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Radio Times

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Reprinted above from the Jan 4-10 1992 edition by kind permission Radio Times.


December 7-14,1990

Article: "Westender!"


(Reproduced by kind permission Radio Times).

BTV (British Television Magazine)


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Trevor Bannister

Mollie Sugden

Gordon Kaye
Carol Cleveland

Frank Thornton

( ©The British Television Magazine/Dan Abramson. Thanks to Aaron for letting me reprint these articles on behalf of Dan Abramson who passed away a few years ago).



Photoplay Magazine

August 1977 edition
©Macfadden Publications
Article: "On the Movie Set of 'Are You Being Served?' "


Titbits Magazine

1979 edition
©George Newnes (Founder)
Article: "John Inman I Wish I'd Been a Family Man"


Woman's Day


May 8, 1980
Australian Magazine
Article: "Are You Being... Mrs Slocombe, or Mrs Sugden?"
Page 35
5 b/w images and 1 art drawing

(Used with permission. Credit: Bauer Media Pty Limited).

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More magazine articles coming soon!!