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__ 001. pilot (b&w) 9/8/72

Things must change as Mrs. Betty Slocombe and Miss Shirley Brahms bring their Ladies' Separates into the previously all-male sanctum of Mr. Grainger, Mr. Humphries and Mr. Lucas at Grace Brothers' Department Store.


1973 colour

__ 002. Dear Sexy Knickers 3/21/73

Mrs. Slocombe accidentally receives a suggestive note sent by Mr. Lucas to Miss Brahms.

__ 003. Our Figures Are Slipping 3/28/73

Mr. Rumbold asks the staff to stay after closing for a pep talk about ways to increase the sales figures.


__ 004. Camping In 4/4/73

A transportation strike strands everyone at the store overnight, where they have to make do with tents, sleeping bags and a campfire.


__ 005. His n' Hers 4/11/73
>Joanne Lumley

Mrs. Slocombe fights back when an outside perfume saleswoman moves onto the floor and diverts customers.


__ 006. Diamonds Are a Man's Best Friend 4/18/73

The staff scrambles to find a diamond lost by a wealthy customer who has offered an sizable reward.


__ 007. Christmas Crackers 12/22/75

Young Mr. Grace decrees that the staff wear fancy dress costumes during the pre-Christmas shopping season.




__ 008. The Clock 3/14/74

Mr. Grainger fears that Grace Brothers is going to retire him at his grand birthday celebration.


__ 009. Cold Comfort 3/21/74

The staff uses their imagination to keep warm during a coal strike.


__ 010. The Think Tank 3/28/74

The staff tries a fashion show as a means of raising their slumping sales figures.


__ 011. Big Brother 4/4/74

The staff are unimpressed by the new security monitors, which Mr. Rumbold uses to spy on everyone until the staff turns the tables on him.


__ 012. Hoorah For the Holidays 4/11/74

The staff rebel when they are asked to rearrange their vacations to suit the store's redecoration plans.


__ 013. The Father Christmas Affair 12/24/76

The staff competes for a temporary position as Father Christmas and Mr.Humphries and Mr. Lucas help Mr. Grainger work up a black minstrel number
for a variety show.





__014. The Hand of Fate 2/27/75

Everyone tries to ensure their own advancement when Mr. Humphries sees a promotion in Captain Peacock's palm.


__015. Coffee Morning 3/6/75

The new sign in book for breaks and meals gets Mr.Grainger sacked and prompts the rest to stage a slowdown strike in protest.


__016. Up Captain Peacock 3/13/75

The rest of the staff becomes upset when Captain Peacock is given a key to the executive washroom and admittance to the executive dining room.


__017. Cold Store 3/20/75

A freezing store prompts Mr. Lucas to try out the excuse of a cold so he can see his girl friend during work hours, but everyone else has their own health problems too.


__018. Wedding Bells 3/27/75

Mr. Grace announces he's going to marry one of the staff.


__019. German Week 4/3/75

Everyone dons German costumes and learns German folk dances in an effort to shift a load of German merchandise.


__020. Shoulder to Shoulder 4/10/75

The ladies move to the men's counters when Grace Brothers decides to renovate half the sales floor.


__021. The New Look 4/17/75

The staff get into the spirit when Mr. Rumbold and Mr. Grace decide to help sales with music from the Roaring 20s and sales announcements over the PA system.




__022. No Sale 4/8/76

The staff scheme to keep sales from increasing in order to sabotage the new earlier opening hours plan.


__023. Top Hat and Tails 4/15/76

The staff struggle to sharpen their ballroom dance skills when Mr. Grace decides the store will enter a team in an inter-store dance competiton.


__024. Forward, Mr. Grainger 4/22/76

Mr. Grainger turns into a bullying tyrant when he's temporarily promoted to Mr. Rumbold's job.


__025. Fire Practice 4/29/76

The staff are instructed in what to do in case of a fire.


__026. Fifty Years On 5/6/76

Everyone makes plans to celebrate Mrs. Slocombe's fiftieth birthday, unaware that they're a few years premature.


__027. Oh, What a Tangled Web 5/13/76

Captain Peacock gets involved with Mr. Rumbold's new secretary.





__028. Mrs.Slocombe Expects 2/25/77

Mrs.Slocombe puts the whole floor into an uproar with a family crises.


__029. A Change Is As Good As a Rest 3/4/77

The entire staff is transferred to the toy department for a week.


__030. Founder's Day 3/11/77

Mr. Grace reluctantly attends a retrospective of his life in honor of Founder's Day.


__031. The Old Order Changes 3/18/77

Captain Peacock's bad mood presages some disagreeable changes following young Mr. Grace's trip to America.


__032. The Takeover 3/25/77

Mr. Harmon, Miss Brahms, and Mrs. Slocombe impersonate Grace Brothers stockholders in an effort to foil a takeover bid.


__033. Goodbye, Mr. Grainger 4/1/77

A cranky Mr. Grainger quits Grace Brothers when he thinks he's won a fortune in the pools.


__034. It Pays To Advertise 4/8/77

Grace Brothers produces new mannequins with the features of Mrs. Slocombe and Mr. Humphries while everyone takes a role in a theater commercial for the store.




__035. By Appointment 11/15/78 ( intro Mr. Percival Tebbs )

Everyone prepares for a visit from the Queen.


__036. The Club 11/22/78

Mr. Grace graciously allows the staff to transform part of the store's basement into a social club.


__037. Do You Take This Man? 11/29/78

>Gordon Kaye

Mrs. Slocombe falls into love and agrees to marry a Greek gentleman.


__038. Shedding the Load 12/6/78

Mr. Grace decides to save money by cutting back on the staff and solicits everyone's opinion on who should go.


__039. The Bliss Girl 12/13/78

A heavy fog forces Mr. Humphries to sell perfume as the Bliss Girl and starts a competition with Mrs. Slocombe for sales.


__040. Happy Returns 12/26/78

Mr. Grace's birthday gala features a Nutcracker pantomime by the members of Ladies Seperates and Gents Ready-to-Wear.




__041. The Junior 10/19/79 ( intro Mr. Goldberg )

An old Army buddy of Captain Peacock's applies for the position of junior in the Men's Ready-to-Wear department.


__042. Strong Stuff This Insurance 10/26/79

Mr. Humphries brings in a ballet teacher to help everyone tone up for an insurance physical.


__043. The Apartment 11/2/79

Mrs. Slocombe's sets up a temporary apartment on the closed top floor of the store, and has several visitors during her first night in residence.


__044. Mrs. Slocombe-Senior Person 11/9/79

Mrs. Slocombe temporarily receives Mr. Rumbold's job but finds it isn't to her liking.


__045. The Hero 11/16/79

Captain Peacock challenges a loudmouth from another department to a boxing match, then backs out.


__046. Anything You Can Do 11/23/79

The staff are challenged to take over the cafeteria after their complaints prompt a walkout by the regular cafeteria workers.


__047. The Agent 11/30/79

Mr. Goldberg cause some disruption with his employment agency when he offers to find new jobs for Mrs. Slocombe and Mr. Humphries.


__048. The Punch and Judy Affair 12/26/79

The staff are asked to do a live Punch and Judy performance for a children's party.




__049. Is It Catching? 4/9/81 ( intro old Mr. Grace, Bert Spooner, Mr. Grossman )

The department is quarantined when Mr. Humphries contracts a communicable disease.


__050. A Personal Problem 4/16/81

Captain Peacock sees red when his wife goes to work for Mr. Rumbold, and it appears they're having an affair.


__051. Front Page Story 4/23/81

Mr. Humphries is placed in charge of the store magazine, and walks a fine line between gossip and controversy.


__052. Sit Out 4/30/81

The employees go all the way to Number 10 Downing Street when they're asked to take a pay cut.


__053. Heir Apparent 5/7/81

Old Mr. Grace believes that Mr. Humphries might be his son.


__054. Closed Circuit 5/21/81

The staff argue over who will speak for the new in-store commercials on the closed-circuit tv system


__055. The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe 5/28/81

Mrs. Slocombe is preoccupied with liquor and dreams of a romantic Mr.Humphries.


__056. Roots? 12/24/81 { Mr. Klein, Mr. Spooner, both Mr. Graces }

To celebrate young Mr. Grace's 90th birthday party, the staff tries to come up with a musical tribute to the Grace family tree.




__057. The Sweet Smell of Success 4/22/83

Mrs. Slocombe develops an aphrodisiac perfume.


__058. Conduct Unbecoming 4/29/83

Mr. Humphries faces losing his job when a fight with his mother disrupts the whole floor.


__059. Memories Are Made of This 5/6/83

A knock on the head from a golf ball sends Mrs. Slocombe back to her childhood.


__060. Calling All Customers 5/13/83

The staff take to the CB radio airwaves to promote sales, competing to write just the right story for everyone to perform.


__061. Monkey Business 5/20/83

Lack of pay raises and a threatened Japanese takeover create panic amongst the staff, aggravated by reports of an escaped monkey.


__062. Lost and Found 5/27/83

Mr. Humphries steps in to fill the void when Mrs. Slocombe loses her cat.




__063. Goodbye Mrs. Slocombe 2/16/85

Mrs. Slocombe fights an early retirement plan, intending to keep her job at all costs.


__064. Grounds For Divorce 2/25/85

Captain Peacock appears headed for a marital breakup when a woman forces her attentions on him.


__065. The Night Club 3/18/85

The staff tries to film a commercial for their new money-making venture, a night club in the department store.


__066. The Hold Up 3/4/85

The staff face two burglars while staying late one night to complete an inventory.


__067. Gambling Fever 3/11/85

The staff use the store's new security moniotrs to gamble on the horses.


__068. Friends and Neighbours 3/25/85

To save money on transportation, Mr. Grace allows the staff to share three apartments on the top floor.


__069. The Pop Star 4/1/85

Mr. Spooner gets a chance at pop stardom when his singing at a Grace Brothers talent show gains national attention.


(Episode list originally transcribed in 1997 by Donna R. Lemaster).





1st series 1991

__001.  Day One-Monday
The last five employees of Grace Brothers Department Store gather
following young Mr. Grace's funeral to learn what has been done with their
pension funds. They learn that the entire sum has been invested in a country
hotel called Millstone Manor. So they all decide to pay a visit to their new
property, where they learn all the previous staff has left.

__002.  Day Two-Tuesday
As they pick up the reins of running Millstone Manor, Captain Peacock
and Mrs. Slocombe take a pony cart into the village for supplies, where Mrs.
Slocombe gets in trouble with the law.

__003. Day Three-Wednesday
The entire staff turns out to support Mrs. Slocombe during her day in

__004. Day Four-Thursday
With the imminent arrival of paying guests, Mr. Rumbold begins
interviewing for new staff, with very poor results.

__005. Day Five-Friday
The staff try to get used to their new positions in the Manor as they
prepare for their first guests, but ghostly happenings disrupt everything.

__006. Day Seven-Sunday
Everyone tries to meet the demands of the paying guests and to show them
a good time, even to enacting a Harvest Thanksgiving pageant complete with 
song and dance.


2nd series 1992

__007. Day Eight-Monday
Captain Peacock causes a local panic when he finds a pistol in the
library writing desk, and tries to turn it into the police.

The staff agree to continue a Millstone Manor tradition and field a
cricket team against a local group that includes Mavis' would-be suitor.

Mrs. Slocombe's long lost husband comes to Millstone Manor as a
prospective purchaser, and an embarrassed Mrs. Slocombe poses as Mrs. 
Moleterd to avoid him.

The Manor and its inhabitants are plagued by restless spirits after
they donate a mummified cat found in the attic to a local musuem.

The staff assemble a variety of fine arts to present to a party of
visiting Mongolians, including a duet by Mrs. Slocombe and Captain Peacock, 
a Shakespearean reading by Miss Brahms, and a pas de deux with Mr. Humphries 
and Miss Lovelock.

Millstone Manor agrees to compete against the local pub team in a darts
competition, and Captain Peacock plans a nocturnal mission to retrieve sheep
scheduled to be slaughtered.

(Episode list originally transcribed in 1997 by Donna R. Lemaster). 



Ran for 2 series (12 episodes). See episode descriptions and more here:

(Used with permission from John at epguides).

(The 4 images above used with kind permission from Chavenage House ).

Are You Being Served-The Movie was made in 1977 and first shown on BBC television on Monday 22nd December 1980 at 9:55pm-11:30pm.


There was a book published as well based on the movie. See picture under Collectibles.



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