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Wendy Richard

Born on July 20, 1943 in Middlesbrough County Cleveland, England.
Birth Name: Wendy Emerton; parents Henry William and Beatrice Reay Emerton.
Height: 5' 6".
Married John Burns on October 10, 2008 at a London Mayfair hotel.
Died February 26, 2009 at the age of 65 in Marylebone,London,England(UK).
Funeral was on Mar 9, 2009 at Marylebone Parish Church.
Cremated at Golders Green crematorium.





TV Appearances

    (2010-archive)The Story of 'Are You Being Served?'
    (2009-archive)Mollie Sugden: A Tribute
    (2009)Wendy Richard:To Tell You the Truth (Personal Documentary)
    (2009)Beyond a Joke
    (2008)50 Greatest Comedy Catchphrases
    (2008)What Are You Like?
    (2008)Comedy Classics-On the Buses
    (2008)Comedy Connections-Dad's Army
    (2008)Grumpy Old Women Ep 3.1
    (2008)The Paul O'Grady Show Ep 8.26
    (2008)All Star Mr & Mrs Ep 1.1
    (2008)50 Greatest Families (Co-Presenter)
    (2008)Dog Rescue Ep 1.1

    (2008)Miss Marple: A Pocketful of Rye (Mrs. Crump)

    Both images ©ITV Studios

    (2008)The Post Office (Adverts/Commercial)

    (2008)Benidorm Ep 2.5 (Sylvia)
    © Tiger Aspect Productions

    (2007-2008)Big Brother's Little Brother(Interview)
    (2007)The Podge and Rodge Show Ep 3.15

    (2007)Would I Lie to You? Ep 1.5
    ©Endemol Entertainment UK

    (2007)A Tribute to John Inman (Presenter)
    (2007)Big Brother's Efourum June 29th episode
    (2007)The British Soap Awards 2007
    (2007)This Morning May 29th episode
    (2007)"Tubridy Tonight" Ep 3.12
    (2007)"Soapstar Superstar" Ep 2.1
    (2007)Saturday Kitchen May 19th episode
    (2007)Arena-The Archers (Voice of Listener's Comments)
    (2007)Gameshow Marathon
    ---Blankety Blank
    ---The Price Is Right
    (2007)Here Comes the Queen
    (2006)City Hospital (Guest Presenter)
    (2006)The Big Finish
    (2006)"Parkinson" November 18th episode (Interview)
    (2006)"The Weakest Link/Weakest Link Champions' League"-Soap Stars Special 2
    (2006)The Queen at 80
    (2005)"The Paul O'Grady Show"/The New Paul O'Grady Show Ep 3.21
    (????)Gloria's Greats(Biography Channel) (Interview)
    (2005)"This Morning"/This Morning with Richard and Judy May 18th episode
    (2005)Crumpet! A Very British Sex Symbol
    (2005)"Breakfast"- Episode dated 19 October 2005
    (2005)"Today with Des and Mel" December 19th episode
    (2004)"Britain's Best Sitcom"
    (2004)"GMTV" September 3rd episode
    (2004)"Call My Bluff" June 17th episode
    (2003)"V Graham Norton"-Ep 4.26
    (2003)The Joy of Christmas
    (2003)"Today with Des and Mel"- Episode dated 7 February 2003
    (2002)"Arena" - It's Time for 'Just a Minute' (voice)
    (2002)"The Kumars at No. 42" Ep 2.9
    (2002)"Holiday" - Episode dated 22 December 2002
    (2001)"A Question of TV" Ep 1.5
    (2001)Wendy Richard: A Life on the Box
    (2001)"Holiday"/Summer Holiday April 10th episode
    (2001)EastEnders: It's Your Party!
    (2001)Can We Carry On, Girls? (Various)
    (2001)"Celebrity Ready, Steady, Cook" September 8th episode
    (2001)"The Weakest Link/Weakest Link Champions' League"-Eastenders Special
    (2001)"Dad's Army"- Missing Presumed Wiped (Lynn)
    (2000-2008)"Loose Women" (Interview)
    (2000)"Life and Times of..."- Wendy Richard
    (2000)"Live Talk" Ep 1.52
    (2000)"This Is Your Life"
    ---- Todd Carty
    ---- Dale Winton
    (2000)Don't Panic! The 'Dad's Army' Story
    (2000)"The Heaven and Earth Show" February 27th episode

    (2000)Eastenders: 15 Years of EastEnders
    (2000)EastEnders Family Album


    (2000)A Question of EastEnders
    (2000)"This Morning"/This Morning with Richard and Judy November 15th episode
    (1999)"Call My Bluff" November 12th episode
    (1999)"The Other Half"-Celebrity Special
    (1999)Celebrity Special

    (1999)"Funny Turns"- John Inman

    (1999)This Morning June 24th episode
    (1999)"EastEnders: Fighting Fit" Ep 1.1

    (1999)"Blankety Blank"/Lily Savage's Blankety Blank Ep 16.8

    (1999)"Celebrity Holiday Memories" September 21st episode
    (1999)Funny Women-Mollie Sugden
    (1999)"Television's Greatest Hits"/TV's Greatest Hits August 13th episode
    (1999)"It's Only TV... But I Like It" Ep 1.4

    Both images ©Open Mike Productions

    (1999)"All Over the Shop" Ep 3.9
    (1998)"This Is Your Life"- Trevor Bannister

    (1998)What's a Carry On? (Interviewee/'Miss Ida Downs')
    All 3 images ©The British Film Corporation PLC

    (1998)"The Generation Game"/Bruce Forsyth and the Generation Game/Jim Davidson's Feb 28th episode
    (1998)Generation Game - Episode dated February 28, 1998
    (1998)"Noel's House Party" Ep 7.15
    (1997)"Celebrity Ready, Steady, Cook" Ep 1.1
    (1997)"Give Us a Clue" December 8th episode

    (1997)What a Performance!-Camp
    © Carlton Television

    (1997)"Surprise Surprise!" July 18th episode
    (1997)"Auntie's TV Favourites" Ep 1.6
    (1997)The Big C (Presenter)
    (1997)"Selection Box"-Dad's Army
    (1997)Dad's Army
    (1996)"Celebrity Squares"July 22nd episode
    (1996)"Tonight with Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan" Ep 1.4
    (1995)"Celebrity Squares" June 2nd episode
    (1995)"Pebble Mill at One"/Pebble Mill February 13th episode
    (1995)"This Is Your Life"- David Croft
    (1995)"Telly Addicts" - Christmas Special
    (1995)Heros of Comedy
    (1994)"Celebrity Squares" July 16th episode
    (1993)"Shooting Stars"- Pilot
    (1993)"Friday Night"/Terry Wogan's Friday Night Ep 1.18
    (1993)"Telly Addicts" - Ep 9.6

    (1993)Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time (Played Pauline Fowler at several different ages)

    (1992-1993)"Grace & Favour"/Are You Being Served? Again! (Miss Shirley Brahms)
    (1992)The Best of 'Are You Being Served?' (Miss Shirley Brahms)
    (1990)Happy Birthday, Coronation Street!
    (1989)You Bet! Ep 2.3
    (1988)This Morning (Talk Show)
    (1988-2002)"Just a Minute" (Linked to transcripts done by Dean Bedford)

    May 12, 1988* June 16, 1988* Mar 28, 1989*
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    (1987)The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross Ep 1.3
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    (1985-2010)"EastEnders" (Pauline Fowler)

    (1985)All Star Secrets Ep 2.3
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    (1978)Our Family - Part 1 "Trains Don't Stop Here Any More" (Auntie Vi)
    (1977)Are You Being Served? : The Movie(Miss Shirley Brahms)

    (1976)Seaside Special

    June 19, 1976
    Location: Gerry Cottles Circus in Blackpool
    Guests - Wendy Richard, Mollie Sugden, Frank Thornton, John Inman

    (1975)This Is Your Life-Mollie Sugden
    (1975) "Not on Your Nellie" (Doris)
    (1975)"Hogg's Back" (Pearl)

    (1973)Carry on Girls (Miss Ida Downs)
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    (1972)Bless This House ( Carol)
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    (1971)The Fenn Street Gang (Myrna)
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    (????)Don't I Look the Lord's Son

    (1971)On the Buses (Housewife)

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    (1965)No Hiding Place
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    ---The Hunted and the Hunters (Linda Hooper)

    (1965)"The Likely Lads"-Last of the Big Spenders (Lynn)

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    (1965)Six-The Day of Ragnarok

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    (1964)No Hiding Place-An Eye for an Eye (Smiler)

    (1964)"Danger Man"/Secret Agent-Don't Nail Him Yet (Sue)

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    (1955)Dixon of Dock Green (Barbara Walker)
    ???? Stranger on the Shore

    Shows/movies in which his appearance were left on the cutting room floor:

    (1965)Help! -Lady Macbeth (Appearances that were made for television, but ended up deleted. Only images from the scenes survive.):


    (Wendy Richard with Paul McCartney).


    (Wendy Richard with Paul McCartney).


    (Wendy Richard with Paul McCartney).


    (Wendy Richard, Paul McCartney and Frankie Howerd).


    (Frankie Howerd, Wendy Richard and Paul McCartney).


    (Frankie Howerd, Wendy Richard and Paul McCartney).


    (Frankie Howerd, Wendy Richard, Paul McCartney and others).

    (Images from Stop Worrying: A Tribute To HELP! Used with permission. All images © 1965 Walter Shenson Films and Subafilms) Note that her scene is on the special features DVD.


    Images in this section used with permission from:

    On the Buses Fan Club
    anonymous contributers


    More TV Appearances:

    A Big Night Out
    Are You Being Served Showbiz Quiz (in Holland)
    A Question of Entertainment
    All Star Secrets
    Big Breakfast
    Christmas Big Break
    Don't Turn Out the Lights
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    Jim'll Fix It
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    That's Showbusiness
    The Bruce Forsyth Show
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    Weakest Link - EastEnders Special
    Whose House?
    You Bet
    We Love TV
    Secrets Out
    Dad You're A Square
    Kelly Monteith Show
    The Pyramid Game
    Lifeline TV Appeal
    New Celebrity Squares
    West Country Tales
    Presenter on The History of the Jack Russell and Circus
    Good Morning With Anne and Nick
    Fitting Fat, Fitting Fit with EastEnders



AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe : 1972-1985

Sang in "The Clock" and "Camping In".

Trademark: Cockney Accent


Magazine/Newspaper Articles

'My Best Friend' column article about Wendy Richard and John Inman's long friendship. Favorite article and picture of mine. :-)


WOMAN'S WEEKLY, 23 September 1997

We Laugh Non-Stop

John Inman/Wendy Richard

John Inman met Wendy Richard when they starred together in the hit TV series Are You Being Served?  Twenty-five years later, they're still the best of friends.

"I was terribly overawed when I first saw her," John says, remembering the day he met Wendy Richard and the rest of the cast of Are You Being Served? back in 1972.  "I walked into that rehearsal room at the BBC and I was the only person there I'd never heard of.  I'd seen Wendy in a series called The Newcomers.  I knew Frank Thornton from Small World, Trevor Bannister from The Dustbinmen, and Mollie Sugden had been Jimmy Clitheroe's mum. All I'd been up to that point was John Inman.

"But Wendy and I clicked right away.  We're both Cancerians, and Wendy is always such a motherly soul, easer to help people be at ease.  If you're ill it's always Wendy who drops in a get well card.  She visits an old folks' home near where she lives, and often takes them fresh eggs from a farm near the studies at Elstree.

"We lived so close together back then that we used  to share a car to rehearsals, since neither of us can drive.  At weekends, we used to meet for a drink at her local pub, which was just down the road from my house."

Twenty-five years later, they still meet up as often as possible, despite Wendy's busy schedule on the EastEnders set.  And when they do, says John, the laughter is non-stop:  "At the moment she may be playing Pauline, the most miserable woman in the world," he concedes, "but off-screen Wendy does love to laugh.  I have to confess I don't watch the show much because I don't understand what they say and I don't think any human being anywhere lives as miserably as they appear to live in that square.  But just as soon as Wendy takes off Pauline's horrible old cardigan she's a bundle of laughs again.

"We did a stage show of Are You Being Served? and one day she and I were treating the rest of the cast to a lunch outside in the garden -- it was a wonderful summer day.  Well, Wendy could smoke for Britain, and at the time, I was her closest runner-up.  We were in the kitchen, making omelettes, and smoking, and at the same instant, the ash from both our cigarettes fell into the mixture.  Wendy was aghast, but I said, 'Just beat it in and they'll think it's black pepper.'  And we did.

"After that, I used to say to Wendy on stage, 'Pass the black pepper, Miss Brahms,' and she'd crack up.  The rest of the cast never found out what made her giggle, and the omelettes, as I seem to recall, were highly praised!"

With a friendship as long as theirs, it's hardly surprising that Wendy has become a part of John's family life as well.  "I have two nieces and Wendy made a big hit with them as kids.  They're just as fond of her as I am," he says.  "When she had to go into hospital a while back, they called every day to keep up with her progress and when she came out they were delighted."

Like all true friends, John can see Wendy's faults as well as her virtues.  "She has so many good qualities -- which makes her one bad one all the more noticeable.  For a generous person, which she most certainly is, she can be amazingly self-centered at times.  If Wendy feels like going out for an Indian meal, for instance, everybody has to go out for an Indian meal.  She can be very bossy.  On the other hand I give as good as I get, so she could probably say the same things about me, and probably would!  What else are friends for?"

Article written by Christopher Kenworthy




Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites/Magazines

Autobiography Book

Wendy "S": My Life Story (Started 1998/Released in September of 2001).


Some Joe You Don't Know: An American Biographical Guide to 100 British Television Personalities

Author: Anthony Slide
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Date: 1996
ISBN-10: 0313295506
ISBN-13: 9780313295508
# of pages: 271 pages

Wendy Richard Official Website:

Used to have an official website; no longer exists.

Wendy Richard Fan Sites

The Wendy Richard Appreciation Page (Archived)


TV TIMES August 5-11, 2006
Guardian , Feb. 2006
The Daily Telegraph, May 9, 1998


Cat's Whiskers
Dad's Army
Trains Don't Stop Here Anymore
Just a Minute
Presenter on The Ken Bruce Show
The Worst Witch
The Listening Corner
It's My Future
Some of These Days
The Law Game
Don't Talk To Me About Kids
Desert Island Discs

London Wall

Joe Nobody

Holly Road Rig

(1962)Sang in Coronation Street Ep 1.194.


AYBS based

"Goodbye Mrs. Slocombe"-first episode of Eastenders with Wendy Richard was aired the day after this episode in February 1985.

She is well known in Eastenders for her frumpy clothes a big contrast to always being dressed up on AYBS.

Michael Attwell who played one of the burglers in "The Hold-Up" played Wendy Richard's brother Kenny Beale in Eastenders.

Named cairn terrier "Miss Brahms" after her "Are You Being Served?" (1972) role.

Real Life Based

On April 22-23, 1965, Wendy Richard worked on Help! Some info about that here.

Her parents ran the Shepherds Tavern in London (Upper level was Wendy's childhood home).

Appeared on East Enders for 22 years; retired from it in 2006.

She has appeared on a variety of game and talk shows.

One of her favorite episodes is "German Week" from article in the Guardian , Feb. 2006.

Wanted to be an archaeologist when she was growing up.

Education: St. George's Primary School , Royal Masonic School for Girls and Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts (Performing Arts based)

She was awarded the M.B.E. (Member of the Order of the British Empire) by the Queen in 2000. Also was on the Millennium Honours List.

Her hobbies are collecting frog ornaments, clowns, condiment sets, tapestry work, plants and gardening.

Works with many charities. See "Charity" section.

May 1962- Wendy Richard teamed up with Mike Sarne to record the record 'Come Outside'.
Mark Sarne/Wendy Richard Come Outside

(Lyrics above used with kind permission from Gary Hart).

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London. (Photograph by Harry Hammond). Used with permission.

In 1986 she re-recorded 'Come Outside', with Mike Berry. The flipside was Berry's "Give It A Try".

Fan of the television program "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Owns a large collection of ornamental frogs.

Dog lover. Had a Cairn Terrier named Shirley Brahms II named after her character on "Are You Being Served?" who appeared in an episode of AYBS/A

Won 2006 Express Readers' Most Popular TV Personality award

Wendy worked as a secretary for music/movie producer Robert Stigwood (The Daily Telegraph-May 9, 1998 article).

1963 Wendy and hairdresser Diane/Diana Berry recorded the song "We Had A Dream", with the flipside "Keep 'Em Looking Around" (Decca) .


Leave a message for John Burns

See other tributes at:


More links pertaining to Wendy Richard




Charity/Charity Event

Info/Pics from Charity Event held on January 19th, 2010:

Charities Wendy worked with:

Leonard Cheshire Disability

Breakthrough Breast Cancer

DARE-Dogs at Risk in Europe

The Gift of Life Commemorative Trust

The British Forces Foundation

Dr. Hadwin Trust

Macmillan Cancer Support

Dogs for the Disabled

Willow Foundation



This 1990's photo was taken at Crufts, the world's greatest dog-show that is organized by The Kennel Club UK.

(Photo used with kind permission from David S. Paton (Photographer)).

WEndy Richard Scruffs Show

"The Scruffts Family Crossbreed Dog of the Year competition was judged by Wendy Richard from EastEnders, and the award went to Scampie, owned by Laura Moreno-Chamorro from Plymouth."

Scruffts is a competition for Crossbreed Dogs run by the Kennel Club. The final is held at our Discover Dogs Show in London every November. Wendy Richard is a supporter of the show and helped judge the 2005 Scruffts final.

(Picture and information used with kind permission of Emma Ruby (Online Marketing Co-ordinator) for The Kennel Club (UK)).


Award Ceremonies/Luncheons/Events

January 19, 2010-Wendy Richard Charity Event at Selfridges (Tribute for Wendy):
(Had incorrect date. Event date was January 19, 2010.)

Note: This event was a sale rather than an auction.

2009 Race for Life (UK race on her behalf for breast cancer awareness)

2008 The Heritage Foundation Awards

2007-The Lady Taverners AGM and Spring Lunch

May 2007-British Soap Awards (Lifetime achievement award) Link #2(Pic #11)

Robin Gibb - Heritage Tribute Luncheon

Crystal Variety Club award in Houston, USA.

(6/15/2007)Wendy Richard Charity Freedom Ball

(March 2007)Opened a pet department at Allders department store in Croydon.

October 30, 2006 -Comic Heritage/Wendy Richard Luncheon
Grosvenor House Hotel/London

October 15, 2006 -Comic Heritage/Tribute luncheon for June Brown
Grosvenor House Hotel/London

2006-Grenada's Chelsea Flower Show Exhibit

2006-The Variety Club Showbiz Awards

October 15th, 2006- June Brown Tribute Luncheon

(Dec 1,2003)

May 11th, 2002-Dad's Army Members Dinner (Bressingham)-Surprise guest

Meerkat Funday at London Zoo - 26 September 2001



TV Plays

(1967)"The Wednesday Play"- The Voices in the Park (Delphine)
(1966)"ITV Play of the Week"
---Plays of a Married Life #1:A Catching Complaint (Girl in Night Club)
---Plays of a Married Life #4:The Bright Side (Betty)
(1964)The Wednesday Play (Delphine)
(1963)ITV Television Playhouse-The Wedding Dress (Brunette factory girl)
(1963)"ITV Play of the Week"-London Wall (Miss Bufton)
(1955)ITV Play of the Week (Girl in Night Club)
(1955)ITV Television Playhouse (Brunette Factory Girl)



(June-Oct 1976)"Are You Being Served?", (stage version), at the Blackpool Winter Gardens. Played Miss Brahms.

(1986-1987) Cinderella at the Theatre Royal Brighton and Dartford. Played 'Dandini'.

(1987-1988) Cinderella at The Beck Theatre Hayes. Played the 'Fairy'.

(1989-90) Cinderella the Churchill Theatre Bromley. Played the 'Fairy'.

(Image used with permission from

‚Äč(1997-98) Dick Whittington at the New Theatre Brighton - Note: "Wendy never appeared in this performance due to a back injury meaning she was replaced in the cast by Lorraine Chase."
(Above info provided with permission from

???? "No Sex Please, we're British"
???? "Let's Go Camping"
???? "Blythe Spirit"



Eastenders Picture



Grand Order of Water Rats-Annual Ball
November 30, 2003
Grosvenor House Hotel-London

Wendy Richard with partner John Burns.

(Image above used with permission from Doug McKenzie).

Robert Gee enjoys meeting famous faces like
Eastenders star Wendy Richard. Photo taken at a gala ball in London.

(Image above used with permission from Robert Gee).



Photo taken in Amsterdam. Thanks Jan Sloos for this photo!

Bearsac Meets Wendy Richard
(Used with permission from Debra at Bearsac's past site).



(Article from "Woman's Own" and images on this page are used with kind permission from Kurt Callaway; Source:"Wendy Richard Appreciation Page") unless otherwise noted.