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Born in May 31, 1929 in London, England.
Birth Name: Arthur Edward Barrett.
Died on August 20, 1990 in Belvedere, Kent, England.



TV Appearances

(2002)Heroes of Comedy-Dick Emery
©Thames Television

(1989)Sob Sisters-A Night at the Opera (Newspaper Editor)
(1989)"Minder"- Days of Fines and Closures (Auctioneer)
(1989)No Strings-Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Down (Mr Jenkins)
(1989)"War and Remembrance"-Part 9 (Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory)
(1987)"Home to Roost"- Family Ties (Manager)
(1986)"Langley Bottom" (Rev. Dennis Claybourne)
(1986)"Farrington of the F.O." (P.J. Parker)
---Flying the Flag
---The Delegation
(1984)The Hello Goodbye Man Ep 1.1 (Dr Johnson)
(1983-1985)The Kenny Everett Television Show
(1983)Bloodbath at the House of Death (Doctor)
(1983)Jack of Diamonds-She Was Only a Corporal's Daughter (Sykes)
(1983)"That's My Boy"-Down Under (Mr. Lee)
(1982)The New Adventures of Lucky Jim-The Big Smoke (Customs Officer)
(1982)Janet and Company Ep 2.2
(1982)Emery Presents:Legacy of Murder-Holy Smoke (Village Policeman)
(1982)Let There Be Love-In Sickness and in Health (Stanley)
(1981)Janet and Company Ep 1.1
(1981)"That's My Boy"-Live as Family (Mr. Lee)

(1981)"To the Manor Born"- Back to the Manor (Captain Ron Newman)

(1981)That Beryl Marston...!-Pax (Waiter)
(1981)Partners-Conventional Behaviour (Hotel Receptionist)
(1980-1987)"Terry and June" (Malcolm/Mr. Basingstoke)
(1980)Give Us a Clue Dec 1st episode
(1980)"Rings on Their Fingers" (Victor)
(1979-1982)Kelly Monteith
(1979-1981)The Jim Davidson Show
(1979)Mayflower: The Pilgrim's Adventure (Regis)
(1979)"Robin's Nest"- Be It Ever So Humble (Reginald Boniface)
(1979)The Dick Emery Comedy Hour
(1978)Bernie Eps 1.1-1.2,1.4
(1978)"George and Mildred"- Life with Father (Doctor)
(1978)"Come Back Mrs. Noah" (Garfield Hawk)
(1978)You're Only Young Twice-The White Elephant (Floorwalker)
(1977)"The Fosters"- Up in Arms (Major McAdam)
(1977)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"-The Superstar (Pilot Officer Digby)
(1977)The Many Wives of Patrick-The Cleanest Possible Weekend (Hotel Clerk)
(1977)The Fosters-Up in Arms (Major McAdam)
(1976)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"-Flight to Jawani (Commanding Officer)

(1976)"The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin"- The Bizarre Dinner
Party (Mr. Campbell-Lewiston/German Sales Rep. for Sunshine Desserts)
All 3 images ©BBC

(1976)"Shadows"- Peronik (Rex)
(1976)The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella (Minister)

(1975)"The Tomorrow People"- One Law: Parts 1-3 (Inspector Burke)

(1975)"Dad's Army"-When You've Got to Go (Doctor)

(1975)The Rough with the Smooth Ep 1.6 (Halliday's Salesman)
(1975)"Not on Your Nellie"- Be Prepared (Reverend Birtwhistle)
(1975)Love Thy Neighbour Ep 5.1 (Reggie Truelove)
(1974)"Bless This House"- Mr Chairman... (Mr. Briggs)
(1974)Men of Affairs-It's a Bug! (Carter)
(1974)Second Time Around (Frank)
---Oh Happy, Happy Wedding Day
---I Get That Old Feeling
(1974)My Name Is Harry Worth-Just a Roll of Lino Please (Mr Regan)
(1973)The Flying Sorcerer (Astrolabe)
(1973)Love Thy Neighbour Ep 4.3 (Detective Sergeant Finch)
(1973)Thirty Minutes Worth Ep 3.6
(1973)Special Branch-The Other Man (Grindley)
(1973)The Upper Crusts-Sitting Pretty (Mr Smith)
(1973)Harriet's Back in Town Eps 1.27-1.28 (Geoffrey Francis)
(1973)White Cargo (Fosdyke)
(1972)My Wife Next Door (Henry)
(1972)The Fenn Street Gang-The Left Hand Path (Hartley)
(1972)Man Who Was Hunting Himself Ep 1.1 (Dr Frazer)

(1972)"The Persuaders!"- Someone Waiting (John Radcliffe)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1972)The Basil Brush Show Jan 2nd episode
(1971-1972)"Tottering Towers" ('Soapy' Cyril)
(1971)Please Sir!-Nemesis for Norman (Mr Bell)
(1971)"Keep It in the Family" (James Bannister)
(1971)A Hole Lot of Trouble (Longbottom)
(1971)A Couple of Beauties (Tim Baxter)
(1970)Here Come the Double Deckers-Scooper Strikes Out (Mad Hatter)
(1970)"Cribbins" Eps 2.1-2.6
(1970)A Cuckoo in the Nest (The Rev Sloley-Jones)
(1970)"No, That's Me Over Here!" Ep 3.2 (The Man)
(1970)Never Say Die-The Gamblers (Waters)
(1970)"Two in Clover" Ep 2.1 (Salesman)

(1970)The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer
© Warner Brothers/Seven Arts

(1970)Trog (John Dennis)
©Herman Cohen Productions

(1969-1979)The Dick Emery Show

(1969)"Dad's Army"-The Bullet Is Not for Firing (Captain Pringle)
Both images ©BBC

(1969)"Hadleigh"- The Ring (Henry Adams)
(1969)According to Dora Ep 2.6 (Various)
(1969)It All Goes to Show (Rev. Blunt)
(1968)"Nearest and Dearest"- It Comes to Us All (Petherbridge)
(1968)"Best of Enemies" (Geoffrey Broom MP)
(1968)Ukridge (Victor Beamish)
---The Accident Syndicate
---The Home from Home
(1968)Love Story-The Vast Horizons of the Mind (Hotel Receptionist)
(1968)O.K. Yevtushenko (Major Kovacs)
(1968)Talk of the Devil (Stephen Wallace)
(1967)Love Story- Love in a Geary Suit (Tailor's Assistant)
(1967)Marriage Lines-Alarums and Excursions (Leslie)

(1967)"The Saint"-A Double in Diamonds (The Steward)
Both images ©Bamore

(1965)"The Saint"-The Chequered Flag (Lee Leonard)
Both images ©Bamore

(1967)The Deadly Bees (Detective Harcourt)
©Amicus Productions

(1967)"The Avengers"-A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station (Salt)
©ABC Weekend Television

(1967)The Mummy's Shroud (Harry Newton)
(1966)The Corridor People-Victim as Birdwatcher (Christopher Vaughn)
(1966)"The Man in Room 17"- Under Influence (Rickie Mayne)
(1966)The Boy Cried Murder (Mike)
(1966)"The Liars" Ep 1.9 (Nick)

(1966)The Psychopath (Morgan)
©Amicus Productions

(1966)Where the Bullets Fly (Seraph)
(1966)Miss Mactaggart Won't Lie Down (Manservant)
(1964)"The Villains"- Depression (The Psychiatrist)
(1963)"Dial RIX"- What a Chassis (John Prentice)
(1961)"The Avengers"-A Change of Bait (Andre)
(1959)Quartermass and the Pit-The Enchanted (Man in crowd at museum)
(1959)Television Playwright-The Dark Side of the Earth

Images for this section used with permission from:
Piers Johnson
anonymous contributors



AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1977

Episode: "Founder's Day"




Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites

Sang "Protocoligorically" in the 1976 show The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella.




TV Plays

(1972)"Comedy Playhouse"- And Whose Side Are You On? (Pomfret)
(1962)ITV Play of the Week-The Apple Cart (Semplonius)
(1959)Television Playright-The Dark Side of the Earth