muir)
    ©Associated London Films

    (1971)Cider with Rosie (Father)
    (1971) "Doomwatch"- Public Enemy (Lewis)
    (1970's)Mind Your Language (Mr Brown)

    (1969-1970) "The Dustbinmen" (Heavy Breathing)
    a a©Granada Television

    (1969)"Z Cars"- The Soft Touch: Parts 1+2 (Ned Corby)
    (1969)"Softly Softly"- Critical Path (Dennington)
    (1969)Thirty-Minute Theatre-The Victims: A Degree of Stress (Jacko)

    (1969)"The Saint"- The Portrait of Brenda (Johnny Fox)
    Both images ©Bamore

    (1968)"Softly Softly" - In Bulk (Elgin)
    (1968)The War of Darkie Pilbeam (Darkie Pilbeam)
    ---Phase III:August 1945
    ---Phase II:June 1942
    ---Phase I:September 1939
    (1968) "Orlando" (Toulouse Quelquechose)
    ---- Au Revoir But Not Goodbye
    ---Comment Allez Are You Up?
    ---Aimez-Vous Serge Trowzeroff
    ---- Orlando and the Fifi Affair
    (1968) "Public Eye"- Cross That Palm When We Come to It (Briers)
    (1968) "Champion House"- Guilt (Lenny Carter)
    (1968) "The Troubleshooters"/Mogul - A Girl to Warm Your Feet On (Bob Plater)
    (1968)The War of Darkie Pilbeam (Darkie Pilbeam)
    (1967)No Hiding Place-Gentle Persuasion (Johnny Cooper)
    (1967) "Dixon of Dock Green"- The Climber (Eddie Farrell)

    (1967) "The Avengers"- Something Nasty in the Nursery (Gordon) (review)

    (with Diana Rigg!)
    All 12 images ©ABC Weekend Television

    (1967)Turn Out the Lights-A Big Hand for a Little Lady (Ricky Dean)
    (1966)No Hiding Place-The Lifer (Eddie Bates)
    (1966)The Informer-Don't Call Us, We'll Call You (Porter)
    (1966)"Softly Softly" - Best Out of Three (Mr. Barton)
    (1966)"Mrs Thursday" (Harold Wright)
    ---- The Full Dress Affair
    ---- Family Reunion

    (1966) "Gideon's Way/Gideon C.I.D."- The Reluctant Witness (PC John Moss)
    ©New World Productions, Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

    (1966)The Man in Room 17-The Black Witch (Martin Fowler)
    (1966)Dr. Finlay's Casebook-Miss Letitia (Harry Vincent)
    (1966) "Object Z Returns" (Peter Barry)

    (1966) "Object Z" (Peter Barry)
    ©Associated-Rediffusion Television

    David Moore's review of the first episode: 1. The Meteor
    Trevor Bannister: "A nova? The only nova I'm familiar with, is a bossa nova!"
    But this is a new object, not a nova, but what is it, seen in the night sky? It's several million miles away, at present, but it must be six miles across. It's approaching Earth! "I've never seen anything like it before... in fact, it's heading straight for us!" The Prime Minister looks serious. Cooperation with America (now where have you heard that before?), and a more unlikely alliance with Russia might enable a machine to be constructed to divert the meteor. News of the impending calamity is broken on U-K tv. Then the PM makes his solemn announcement in a seemingly unintentional parody on Churchill in 1939.
    This is an impressive start to the serial. Well acted with the tension maintained, yet still time to portray the central characters in some detail.

    (Review above used with permission from David Moore's site at:

    (1965)"Z Cars"- One Good Turn (Billy Dunn)
    (1965) "The Wednesday Thriller"- The Imposter (Archie)
    (1965)Our Man at St Marks-One (Frederick Barrett)
    (1965) "The Villains"- A Joker for Your Button Hole (Red)
    (1964)It's a Woman's World-Laura (Milkman)
    (1964) "Crossroads" (Keith Willet)

    (1964)One Way Pendulum (Office Worker)
    ©Woodfall Film Productions

    (1964) "Catch Hand"- It's Never the Same (William Collins)
    (1964)Sergeant Cork-The Case of Big Ben Lewis (Clem Butley)
    (1964)Love Story-The Human Element (Mechanic #1)
    (1962)"Z Cars" - The Five Whistles (2nd Boy)
    (1960)"The Secret Kingdom" Ep 1.3 (Journalist)

    (1956)Reach for the Sky (Man Listening to Radio)
    (A *very* young Mr. Lucas!)
    ©The Rank Organisation/Angel Productions

    (????)Only on Sunday
    (????)Congreve’s Way of the World


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AYBS Stats

AYBS timeframe : 1972-1979

Junior Salesman

Sang in "the Clock" and "Camping In".

Tardy for work many times.

Trademark on show: Likes being "cheeky". :-)

Catchphrase: "If you don't ask, you don't get do you?"


(1977)Are You Being Served? The Movie (Mr. Dick Lucas)



Magazine/Newspaper Articles





AYBS based


Real Life Based

There is a UK tour of "By Jeeves" scheduled this year (2007), with Trevor Bannister playing Jeeves. Casting is taking place at the moment.

Started acting at the age of 15 after attending the Modern School in Salisbury. Trained at LAMDA.

Trevor Bannister left AYBS to pursue a tour in a West End play called "Middle-Age Spread".

Father was a newsagent.

Was in a repertory company that was run by Arthur Brough ("Arthur Brough Players").

Loved horse back riding and golf.

Agent was David Daly

Youngest of 3 children.


The Celebrity Golf Tour





Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites


Interview - Professor Peter Scott
BBC Radio 4
December 22, 2008

Trevor Bannister was one of the guests on the show.

(2007)Dr Who-Nocturne-guest star (Korbin Thessinger)

BBC Radio 4
"Potting On"-Flab


Fiat 127 Advertisement (1970's)

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Radio Show

Oh My Sainted Aunt (Ran for four years).



Charity Events/Misc Events

Oct 25-26 2008 Autographica (London, UK)

(Used with permission from Wayne at ).


(Used with permission from Stewart at ).

(December 2009) Princess Alice Hospice (Celebrity Guest of Honor)





From Miles Tredinnick




Interview With Trevor Bannister At The Churchill Theatre In Bromley

This has been done word for word.

ME: Could you give me a brief description on what Scissor Happy is all about?

TREVOR B: Well Scissor Happy is a very unusual play, it is also a unique play. It is a comedy thriller which is set in a hairdressing salon and involves the people cutting the hair, and the customers. There are half a dozen people in the play. Up above the hair dreesing salon which is set in London lives a lady called Isabel Czerny who was a famous retired concert pianist who actually owns the whole building and the property, suddenly she is found to be murdered and I'm in the salon pretinding to be a customer when in actual fact I am policeman and we've had the place under survaliance- my assistant and myself becuse we have been following a certain person who has come in for a haircut. We then however find there is a murder on our hands which we hadn't anticipated obviously . The rest is about me as a policeman trying to unravel the murder and question everybody, the imortant thing about the play is tht it involves the audience, they are the witnesses to the murder as I didn't see everything that happened, so it is a question and answer situation and very much a adlib situation with the entire audience, they are the play so with their questions I re-construct and if it's not being re-constructed as the way it happened originally they have to point that out to me and tell me what went wrong and what was different. It is very funny and is a very entriging piece and a lot of fun,but the audience actually solve the crime.The decide who the killer is and that can vary from suspect to suspect each night so obvioulsy the play is never the same twice ever.

ME: So are there millions of endings or are there set ones?

TREVOR B: Well there are three set endings, there are three possible suspects in the play and it could be anyone of those people so the audience decide who they think is the villin that night and that's the way we perform the rest of the play. iT is very funny and for the people in America of course it is a American play really although we are doing it in England. In America it has being running in Washington and Boston for 20 odd years and over there it is called "Sheer Madness", not "Scissor Happy".

ME: How long does the play run for?

TREVOR B: We are on tour for 20 weeks, next week when we finish here in Bromely we then go to Eastbourne for 8 weeks during the summer.

ME: Do you enjoy your role as a detective?

TREVOR B: I enjoy this role particulary as it involves talking to the audience which is a unique experience for actors as we usually work with a imaginary forth wall, we pretend there is no audience there, but this reverses that totally so we have to be very aware of the audience.

ME: I saw "Funny Money" last year and you were a detective then.

TREVOR B: Yes, it was a very different piece.

ME: Do you prefer acting on the stage or on television?

TREVOR B: Bascially I prefer the theatre, I started in the theatre and that is where my roots are. I think most actors are more at home in the theatre. I love television I always enjoy doing television, I suppose I must have done over 500/600 televisions over the years, and a number of films, which I also enjoy but I do prefer theatre.

ME: When you are in theatre you cannot cut parts out though.

TREVOR B: No, what you see happens at the time, that's the wonderful thing about live theatre is that, that performance will never be repeated beacuse you never get the same two performances exactly the same although we aren't changing the line or anything except in the case of the play I'm doing at the moment which is a adlib piece, but generally speaking no you obvioulsy stick to the text and things, but things then vary beacsuse we are very reliant on the reaction of the audience.

ME: People though tend to laugh more when things go wrong.

TREVOR B: Well they do laugh when things go wrong, I don't like to see things go wrong and don't think any of us do really, but ocassionly things do go wrong that we don't want to happen.

ME: Have you got ny plans for Television?

TREVOR B: No, not for television, I'm going to be back in the theatre after this and Christmas doing pantomime, I was there last year and they've asked me to come back again so I'm looking forward to that, it should be nice.

ME: I heard you have plans to go to America, is it this year?

TREVOR B: There are plans for me to go to America, I go over to America every year or two to appear on PBS over there on the streght amnd popularity of Are You Being Served?and I help with their fundraising which they perform once or twice a year.

ME: Do you keep in touch with any of the cast?

TREVOR B: Yes, I'm in touch with them, in fact most of them. Only a couple of weeks ago I was at a awards ceremony dinner at a hotel in London with Wendy, John, Mollie and one or to others. We do see each other quite often, I see quite a lot of Frank Thornton as we are very old friends from way back before "Are You Being Served?", and I still see a fair amount of Mollie, John and so on.

ME: I know it was your decision to leave the programme, but did you ever watch the last few series you were not in and think to yourself how it would be nice to still be in the programme?

TREVOR B: No, I was very happy with the decision I made which was to after 8 years move on. No, I never watched the programme, not when I was in it or after I had left it.

Thank you very much Trevor for answering my questions.

(By Ellen Holbrook; used with permission).




(1954-1955)The Cat and the Canary at the Theatre Royal in Bath

January 1957-Agatha Christie's Spider's Web (Police Constable) at The Grand Theatre Blackpool

(1957-1958) Love Match

Trevor Bannister Play 1

(Used with kind permission from Chantelle Music).

(July 1959) Anna Christie (Larry-Bartender) at the York Theatre Royal

(1960s)The World of Suzie Wong
(1960s)Early One Morning

(Sept 1960) Billy Liar at the Cambridge Theatre
(1961-1962)Billy Liar at the Bristol Hippodrome
(April 1962)Billy Liar (Billy Crabtree) at The Grand Theatre Wolverhampton
(1963) Rattle of a Simple Man Regal Theatre (Australia)

(1969)Ann Veronica

(1969)Move Over Mrs Markham at the Vaudeville Theatre, London

(1970-1971)Green Room Rags at the Adelphi Theatre
(August 27-September 8, 1973)Move Over Mrs Markham at the Ashcroft Theatre
(1977)Middle Age Spread (Left AYBS to perform in this play).

(1977)Cinderella Theatre Royal in Windsor

(1979)Your Place or Mine at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

(Summer of 1981)The Mating Game with Barbara Windsor at The Grand Theatre Blackpool

(April 20, 1982)Touch and Go at the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon (George)

(1982-1983)Hobson's Choice at the Theatre Royal, Bath

(May 1983)Hobson's Choice (Willie Mossop) at The Grand Theatre Blackpool
(September 10-15, 1983)The Mating Game at the Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon
(February 1984)Birthday Suite at The Grand Theatre Blackpool

(1984)Aladdin at The Congress Theatre

(Right image used with permission from

(1985-1986)Cluedo at the Theatre Royal, Bath

( 1985-1986) The Wizard of Oz at the Kings Theatre Southsea

(November 1986)"Cluedo-The Play" (The Grand Theatre Blackpool)





(Used with permission from Paul at ).


(Used with kind permission from Michael at

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(Used with kind permission from Paul at

(1986-1987) Dick Whittington at the Beck Theatre Hayes
(1987)When We are Married Theatre Royal, Windsor
(October 1988)Who Goes Bare at The Grand Theatre Blackpool
(1988)When We Are Married at the Theatre Royal
(1988)The Cat and the Canary at Ashcroft Theatre

(1992)Stageland (Jerome) Michael Friend Productions

Helen Patrick with Trevor Bannister

Jonathan Oliver,Helen Patrick, Amanda Kirby,Trevor Bannister

Amanda Kirby, Trevor Bannister and Terence Singleton

Jonathan Oliver, Helen Patrick, and Trevor Bannister

(4 images above-As seen in the tour of Jereome K. Jerome's "Stageland" 1992)(Used with permission).


(1992-1993) Jack and the Beanstalk at the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon.

(June 21-26, 1993)Run For Your Wife! at Theatre Royal in Nottingham

(Sept. 3-25 1993)The Real Inspector Hound/Dogg’s Hamlet(Baker/Horatio/Ghost/Osric/Gravedigger/Fortinbras) Watford Palace Theater

(1994-1995) Sleeping Beauty at the Crewe Lyceum

(Image used with permission from

(1995-1996)The Odd Couple at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London

( 1995-1996) Snow White at the Harlequin Theatre Redhill.

(Image used with permission from

(December 6, 1996-January 12, 1997)Jack and the Beanstalk-Appeared with Louise English at Poole Arts Centre

(Image used with permission from

(December 6, 1996-January 12, 1997)Aladdin at Poole Arts Centre

(1997-1998) Jack and the Beanstalk at the Harlequin Theatre Redhill. Appeared with Kathy Staff.

(Image used with permission from

June 13, 1998-Funny Money at the Theatre Royal, Brighton

June 1998-Funny Money at The Grand Theatre Blackpool/Playhouse Theatre

1998/99 Jack and the Beanstalk at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Guildford

(Image used with permission from

(December 10, 1999-Jan 3, 2000) Aladdin (Widow Twankee) at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford. Robert Powell also appeared in this play.

1999-2000-Out of Order at the Theatre Royal in Bath

April 3-8, 2000--Out of Order at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford

Apr 26, 1999-May 1, 1999 Scissor Happy Forum Theatre, Billingham, Cleveland
May 24, 1999-May 29, 1999 Scissor Happy Key Theatre, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
May 31, 1999-Jun 5, 1999 Scissor Happy Theatre Royal, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Jun 7, 1999-Jun 12, 1999 Scissor Happy Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth, Dorset
Jun 21, 1999-Jun 26, 1999 Scissor Happy New Victoria Theatre, Woking, Surrey
Jun 28, 1999-Jul 3, 1999 Scissor Happy Victoria Theatre, Halifax, West Yorkshire
Jul 12, 1999-Jul 17, 1999 Scissor Happy Churchill Theatre, Bromley, Kent

(Dec 5, 2001-Jan 13, 2002)"Dick Whittington" at the Theatre Royal, Windsor


(Used with permission from Steve at The Lyn Paul website).


(October 12, 2002)"Murdered To Death"-Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne Review



(Reproduced by kind permission of UK Productions Ltd).

(3 images above from the play "Murdered To Death". © UK Productions Ltd. (Used with permission)).


(December 5, 2002-Jan 5, 2003)Mother Goose at the Middlesbrough Theatre Tickets: £8-£10

(December 11, 2003 - January 17, 2004) Alladin at the Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield Tickets: £8.50-£16.50

Dec 10, 2004-Jan 2,2005 Alladin Riverfront Theatre, Newport

(Image used with permission from

June 2005-Caught in the Net at The Grand Theatre Blackpool/Lyceum Theatre

(October 24, 2006)Caught In The Net at the Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage. Jeffery Holland also made an appearance in this play.


(Thanks to Norwich Theatre Royal).


(All Theater related images not specifically stated above are copyrighted to their respective owners.)

(2006)Me and My Girl -Sir John (Theatre Royal Plymouth) Video clip

(????)Boeing Boeing in South Africa
(????)A Bedfull of Foreigners in the Far and Middle East
(????)Long Day’s Journey Into Night
(????)Ayckboume’s Time and Time Again

(????)Taking Steps
(????)Dead at Nine

TV Plays

(1974)"Armchair Theatre"-If You Can See What I Can See (Mike)
(1971)"BBC Play": Cider with Rosie (BBC Play)(Father)
(1969)"Thirty-Minute Theatre"-The Victims: A Degree of Stress (Jacko)
(1969)"Plays of Today":A Voyage Around My Father
(1968) "ITV Playhouse"- Rogues' Gallery: The Tale of Lancelot Wishart (Joseph Pyne)
(1967)"ITV Play of the Week"-ITV Summer Playhouse #10: Travelling Light (Brian Miller)
(1966)"Thirty-Minute Theatre"- O-Goshi (Basil)
(1966)"ITV Play of the Week"-Stories of D.H. Lawrence #5: Tickets Please/Monkey Nuts
(1966)"Armchair Theatre"- The Night Before the Morning After (Hughie)
(1965)"Thursday Theatre"-Celebration (Jack Lucas)
(1965)The Imposter (BBC Play)
(1964)"ITV Play of the Week"-Undercurrent (Cledwyn Williams)
(1961)"Armchair Theatre" - Honeymoon Postponed (Arthur Fitton)

(All Theater related images not specifically stated are copyrighted to their respective owners.)


Photo taken in Amsterdam. Thanks Jan Sloos for this photo!